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  • Name: Olga Zueva ( Elizabeth Olga Zueva )
  • Place of birth: Vladivostok
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: the Russian model, Director and actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Olga Zueva : biography

    Actress Olga Zueva was born in the far East. Unfortunately, information about the date of her birth could not be found. Her childhood and teenage years were spent in the port Vladivostok.

    Olga grew up in a family where the attitude to the cinema, or model of business had no. But Zueva all the necessary data for these two occupations were. So she first made the first and very successful steps as a model. She accidentally heard about the casting, which was conducted by one of the modeling agencies in her hometown, and decided to tempt fate.

    Zuev immediately seized and handed the invitation. At that time Olga was a student of far Eastern Federal University. But rapidly growing modeling career made her to quit the faculty of tourism and to go first to Europe and then to USA.


    In new York Olga Zueva was filmed for glossy magazines and in advertising. Russian beauty I saw in the movie known in the US Shoe brand «Pour la Victoire». Produced this promotional film Cameron Diaz.

    The appearance model is attracted to the girl the attention of filmmakers. A cinematic biography of Olga Zueva started cameo roles in the American films «salt» and «Love is strange». But soon the young actress was offered a major role in the popular series «Orange is the new black.»

    To be in a movie Olga liked. She made the decision to go this way further. But for a successful career Zueva was necessary to improve. She enrolled in acting classes. But soon realized that it attracts not only acting, but also the work of screenwriter and Director. So Olga Zueva became a student of new York «The New School», where he chose the faculty of directing.

    Appeared Olga Zueva and at home. Here it is also the «polished» their acting and directing skills at the summer Academy of the famous Nikita Mikhalkov. After the end of the course the young Director made his first short film «five minutes to tomorrow.»

    It is noteworthy that the first major role went to Olga Zueva not in America, and in Russia. Anna Melikyan invited her to play in his short film with a long name «in the mood, Bach’s Adagio and a small fragment of the life of the girl Lena.» The young artist appeared on the screen the image of a girl who dreams about love. Screen beloved Olga was played by Maxim Matveev. Together they took part in a rather explicit sex scene.

    In the same 2014 Olga Zueva, after filming in Russia, shot his second short film «the Marble and the flesh,» which appeared in the title role.

    Personal life

    I must say that at home loudly talking about the actress and model when she appeared next to the famous Danila Kozlovsky. Viewers noticed the couple at the Bolshoi theatre on 19 February 2015, Valentine’s Day. Since the personal lives of Olga Zueva is the center of attention. It is known that SB and Kozlovsky spent the new year holidays in the Maldives. Pictures from their vacations, but there are couples in the social network.

    Daniel has been in America where work Olga. For some time the lovers spent in new York, and then rested on the ocean in Los Angeles.

    Rumor has it that the lovers are recently living together. They rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, close to the theatre of Europe, to the stage which Kozlovsky regularly goes.


    • «Salt»
    • «Love is strange»
    • «Orange – hit of the season»
    • «Such a mood, Adagio Bach and a small fragment from the life of the girl Lena»
    • «Marble and flesh»
    • «Trash the left»


    Olga Zueva

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