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  • Name: oNUKA ( Natalia Zhizhchenko and Eugene Filatov )
  • Date of birth: January 1, 2013
  • Age: 4 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activity: Ukrainian ethno-fusion band
  • Marital status:

    oNUKA: biography

    ONUKA is not only the name of a popular Ukrainian ethno-fusion group, but also the stage name of the talented singer, soloist of the eponymous team

  • Natalia Zhizhchenko. Her current path to success was long, the girl managed to be a member of two groups, before you really became famous. Natalia was born early in the spring of 1985 in the city of Kiev. From early childhood she was surrounded by music her whole family were somehow involved in this art form. Her parents were pianists, grandma, professionally engaged in singing. But the greatest influence on the formation of tastes in music and love for art in General, young Natalia has provided her grandfather, known all over the country master of musical instruments and musician Alexander Shlenchak. He could create practically any tool and is here to perform on this tune. His beloved granddaughter, which is almost all summer spent in the company of his grandfather, he learned to play the Ukrainian national instrument — the flute. Four of the talented Natalya independently performed the song «In the field of birch stood» and happily changed the tools better.

    Soon Zhizhchenko showed a talent for creating songs. Since the age of ten she began writing the first tunes donated by the parents of the synthesizer. At that age the girl received her first major award in the competition of young talents «New names of Ukraine», having performed «the Nightingale». The family encouraged the achievements of beloved daughter and often spoiled her very exciting games for consoles «Dendy», which, like any child her age, Natasha simply adored.

    Despite frequent touring and a serious passion for music, it had no effect on school performance. Young artist literally on the fly grasped the new information that allowed her to finish high school with a gold medal. A popular certificate and knowledge of several languages could easily afford to enroll in any University of the country, but she has decided to devote his life to the beloved. Natalia filed documents at the Kyiv national University of culture and arts on the specialty of ethnoculturology.

    In 2014, she became a teacher at the music school «Smart School» where he taught children to play the flute. That though as-that to interest the young audience at each session, the singer invited the musicians playing different folk instruments. But the career of the teacher of the girl refused, realizing that she was more interested in making music and to teach older people.

    ONUKA: music

    Start vocal career of Natalia Zhizhchenko was given in 2002, when her older brother Alexander, founded the musical collective «

  • Tomato Jaws». The band played in the style of electronic music, which had a big crush on the guy. After the main part has ceased to exist, he decided to reformat the group to the Duo and invited the sister, who in addition to vocals and played the flute. In the «Tomato Jaws», the singer traveled the popular festivals in Ukraine. In 2008 Zhizhchenko became a member of another electronic band, created in collaboration with Russian musician Artem Kharchenko. The project was named «
  • KOOQLA» and different living vocal performance, which directly were held on the stage of electronic processing and has created a unique and unforgettable sound. Those two projects meant a lot for the girl who has long pondered the opportunity to go solo and start a band. She liked electronic sound, and in combination with the classic folk instruments gave a wonderful effect.

    Together with the former participant of the project «Maneken Eugene Filatov in 2013, she created and founded the group «

  • ONUKA», a name which Natalie paid tribute to his beloved grandfather in Ukrainian, the word «granddaughter» means «grandchild». The team operates a clear division of responsibilities: Natalia is responsible for the visual part of a group like the logo and costumes, as well as text words and sound. But exactly how an artist should sing, solves her colleague on the project of Yevhen Filatov, who, thanks to his huge experience makes the vocal performance of the singer is a hundred times better. In may 2014 they released their first mini-album «Look», which contains four original tracks and one Remix. The compositions were loaded on a foreign resource «iTunes» that allowed to cover a wide range of listeners. Oddly enough, the band liked Japanese students — they ranked second in the number of downloads after Ukrainians.

    The singer connects this phenomenon with the appearance of a group of guys in a lot similar to the popular heroes of paintings in the style of «anime», which is home to Japan. At the end of the year, the band released a full album under the same name «ONUKA» and went on tour. Due to the difficult political situation, the guys decided to cancel his Russian tour despite the fact that there the team has already formed a large number of fans.

    The group has achieved considerable success and recognition in a relatively short period of its existence. And this is largely due to the talented singer Natalia, who has created a unique and memorable way. The country praised her talent and chose the project of the «ONUKA» contest for participation in the European festival «Sziget», which will be held from 10 to 17 August in the city of Budapest.

    ONUKA: personal life

    Natalia Zhizhchenko meeting with Evgeniy Filatov became crucial not only in music but also in his personal life. The artists met in 2008 and have since maintained a serious romantic relationship that continues to this day.

    ONUKA: discography

    • Look
    • Time
    • Misto

    ONUKA: photo


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