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  • Name: Olga Volkova ( Olga Volkova )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1939
  • Age: 77 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: Widow

    Olga Volkova : a biography

    Probably not in Russia and the former Soviet republics of the audience who do not know the face of the great actress Olga Vladimirovna Volkova. She appeared in many famous and loved by millions of movies, such as «Station for two», «Forgotten melody for flute», «promised Heaven» and many others who are watching and watch with pleasure the fans of all generations.

    Olga Volkova (maiden last name Politov) was born in Leningrad in April 1939. The girl has all chances to become an artist. Many relatives worked in the field of theatre arts and achieved considerable success. First of all, in his native St. Petersburg, was famous grandpa. Ivan Volsky stood at the origins of two Petersburg theatres «crooked Jimmy» and «the Ancient vaudeville». Theatre and cinema were closely linked to another kin Volkova. So the artistry Olga Vladimirovna, that is, in the blood.

    But, oddly enough, the girl never dreamed of a theatre or big screen since childhood. He grew up a teenage tearaway, was not a good student and dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. However, already at an early age relatives, and then teachers and classmates noted in Olga Natalia Politov remarkable talent for mimicking. The girl was a subtle sense of humour and amazing powers of observation.

    It is the talent of the parodist have led Olga in the school drama club. Then she was seriously interested in the stage. So, after finishing one of St. Petersburg schools, she immediately went to enter the theater Institute. But stumbled in the first round.

    Helped relatives. Olga Natalia Politov took in the Studio of Leonid Makarieva at the Leningrad youth Theatre. But be warned, no one to mess with it will not.


    And so it happened: for a young aspiring actress nobody paid much attention. Olga Volkova learned the wisdom and secrets of acting itself. Very useful is the ability to observe and to imitate. Or rather, copy what he saw the older experienced colleagues.

    Soon Volkov not only learned all that was known experienced actors youth theatre, but were able to demonstrate their own «handwriting». The role offered by the young actress, became more and more.

    A cinematic biography of Olga Volkova is opened by the film «City lights lights». But it was only an episode, after which there was a big break.

    First name Volkova appeared in the credits of the film «bride and knives.» The film was released in 1962. But Olga, this tape of popularity and recognition had brought. That is not surprising, because she played a boy. But after 2 years Volkova finally got the first starring role. In the film «I drive» she played the Central image.

    Since the mid-1960s Olga Volkova began to appear on the screen regularly. The most famous movies of that period – black-and-white Comedy musical «run-down Kingdom» and the drama «the Life of Matvey Kozhemyakin».

    The hour has come for Olga Volkova in 1970-80-ies. The actress was replaced by the theatre of youth theatre and moved to the Comedy theatre of a name of Nikolay Akimov. But after 6 years at the invitation of the legendary George Tovstonogov Volkov again changed the place of work. Now she worked under the guidance of Georgy in the Bolshoi drama theatre of Leningrad. Here the artist was able to feel like a star. Her skill not only increased significantly, but also found application.

    In this wonderful period of his creative life Olga Volkova starred in many high-profile films included in the gold reserves of the national cinema. In 1982, he published a remarkable Eldar Ryazanov’s movie «Station for two». Volkova got here, though small, but very bright role – waitress station buffet Violetta. Lyudmila Gurchenko, Oleg Basilashvili, Nikita Mikhalkov, Nonna Mordjukova – the «bouquet» and the brilliant direction Ryazanov picked up all the actors involved in the film, several notches in the pecking order.

    And in 1987 released a new movie Eldar Ryazanov «the Forgotten melody for flute».

    Here Volkov played the official «culture». She appeared on the screen with such movie stars as Valentine Gaft, Alexander Shirvindt, Leonid Filatov Tatiana Dogileva. Two masterpieces of the master of domestic directing brought Olga Volkova all-Union popularity.

    But there were other tapes, too, like millions of viewers: «treasure Island», «snow white called?», «TASS is authorized to declare», «Kill the dragon». Contributed to the popularity of Olga Volkova and melodrama «Poor Sasha».

    Again to star in the legendary Eldar Olga Volkova lucky in 1991. The dramatic Comedy «promised Heaven» again gathered a stellar cast of actors: Valentin Gaft, Oleg Basilashvili, Liya Akhedzhakova, Vyacheslav Innocent, Leonid Bronevoy. Each of starring in the tape is the star of the first magnitude. Olga Volkova got the role of a beggar, driven from her home by own sons and found native among the poor in the city dump.

    2 years after the release of this film Olga Vladimirovna Volkova was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia. And in 1997, she moved to Moscow, where as a guest actress appears on the stage of many theatres.

    Volkov continues to act in films. Of films produced in the 2000s, we can distinguish some of the most striking: «silent whirlpools» by Eldar Ryazanov, «Christmas adventure», «Man with warranty» and «Mom.» Olga Volkova is often invited to TV shows. She appeared in the sitcoms «Luba, children and factory», «Daddy’s girls» and «hazel».

    Personal life

    First husband of Olga Volkova was the St. Petersburg cameraman Leonid Volkov. This marriage did not last long, but it had a daughter Kate.

    It is interesting that the name of wolves was the second husband of Olga Vladimirovna. Nikolai Volkov was also an actor. Together the artists lived long. This marriage was informal.

    To this Union was born a son Vanya. Today Ivan Volkov – fairly well-known composer and actor. He was married to Chulpan Khamatova.

    The most happy and long was the third marriage for the actress. Personal life Olga Volkova played with new colors after a meeting with the Petersburg theatrical artist Vladimir Jouralism. The couple moved to Moscow and lived together for more than 30 years.

    Vladimir Khovralev not become in 2015. Olga Volkova is very difficult survived the loss of a loved one, became its second half. Today’s consolation of the actress are her children and grandchildren.


    • «Run-down Kingdom»
    • «The Life Of Matvey Kozhemyakin»
    • «Forgotten melody for flute»
    • «Snow white called?»
    • «Treasure island»
    • «TASS is authorized to declare»
    • «Kill the dragon»
    • «Poor Sasha»
    • «A tale of Fedot-Archer»
    • «Sherlock Holmes»


    Olga Volkova

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