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  • Name: Olga Sumska ( Olga Sumskaya )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the Soviet and Ukrainian actress and TV presenter, people’s artist of Ukraine
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Sumskaya biography

    Olga V. Sumi was born in a family of actors in August 1966 in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv. Parents worked in the drama theatre named after Ivan Franko and was always gone at work. Fortunately, Olga grew up not alone, but together with her older sister Natalia. That is in her care was often a girl. The sisters often stayed in the theatre and grew up backstage. This determined their future: both have chosen the acting profession.

    Parents Olga Sumy has achieved in the profession. Mother Anna Opanasenko became the Honored artist of the USSR, and father Vyacheslav – people’s artist of Ukraine. Older sister Natalia – a leading actress of theatre of a name. Franco.

    First Olga went on stage in 5 years. She played a small role in the play «Jennie Gerhardt». And on the screens of the girl came when she was 17. In «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka» it has 3 roles: Muse, Sotnikova and Ladies.

    Not surprisingly, Sumi Jr. saw their future connected only with the actress. So he entered the Kiev Institute of theatrical art. In 1987 she was accepted into the troupe of the Russian drama theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka.


    On the stage Olga Sumy almost immediately began to trust the leading roles. The audience saw her in productions of «Inspector», «Lady without camellias», «the Suicide», «Mad money», «a Midsummer night’s Dream» and many others.

    A cinematic biography of Olga Sumy began much earlier theatrical. In his student years, the actress starred in several films. The most notable of these is the military cinematographic novel «the call of the heart» and a biopic «And in the sound memory will respond».

    After a break, completed work on the theatrical stage, Sumi is back in the movie. First, the 1990s came the painting «the Voice of grass,» in which Olga entrusted to play a seductive witch. This work brought the young artist first prize at the film festival «Constellation-94».

    The star role went to Olga Sumy in 1997. The audience immediately fell in love with the beauty Roksolana, which she brilliantly played in the historical series «Roksolana – the captive of the Sultan». This tape brought her to the top. Later Sumi has played in two sequels of this romantic ribbon «ascension to the throne» and «the Flower of Empire.»

    Filmography actress is quite extensive. There are many titles of TV series and various films shot in Ukraine and in Russia. Among the most notable works in cinema detective «Mystery «St. Patrick’s day»,» the biopic «Rocks. Song of a lifetime», drama, «Days of hope» and the series «Territory of beauty».

    In 2003, the audience enjoyed the musical Comedy «For two hares», where Olga Sumy appeared in the form of a gallery. And the main characters was played by Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin.

    In Ukraine, people’s artist Olga V. Sumy know how beautiful the lead of many TV shows.

    Personal life

    Actress happy second marriage. First, where the husband of Olga Sumy was her colleague Eugene Paperny, lasted 4 years. To this Union was born a daughter Antonina papernaya, who followed in the footsteps of parents and now successfully making a career in Russia.

    Personal life Olga Sumy got a happy continuation immediately after the divorce: a young actress married a colleague Vitaly Borisyuk. The pair met on the rehearsal in the Theater of Russian drama are not lost in vain so far. In 2002 they had a daughter Anna.

    Today Olga Sumskaya – known socialite that can often be seen at various public events. She still looks great, so as slim and attractive as young. The secrets of her everlasting beauty, the artist has shared in his book called «beauty Secrets». Here are many ancient recipes that have come down to Olga from her grandmother and great-grandmother. And sums is an excellent cook. This is dedicated to the second book «Cooking together».


    • «The voice of the grass»
    • «Roksolana – the captive of the Sultan»
    • «Ascension to the throne»
    • «Flower of the Empire»
    • «Mystery «St. Patrick’s Day»»
    • «Cliffs. Song of a lifetime»
    • «Days of hope»
    • «Territory of beauty»
    • «Chasing two hares»
    • «Return of the Musketeers»


    Olga Sumskaya

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