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  • Name: One Byron ( Odin Biron )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Duluth, United States
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    One Byron: a biography

    Star of TV series «Interns» played naive and simple-minded American Phil Richards, One Byron really is a U.S. citizen, like his movie character, who came to Russia to learn to share. Since then, the artist lives in Moscow and actively participated in theatrical productions and acting in a movie. He has achieved considerable success, but at home One is virtually unknown.

    The namesake of the famous poet Lord Byron was born on 5 October 1984 in the port city of Duluth, Minnesota in the Midwest USA. His parents were engaged in business: his father owned a sawmill, and his mother worked administrative position in the clinic. Already in the first class One interesting became interested in distant and mysterious Russia: he read about deepest lake in the world Baikal and lit up the dream see it with my own eyes. His interest was piqued by my grandfather, who was a fan of Russian literature, in particular of the poet and writer Boris Pasternak, who is often quoted beloved grandson.

    To define their future profession guy helped his mother, who from early childhood instilled a love of classical theater, music and cinema. She also wrote the young talent in the music school, which greatly helped the young man later in life. One went to the University of Michigan, where by that time the family lived Mironov, and began to master the difficult craft of the acting profession.

    In the third year, in 2003, all University students were offered three-month internship abroad. Classmates Odin chose France, Britain and other promising from the point of view of the theatre of the country, but the guy remembered about his dream and decided to visit Russia. On the eve of his fateful decision, he reviewed all of the options on the Internet and incredibly interested in the Moscow school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, which offered courses for actors from abroad.

    In Russia American student accepted warmly, while studying at the Moscow art theatre Byron never abandoned its origin. The first time he was forced to use the services of an interpreter, and in the study of the dialogues to depend on tips on pronunciation and correct stress in words of their Russian classmates. The training took place in a very positive atmosphere, even if the artist did not always understand their teachers. When it came time for completing the internship, he was offered to stay in Russia. Byron was ecstatic. In 2004 he received the diploma of the University of Michigan, and in September 2005 again went to Moscow.

    In the school-Studio of MKHAT promising artist was immediately accepted into the second year. To make learning more effective, Each has had to hastily learn the Russian language: he went to school, individual courses, where the teacher Elena Lisina taught American grammar. But, I admit of Byron, the best learning language for him was a stay in a regular hostel, where he daily heard live speech.

    One Byron theatre

    Creative way Odin Byron began with a theatrical stage. His first role he played, as a student of the Moscow art theatre, and in 2009 for their way of hamlet in the same statement, the actor became the winner of the award «Golden leaf-2009». For the first time on stage with Byron was very nervous, he did not fully realize the meaning of his spoken words and was not able to improvise in case you forget the text. However, the actor did a great job with his role and his American accent only added to the charm and originality of the production.

    After graduating from the Moscow art Theater One, Byron became a member of the troupe of the theatre «Satyricon», where he also worked with his teacher Konstantin Raikin. He played in two statements: «Money» on the play by A. Ostrovsky «Not a penny, but suddenly Altyn» and «Little tragedies of Pushkin». Both performances were in great demand among the audience.

    One Byron: movies

    Although One Byron and positions itself as an actor of the theatre, almost immediately after graduating from the acting class he took part in the filming shestnadtsatiletnego TV series «Ivan the terrible». Dude got a very appropriate role of the English Ambassador’s, where his accent did not interfere with but complement the image.

    However, in the large cinema, the American actor is not sought. He took part in the filming of several TV series and continued his theatrical career.

    That all changed after his trial series «

  • Interns». After leaving one of the main characters of the film Directors quickly sought him not less interesting replacement. The writers came up with the image of an American exchange student gets to Russia and began looking for a Russian actor. Learning about talented Odin, immediately called his agent. After sampling Byron was sure I failed, but he was soon invited to the second round. This time he had to play in a pair with the famous actor Ivan Okhlobystin, and it was at this point revealed the talents of American artist. He took on the role of Phil Richards, who was supposed to appear in the series in the last twenty episodes of the season. In the end, the character is so the audience liked that, the project management decided to extend the contract with the actor for a few more seasons.

    One Byron: personal life

    Personal life of Odin Byron at first was of little interest to journalists. But with the growth of its popularity things changed. One artist told me that in America it is waiting for the girl, but the romance soon ended.

    In 2015, in an interview with «New York Magazine» One Byron impressed the public. The American said about his sexual orientation, telling about the affair with some Director from Kazakhstan. In the end they broke up, but according to the actor, it was his most serious relationship in my life.

    One Byron: filmography

    • Ivan The Terrible
    • The capital of sin
    • Interns
    • Dumplings
    • Spiral

    One Byron: photos

    One Byron

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