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  • Name: Olga Sviblova ( olga Sviblova )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: the Russian Director of documentary films, curator-art historian, Director of «Multimedia Art Museum»
  • Marital status: widow

    Olga Sviblova: a biography

    Olga Lvovna Sviblova – profile in the domestic circles of the cultural elite. The name of this women are regularly making the top 50 most influential people in Russian art. And in 2011 she joined the international ranking of the publication «Le journal des Arts», once in the hundred most influential persons of the world of art.

    Olga Sviblova
    Art | Russiandreams.info

    Born Olga Sviblova in the summer of 1953 in Moscow, a wonderful intelligent family, where my mother – philologist, teacher of German language at University, and my father is an engineer in the space industry, he worked at the Kurchatov Institute. The family lived very modestly, in a communal apartment where even the bathroom was not. But in a huge apartment had many children, and in the yard with the old shed – dogs, of which little Olga adored. She even said that when I grow up, will be their shepherd.

    At the age of 4, Sviblova was sick with osteo-articular tuberculosis. She could move only with great difficulty. Perhaps it was then that Olga developed character: to get on my feet and overcome the consequences of the terrible disease, she was forced to work hard at sports, overcoming pain and weakness.

    Olga Sviblova
    Chose the world of art | Russiandreams.info

    Parents were wise people. They gave the daughter an opportunity to develop the way she wanted. Never pressured and left freedom of action, right or wrong. So Olga Sviblova has learned to think and to choose.

    In the senior classes of mathematical schools Sviblova chose biology. He entered with ease, but soon disappointed. She left, leaving biology after the 3rd course, he entered the psychological faculty of Moscow state University. Finished graduate school in 1987, with a thesis on the theme «the Metaphorization of creative processes.»


    The whole biography of Olga Sviblova, since the late 1980s, associated with the art. The story of the arrival in the world of beauty is quite simple and at the same time symbolic. In her youth she saw on the streets of the capital of weird people that differed from the gray mass. They had long hair and beards. Clothing is also allocated them from crowd. Intrigued by these entities, and the girl went after him, keeping a decent distance. So she first came to the exhibition of contemporary art. The atmosphere and guests of the event so she liked what Sviblova became regularly attend various meetings like this.

    Olga Sviblova
    At the exhibition | Snob.ru

    In the mid-1980s, Olga Lvovna, and she took over the organization of art exhibitions. Today she is the curator of more than 500 projects, including not only modern art, but also photography.

    In 1996 Sviblova founded the Moscow house of photography, which today bears the name of the Multimedia Art Museum. And she founded the Association «art of the end of the century» and the Moscow school of photography and multimedia named after A. Rodchenko.

    Olga Sviblova
    Life in art | Lenta.ru

    The art of photography Olga Lvovna highlights especially. Within the walls of her Multimedia Art Museum not long ago held an exhibition of Amateur photographs of the late 1980s. Amateur pictures that brought people turned out to be extremely interesting in terms of reflecting the spirit of the past time, the atmosphere and, when rapidly changing era. Interest in the exhibition was so high that it was recognized as one of the most successful Biennale.

    The second half of the 1990s brought Olga Sviblova many new and interesting jobs. She not only organized, but also became the artistic Director of the Moscow Biennale, the contest «Silver camera» and the festival «Fashion and style in photography».

    Olga Sviblova
    At the Photobiennale | Gosindex.ru

    And Olga Lvovna Sviblova known as Director-cinematographer. She has several works that brought her fame far beyond Russia. Her film debut tape «the Architect Melnikov». A year later, in 1987, published a picture called «Krivoarbatsky lane, 12». For this work, Sviblova was awarded a prize at the festival of documentary films about architecture, which was held in Lausanne.

    In 1988, the Director presented to the audience of a documentary film «the Black square». The film tells about Russian underground art from 1953 to 1988. For him, Olga Sviblova was awarded the main prize at the Chicago documentary film festival and the first prize of the Bombay festival of documentary. But the most honorable and prestigious award – «gold plate». This is the Paris critics prize at the Cannes festival.

    Olga Sviblova
    The exhibition «Always modern. The art of the XX-XXI centuries» | OK.Gee

    In 1991 and 1995, Olga Sviblova presented two documentaries – «In search of a happy ending» and «Dina Verni». These paintings also received the prestigious domestic and foreign awards.

    At home the work of art historian and Director appreciated: in 2001 Sviblova was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» II degree.

    Personal life

    For the first time art went under the crown in 18 years. But this experience was sad. Approaching the day of the wedding called the bride does not delight and joy, and the desire to cancel. But the white dress was bought, hall booked, and there was nowhere to retreat. What makes error, Olga realized the wedding day. So I ran immediately after the solemn announcement of a pair of husband and wife. Divorce followed after 3 months.

    Olga Sviblova son
    With his son Timothy | Spletnik.ru

    The second time Olga Sviblova married in a few years. Her husband was a talented and creative person, poet Alexei Parshikov. In 1983 the couple had a son Timothy. The couple lived together for 18 years, but in the end still broke up.

    Olga Sviblova with husband Olivier Moran
    With her husband Olivier Moran (left) and friends | Spletnik.ru

    Personal life Olga Sviblova he had a happy after meeting with Frenchman Olivier Moran, the owner of the insurance company, the Director of the exhibition center La Base in Paris and his associates. He died in 2014.

    The son of Olga Sviblova, Timothy, became the famous Moscow photographer.


    • 1986 — «The Architect Melnikov»
    • 1987 — «Krivoarbatsky lane, 12»
    • 1988 — «Black square»
    • 1991 — «In search of a happy ending»
    • 1995 — «Dina Verni»


    Olga Sviblova

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