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  • Name: Olga Sukhareva ( Sukhareva, Olga )
  • Date of birth: 4 June 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Slavgorod, Altai Krai
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Olga Sukhareva: biography

    Olga Sukhareva was born in the small town of Slavgorod, which is located in the Altai region. When she was 3 years, she and her mother Inna moved to the cultural capital of Ukraine – Odessa. Here is a little Olya 4 years started to be engaged in theatre Studio, and later at the music school, piano class. She also attended secondary school with advanced study of German language.

    8 years old girl for the first time participated in the international theater festival in St. Petersburg, where he played a major role in a child’s play Andersen’s fairy tale «the chimney Sweep». The Odessa troupe in the competition took first place, and the young actress was invited to play at this stage. As a teenager, she played in various performances such major theatres as the Odessa Russian drama, the Odessa Ukrainian drama theatre, the Odessa musical Comedy theatre named after Mikhail Merman and «Theatre-Studio Art therapy» at the Center of rehabilitation of children with disabilities. The most brilliant role of Olga Sukhareva this period is Bella – the main character of the lyric play «Overcome». There is a 13 year old girl coped with the way the 24-year-old heroine and looked quite convincing.

    Olga several times took part in many beauty contests. She won prizes in different years at the contest «Miss Odessa» and «Miss Ukraine». In 2004 has received a title «Ms. of spectator sympathies» at the contest «Miss Odessa 2004». Then Sukharev participated in the selection «FASHION TV 2004» and won the international competition, thanks to what was supposed to be a main applicant to the crown for «Miss World», but rather a beauty contest admission to drama school.

    After graduation, Olga moved to Moscow and delivers the documents to the School-Studio of MKHAT. But the first attempts failed to convince a strict examining Board. That year was not in vain, the girl got a job in a model Agency «Modus Vivendis», but next summer she successfully passed all exams and became a student of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, where he worked in 2009 at the workshop of Konstantin Raikin. Having graduated actress, Alexander finds a job in the Moscow theatre «Snuffbox» where he played many character roles, including Vera Petrovna in «Uncle Vanya» and Sophia in «Woe from wit». She also participated in performances of «Future pilots», «Stravinsky. Game» and «the Gods have fallen, and there is no salvation».


    For the first time on television, Olga Sukhareva appeared in 2004 in the music video for «I love you» the famous trio «Ivanushki international». In the cinema she made her debut in 2009, and started immediately with the lead role of Tanya Agaskagou in the melodrama «Love on demand». After a year the young actress starred in small roles in three television movies: in the episode «Day of poetry» detective series «Once in militia», the episode «loved ones» crime drama «Alibi» for two» and the series «the Fate of irony» Comedy «Garage».

    Next 2011 to Sukhareva has been very productive. She appeared in the film «Simple combination» of the famous criminal detective «Kamenskaya 6» and the TV series of the same genre «the Accidental witness» and has also starred in such films as the drama «a Kiss of fate,» a melodrama, «the ticket», drama «the Best friend of the family» and romantic Comedy «Only you.» In these pictures she has small supporting roles. But in the Comedy «Queen’s New clothes» and the melodrama «the Vow,» she conveys the key images of the main characters.

    Later she was the main role of a blind seamstress Elena Morozova in a drama series «Ural Lacemaker», the main role of the police-trainee Lisa Singhini in the Comedy «Golden scissors», the key character of a young widow Nina in the drama «Wife-time» and one of the Central roles in the melodrama «Love and romance». She also played the role of the protagonist-Mariana in melodramatic television series «Eclipse». And, in addition, participated in small roles in a TV drama «the miracle worker», a romantic serial movie «Twists of fate», detective, «Bear hug» and the mini-series «Farewell».

    The latest work to date, for the aspiring actress is the main role of the student Nadia in melodramatic series «the Perfect victim».

    Personal life

    Olga Sukhareva carefully hides his personal life from the public and fans. Probably doesn’t want to mix work and career with the private side of life.

    We only know that the actress married couple raising a toddler. The family lives in Moscow.


    • 2009 — Love on demand
    • 2011 — Queen’s New clothes
    • 2011 — Vow of silence
    • 2011 — Best friend of the family
    • 2011 — the Accidental witness
    • 2012 Ural Lacemaker
    • 2012 — Golden scissors
    • 2013 — Wife part-time
    • 2014 — Love and romance
    • 2015 — the Perfect victim


    Olga Sukhareva

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