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  • Name: Olga Wind ( Olga Zhemchugova )
  • Date of birth: 9 April 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Bratsk, Irkutsk oblast
  • Activity: dancer, contestant on «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: married

    Olga the Wind: a biography

    Olga Zhemchugova, whose maiden name was Olga Veter – the participant of the most controversial of the national TV project «Dom-2» from the summer of 2015. Recently a young woman was named «Man of the year» of the show.

    She was born in the Irkutsk region, in the town of Bratsk. In Siberia Olga not only graduated from secondary school, but found his calling – children’s passion for modern dance has become a profession. Olga the Wind began to perform on stage many Irkutsk night clubs, and subsequently moved to China. There she continued to do the show on the dance floor, captivating visitors quite Frank in different styles-go-go, strip plastic.

    For Olga Zhemchugova very important family. So when in August of 2015 with her own younger sister Love the tragedy occurred, the girl left all classes and rushed to Irkutsk. Unfortunately, it turned out that 19-year-old Luba, who fell from the balcony of the second floor, got the incident resulted in injuries incompatible with life and died in hospital. For Olga and her parents this event was a real shock.

    Personal life

    Before, as was the case of the above unfortunate events, Olga the Wind was able to build his personal life. In China, where she danced under the contract in one of the entertainment, she met a young man named Gleb Zhemchugov. He is an entertainer, rapper and presenter of concerts. One of the rehearsals Gleb drew attention to the striking brunette, and soon realized that in love.

    The ceremony was held on October 10, 2014 at the home of Olga, after which the couple continued to work in China. In the spring of 2015, the couple has been father and mother: Olga Wind gave birth to a boy, whom they named Michael.

    TV show

    Before his wife Gleb Zhemchugov, which the viewers know by the nickname Strawberry, appeared on a widely known TV show «Dom-2». He was several times expelled from the perimeter, but then invited back. The last time he returned with his wife and son.

    As explained by the wife Zhemchugova such a thing, they don’t want to leave each other and I believe it is possible to live and to raise a child before you’re constantly being watched by cameras. Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugov settled in the VIP-house, which was previously held by another television family — Aliana and Alexander Gobozov.

    First, Olga, the Wind felt on the project perfectly, but then began to come across small scandals and misunderstandings. Most offensive to girls was the fact that her husband is in front of the cameras talked about the details of their intimate life. Had Olga with cute, flexible and economic wife to turn into a strong willed wife who keeps a finger on the pulse.

    Probably, such behaviour gave the result: Wind-Zhemchugova in a recent contest «man of the year» confidently reached the final, and August 18, 2016 ceremony final vote was announced, the audience chose it. Apparently, the position, the concept of manners Olga is the ideal that delights fans of this show.


    Olga Veter

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