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  • Name: Omar Sy ( Omar Sy )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1978
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Trappes, Ile-de-France, France
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Omar si: biography

    Omar Sy is a French actor, star of the acclaimed film «1+1 (untouchables)», «Samba», «Chocolate» and «Inferno». For the role of Driss in the first of these paintings he received the main French film award «Cesar» for best male role.

    Omar Sy was born in the village of Trapp, situated near the capital, in the historic area of Ile-de-France. His mother, who worked as a cleaner, was a native of Mauritania, and father-handyman from Senegal. At the time of the birth of Omar in the family had three children, and after he was born four.

    Omar Si
    Omar Si | Africa Top Success

    Omar si grew very sociable boy, all the teachers observed that he had what is called a «good talker». Using this innate gift, Omar Sy goes to work on radio where I was a teen DJ and entertained the audience with their monologues. When the guy received a matriculation certificate, one of the production centers encouraged him to create his own show. Omar si appears in broadcast television with the author’s program «the call».

    Omar Si
    Omar C | Celebrityglad

    Subsequently, the young man is joined by actor Fred the Dough and transfer turned into a Comedy show «Omar and Fred,» which for several years was very popular throughout the country. When the ratings of the project began to fall and the show closed, Omar si decided to make a career as an actor, because up to this point has had the experience of filming in small roles.


    For the first time in the fiction film Omar si appeared in 2001. It was a small role of a taxi driver in the French Comedy «the Infernal skyscraper». He then participated in five or six projects annually, although most of the films of the period known only in his native country Omar si. They were mostly comedies, such as «Summer camp», «We are legends», «Murphy’s Law», «Very special story» and many others.

    Omar Sy in the movie
    Omar Sy in the movie «1+1» | Newsroom Amazon

    In 2011, Omar Sy received the first major role of Driss in a tragicomedy «the untouchables», which in Russia was called «1+1». In this film the actor worked with a star of French cinema, françois cluzet, and was awarded the film «Cesar». The picture created a furor and was a great success. Still it is believed that «1+1» most profitable project in the history of French cinema.

    Omar Sy in the movie
    Omar Sy in the movie «X-Men: Days of future past» | the Fan site for the film series

    Until the end of 2011 Omar si was not only a world famous actor, but also one of the most honorable citizens of their country. In the ranking of favourite stars he was only beaten tennis player and singer Yannick Noah and footballer Zinedine Zidane.

    Of course, the actor has not rested on its laurels but continued to play. And he was invited as a French film Studio. Omar si appeared in local Comedy «Jokes aside» and «Samba», as well as in Hollywood blockbusters «X-Men: Days of future past» and «Jurassic World». You can see the French actor in the American Thriller «Easy money» and Comedy «Chef Adam Jones».

    Omar Sy in the movie
    Omar Sy in the movie «Inferno» | the Real movie

    2016 bring the fans of the actor Omar si sparkling new Comedy, «Chocolate» is based on real events and colourful a detective story, «Inferno», where the main role is played by the inimitable Tom Hanks. But before the new year the world will see the family Comedy «2+1». The name recalls the best film project of Omar Sy, but it’s not a sequel to the previous scenario a new picture is irrelevant.

    Personal life

    French actor Omar Sy for a long time met with the girl Helen. Then they began to live in a de facto marriage and had four children. Omar C is the number of successors is acceptable, because he comes from a large family.

    Omar Sy and his wife Helene si
    Omar Sy and his wife Helene C | Paris Match

    After 10 years of living together Omar married his sweetheart Helen, and she took her husband’s name. The wedding took place on 5 July 2007 in Tremblay-sur-Molar, which is one of the suburbs of Paris.

    Omar Sy and his wife Helene si
    Omar Sy and his wife Helene si | Getty Images

    By the way, the wife of Omar si not African, and has old French roots. After marriage, Helen gave birth to a fifth child. Interestingly, the actor Omar si hide their children from the public and even puts pictures of them on public display. The family now resides in the town of Yvelines, in a mansion that once belonged to the noble family of Montfort-l’amaury.


    • 2011 — 1+1
    • 2012 — special Agents on vacation
    • 2012 — Jokes aside
    • 2013 — Foam days
    • 2014 — Easy money
    • 2014 — Samba
    • 2015 — Jurassic World
    • 2015 Chef Adam Jones
    • 2016 — Chocolate
    • 2016 — Inferno
    • 2016 — 2+1


    Omar Si

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