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  • Name: Olga Yakovleva ( Olga Yakovleva )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1941.
  • Age: 75 years
  • Place of birth: Tambov
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Olga Yakovleva : biography

    Talented and unique actress Olga Yakovleva was born in March 1941 in Tambov, in an ordinary Soviet family. Her mother was a kindergarten teacher, father worked in a factory. But soon Mikhail Yakovlev was promoted and took the position of commercial Director. This position has been associated with frequent moving. Therefore, in childhood and youth Olga Yakovleva has lived in many major cities of the Soviet Union.

    Mother Olga was raised in a career plan: she worked as a teacher and together with his team staged theatrical performances on the school stage. My mother’s love of theater was passed to Olga, she liked to go on stage, portraying different characters. Mom saw it in time and strongly encouraged the fascination with the daughter of theatrical art.

    In middle school Olga Yakovleva started to attend various theatrical studios. In whatever city is not the family moved, she found a circle or a Studio, where he continued to do what he likes. A senior girl knew exactly where to go to learn. Of course, in drama school. But Olga knew that her receipt should be carefully prepared.

    So after finishing school (at that time Yakovlev lived in Alma-ATA) Olga entered the local Theatrical Studio, which settled the Alma-ATA Theater. After a few years the young actress received a diploma with honors and an offer to work in the theater. But the goal is Olga Yakovleva was the other – to conquer Moscow.

    In the capital of the young actress, which was hardly a novice, arrived in the late 1950s. Olga Yakovleva effortlessly entered the Shchukin drama school, where she fell in the course of Oleg Borisov and Joseph Rapoport. Here, the actress polished skill until 1962. After graduating from the Shchukin, she was accepted into the troupe of the Theatre named after Lenin Komsomol.


    On this stage started theatrical biography of Olga Yakovleva. But the real blossoming of her talent began in 1964. Just then, 2 years after the entry of a young artist in the theatre, here come the legendary Director Anatoly Efros. He became the head of Lenkom, becoming the chief Director. For Yakovleva, like most of her colleagues, Anatoly Vasilievich was a real deity. Appreciated the talented actress and master. He trusted her roles, which require specific depth and subtle psychology. Heroine Olga Mikhailovna – vulnerable and impulsive. They are steady and with steel inner core.

    The performances of Anatoly Efros «movies», «a Hundred and four pages about love», «Just a few words in honor of Monsieur de Moliere» and «My poor Marat» in which Olga Yakovleva went to the Central role forever entered the Golden Fund of «Lenkom».

    When in 1967 the question arose about the transition of Efros Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Olga Yakovleva did not hesitate a single second: she immediately went for his master. Here continued its growth as an actress. In this theatre, critics say, Olga played her best role. In the production of «Three sisters» – Masha, «Summer and smoke» – Alma, «Napoleon the First» – Josephine.

    Real events in the theatrical world of the capital was staging Efros «Romeo and Juliet», «Othello», «the Brothers Karamazov» and «Marriage». In all performances Olga Yakovleva appeared in the lead roles.

    In 1984 Anatoly Efros appointed chief Director of the Theater on Taganka. Olga Yakovleva immediately followed him. Unfortunately, life is measured Anatoly Vasilyevich only 5 years. Over the years, the actress managed to play under the leadership of a talented Director only 3 roles: Nastya in the play «the lower depths», Body to «Lovely Sunday for a picnic» and Celimene in «the Misanthrope.»

    After Efros in 1989 Olga Yakovleva are unable to work in any theatre of Russia. She is very grieved at the death of the great master. This is connected to her moving to France, where she lived for several years.

    Home Olga back in 1991. At the invitation of Andrey Goncharov, the actress has enlisted in the theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. But as a guest actress appeared often on other Moscow scenes.

    In 2004, Olga Yakovleva moved to Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. Here she appeared in high-profile performances of «the Cabal of hypocrites», «Cat and mouse» and «Spring fever».

    Olga Yakovleva – 100 percent stage actress. In her Luggage there is a couple of dozen films, but is mostly filmed performances. The exception may be except that a few TV series, among which the most striking may be called «mongoose-2», «wages of love» and «house on the embankment».

    In 2003, Olga published a book of memoirs called «if…». In it she spoke about the dramatic events in the theatres in which served, of the beloved the wizard of Anatolia Arose and his tragic days.

    Personal life

    Olga is a very true and faithful people. If someone is destined to be her idol and to respect it, it’s forever. So the main Director and mentor in her theatrical life was Anatoly Efros. But personal life Olga Yakovleva forever in touch together with only one man – a famous Soviet football player Igor Netto.

    They lived together for 69 years. Their happy life ended only with the death of an athlete in 1999. Unfortunately, they didn’t have children. But this pair brought the love and respect through long decades.


    • «Mongoose-2»
    • «Furious gold»
    • «Responsible for everything»
    • «Pay for love»
    • «House on embankment»


    Olga Yakovleva

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