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  • Name: Olga Ushakova ( Olga Ushakova )
  • Date of birth: 7 April 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Crimea
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Ushakova : biography

    Olga Ushakova krymchanka. She was born April 7, presumably 1981. Besides her, the family had grown by another two children.

    Ushakov led a «nomadic» lifestyle: the head of the family was in the military. Had to move very often. It happened that at one point they did not stay more than six months. Therefore, life has taught Olga Ushakov communication skills. Girl was forced at every new place, make new friends, establish contacts with teachers and classmates.

    For many children this «migration» turned into stress, but for Olga, she said, they turned into some kind of adventure. She liked to settle at the new place and make friends. She got along well with new classmates and learn quickly to gain credibility in the team. Sometimes had to use his fists.

    As told in one of his interviews Ushakov, most conflicts have occurred on a national basis. When the family moved to the Ukrainian town, Olga was called «kanapki», when in Russian – «khokhlushka». Often as the most powerful argument was won by physical strength. Parents were invited to school, but the authority of the Oli team was strengthened.

    «Nomadic» childhood Olga Ushakova was an excellent ground for the development of the qualities necessary for the profession of which she dreamed from a young age. She is very often playing, portrayed a television announcer. Picking up any object remotely resembling a microphone, she could «cover events in the world» or «doing the concert.»

    And to say Olga Ushakova could long and on any topic. She loved to read and «swallowed» books instantly. I went to school At the age of 6 and studied well. Any «four» or «three» was perceived as a tragedy, and subject to immediate correction.

    Ushakov graduated from high school at age 16 with a «gold medal». But about the childhood dream I had long forgotten. Olga entered the University of Kharkov. At the end together with your loved one beginning to do business. At 23, Ushakov, according to her, led in Ukraine one of the branches of well-known trade company. But after moving to Moscow, once to a new place, Olga suddenly thought: whether to continue to engage in business or switch to something new. And then she remembered a childhood dream.


    On the main Federal channel of Russia Ushakov came in 2004. She passed the audition and was accepted as an Intern. At first glance, Olga’s career in television has developed rapidly. Actually she is, a man without journalistic education, had to work hard before she was allowed to esters.

    The first thing Ushakova had to get rid of your accent and to develop your diction. Olga has been training in multiple departments to better understand television «kitchen». She learned to write and create news stories. And only after that the journalist was trusted to lead a news program, what was she doing for 9 years.

    In 2014 Olga Ushakova «grown into» the leading program «Good morning» to «First channel». To charge a positive people, tune them in a working mood – with this task bright and attractive leading managed perfectly. This is evidenced by the award TEFI, which was received by the morning program in 2015 for the first time in its history. This is a great merit of leading.

    In the days of the release of «Good morning» working day Olga Ushakova starts at half past two nights. After the program aired at 5 am. Get to work, speak and be positive – all have to be in the shortest possible time. Leading says that it is very invigorating and expands, so to get out of bed nor light, nor dawn, she manages quickly.

    For Olga Ushakova’s work on the TV drive and the regular healthy dose of adrenaline. The journalist joked that she had «pramoedya dependence», which is already to get rid of.

    Personal life

    Olga Ushakova is a very versatile and easily carried away person. She loves her home, garden and animals. Does yoga and loves horseback riding. And she is a big fidget and very easy going. Probably, it is the quality of her laid in childhood. Olga could easily gather for the weekend to go to Austria to attend the Vienna Opera.

    Personal life Olga Ushakova is one of the least favorite topics of discussion. She does not name her husband. According to some reports, the couple lives in a civil marriage. About his leading man speaks only in the finest colors. He supported her, when she, after moving to the capital she decided to try her hand at television. According to Ushakova know a man older than her and is a real support, of which every woman dreams. He gave a lot of Olga in terms of spiritual and intellectual development.

    Olga Ushakova has two daughters. Girls wear different names, although they have the same father. Why so, – Olga explains. It is known that daughters are close in age. About your second pregnancy, the singer learned in less than 3 months after the birth of the eldest daughter Dasha. Thus, the second girl, Xenia, was born in one year with her older sister. Now the girls walk to school together, and in one class.

    Daughter Ushakova such as diverse as mother. They do horseback riding, go to a music and dance school. Enjoy going to chess club and ballet Studio. And girls are the same restless, like a mom: I love to travel and easy going.


    Olga Ushakova

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