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  • Name: Olga Tomycine ( Olga Tumaikina )
  • Date of birth: 3 April 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Olga Tomycine : biography

    Olga Tomycine — pretty popular actress of theatre and cinema, in 2007 was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation, which speaks about its high level of professionalism. Olga easily embody any images, ranging from serious dramatic roles, is based on a subtle psychological tragedy to hilarious and comical characters, most of which the actress played in the sitcom «Women’s League».

    Olga was born 2 April 1972 in the cultural capital of Siberia, city Krasnoyarsk. Her family was rather far from art: his father worked in the criminal investigation, and the mother has devoted her life to the field of trade, where he held the position of store Manager. Love girls to the theatre was not immediately, at first Olga was fond of literature, along with the characters experiencing all the drama and joy, and only later learned about the theater. She was so fascinated by this world that she decided to become an actress. However, the theatrical aspirations of Tomicini did not find understanding with relatives, because to have in the future wanted to hand over the reins to business daughter, but to refuse Olga from her choice did not.

    School girl’s life was incredibly rich. Thanks to her love of literature and considerable knowledge of the young artist often led lessons to their classmates during the illness of teachers. The teaching staff could not get enough talented student and predicted her career in education. And for Tomicini it was the first steps in reincarnation in the first image, played to the public.

    When it came time to choose a high school that Olga did not hesitate to apply to drama school in Moscow. Her choice fell on the legendary the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, which has produced many great actors. But the examination Board headed by Oleg Tabakov talent girls are not appreciated, and Tomycine was forced to look for another school. Audition at the theatre school. Shchukin was more successful, and for five years Olga became a student of this great University.

    Olga Tomycine theater

    Olga dreamed of a career stage actress, and when, after graduating from College in 1995, she was invited into the troupe of the famous theater. Vakhtangov, she was incredibly happy. Her first role was Adelma, Princess of the Tatar, of the legendary production of «Princess Turandot». The theatre community is very sympathetic attitude to the young actress, during rehearsals senior colleagues always tried to encourage the young artist and help her get comfortable. Soon after, the theatre even had a little tradition related to Olga: she often learned the news, one of the last in the theater. Colleagues, trying to make fun of her, came backstage, told the news two days ago and watched the reaction of the artist. These cute jokes are not only entertained theatre troupe, but also liked Tomicini.

    Olga is very quickly achieved fame and popularity, taking the place of one of the leading Actresses of the theater. On stage she has played many character roles, among which was Polina from the production of «the Seagull», Pronya Prokopovna from the Comedy «chasing two hares» and many other vivid images. Like many artist, Tomycine wanted to play the Director of Tomentosa Remus, which was legendary. She almost managed it, the art Director decided to use the actress in his production of «Troil and Cressida», but Olga had to abandon the role in the context of pregnancy.

    No less interesting fate was the production of «uncle’s dream», where the actress was supposed to play Mary Moskaleva, the first lady of the city. Then Tomicini thought the role too difficult for her and she decided a more comedic Sofia Perugino, which appears to the audience in a state of intoxication. The artist did so well with the way that a couple of times to her dressing room came employees to check whether it is not drunk actually. But the role of Moskaleva Olga played, but in the formulation of the Yermolova theatre.

    Olga Tomycine: movies

    Not less successfully developed and film career Olga Tumaykina. Her debut took place in 1998 in the film «the Impostors», where she played a small cameo role. The first popularity was brought to her Comedy «poisons or the world history of poisonings».

    To viewers she is remembered as an actress comedic roles. The artist herself admits that it has some spark, thanks to which even the most dramatic role in her performance is filled with hints of humor. Not surprisingly, one of the most successful projects, which was attended by Olga, is Comedy sketch show «

  • The women’s League». In it the actress not only constantly amused viewers sparkling jokes and situations, but, besides, simultaneously plays several roles. The show lasted from 2006 to 2010 and was often accused by audience in the low-grade humor. The actress believes the jokes are very dignified and proud of his work. No less fame earned the project «Unreal history», tells us about the distant past of our civilization. The picture was shot in 2011 in a humorous style, and the partner of the actress on the set was a former kvnschik Aslan bizhoev. After this role for Olga finally its fame as a comedic actress. To deal with the role of the artist is not going to, because in any scenario it is able to find something interesting.

    One of the last works of Tomicini movie at the moment is the TV show about the life of legendary Soviet actress Lyudmila Gurchenko, which was called «

  • Lucy Gurchenko». The series reveals the period of adolescence and maturing artists and gathered a truly stellar cast. Olga will be brought to viewers in the way of Kira Georgievna, mother-in-law of Jack. The series premiere is scheduled for the day of the eightieth birthday of the great actress 12 November 2015.

    Olga Tomycine: personal life

    Unfortunately, personal life Olga is not so rosy as her career. With his future common-law husband

  • Andrew Cooper, the girl he met while studying at the school. Between them struck up a romance and after some time the lovers began to live together. But over time, their cohabitation turned into a nightmare. In his interview with the actress recalls with horror the time: Andrew was a cruel tyrant who was not afraid to let his fists. In 1996 the couple had a daughter Pauline, but it did not help to improve the family atmosphere. In the end, the artist took courage and left her husband the despot, but soon her was waiting for another tragedy: Andrew cunning took away her daughter and forbade her to communicate with her mother. He hid her for a year and a half girl changed six schools. The court’s decision left her to live with his father, and only a couple of years Tomycine through the courts were able to achieve the right to communicate with your own child.

    In 2008, Tomycine gave birth to a second daughter, Mary, but about the father she prefers to remain silent

    Olga Tomycine: filmography

    • Impostors
    • Poisons or the world history of poisoning
    • Luba, children and factory
    • The women’s League
    • Very Russian detective
    • Tree
    • Traffic light
    • Macgorman
    • Unreal story
    • Mom
    • Champions
    • Another

    Olga Tomycine: photo

    Olga Tomycine

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