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  • Name: Olivia Crash ( Olga Valdicava )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: singer, musician, DJ
  • Marital status: not married

    Olivia Krash: biography

    Olga Valdicava was born in the Kazakh city of Karaganda. The family soon moved to the Saratov region, in the small town of Balaclava, where she went to secondary school-gymnasium №1 with advanced study of English. In parallel, the girl visited a section of swimming in children and youth sports school.

    Music Olga Valdicava became interested in adolescence. First it was the modern youth styles, and then she came to know and love funk music. At the age of 14, he began taking vocal lessons from a local teacher Julia Astrahanceva. Then taught himself to play the guitar.

    After finishing school he studied at the Institute of culture, but because of the problems with her voice, she about two years I couldn’t sing, so the University is not finished. When the voice has recovered, the girl went to Moscow and began performing in various clubs as a DJ. She took a creative pseudonym «Olivia Crash», which is used until now.

    Later Olga returned to the performance of songs and, combining digging and singing, began to work in a new direction Vocal DJ, that is, she not only led the music programme and disco, but also sang to them. Olivia worked as the opening act for famous musicians (DJ Dlee and rapper Basta). Often it is Olivia Crash in Moscow clubs «Chaihona №1» and «Soluxe Club». Also, a few years is a program on radio station Promo DJ FM.

    The main styles of music in which the singer sings — soul, disco, funk, house music and RnB. To improve rhetoric and respiratory system, which is very important for any vocalist, Olivia Krash started to learn beatboxing.

    The Project «The Voice»

    In 2015 on the First channel started its fourth season of «the Voice», which was attended by Olivia Krash. The unformatted predicting she sang the song «Arrow» of the band «5nizza», which was not suitable as a participant, but nevertheless were able to pass on.

    In the blind auditions she performed the social-philosophical song «Sweet People» from which the Ukrainian singer Alyosha played at the 2010 Eurovision song contest in Norway. All members of the jury highly appreciated the vocal skills of the young performer, but in my team it would take Grigory Leps.

    Personal life

    Olga Valdicava not married, but for many years is found with her boyfriend, whose name is Cyril Gobi.

    Olivia Krash has a very interesting look at the profession of a musician. She believes that singers are the same athletes, as they also have to constantly train and participate in contests and competitions.


    Olivia Krash

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