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  • Name: Olga Smirnova Olga Filimonova )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married Alexey Filimonov

    Olga Smirnova biography

    Olga Smirnova, who is also widely known under the surname of her husband Filimonov, is a Russian theater and film actress, familiar to fans of the national cinema in such films as «hipsters», «Icebreaker», «what the girl», «the legend of the Circle» and many others.

    Future star screens Olga Smirnova was born in Yekaterinburg. From an early age, the girl showed interest in artistry, but realized it through sport. Olga was engaged in figure skating, ballroom dancing, acrobatics. A little later began to attend a local drama Studio.

    Olga Smirnova
    Olga Smirnova

    Parallel with General school Olga Smirnova graduated from the professional school of contemporary dance at the Yekaterinburg center for contemporary art. After maturity she becomes a student of the Institute of physical culture and continues to dance both classical and contemporary choreography. The main dream of Olga Smirnova at the time was opening his own dance school.

    Olga Smirnova
    Olga Smirnova | Baskino

    That all changed in 2002, when she, along with the dance troupe his Studio went to the Moscow theatre festival «Golden mask». In the capital at Olga Smirnova had an Epiphany – suddenly for herself she wanted to be an actress. Girl takes documents from the teachers of the University and entered the acting Department of directing Department of the Russian Academy of theatre arts, where until 2006 he studied in the workshop of Oleg Kudryashov.

    Olga Smirnova
    Olga Smirnova | Kinomania

    Among classmates Actresses were such future stars as Julia Peresild and Alexey Filimonov. Having played in a number of diploma performances, Olga Smirnova decided to focus on film career and since 2007 is beginning to appear regularly on the screens of cinemas and TVs.


    The first roles of Olga Smirnova in the movie was the girl from Bryansk in the Comedy «Plato» with Willy Paul as the main character and fashionista sherry from the musical «Stilyagi», which also marked Anton Shagin, Ekaterina Vilkova and Igor voynarovsky. Popular actress Smirnova brought biographical drama «Dostoevsky,» in which she played Apollinaria Suslov, a favorite of the famous writer.

    Olga Filimonova in the film
    Olga Filimonova in the «Stilyagi» movie | Movie-Theater

    Critics disliked the work of Olga Smirnova in this drama. Someone called her execution flawless, and someone said that it gave the image a very sensual and openly. But all converged in one opinion – this young actress has a great future. Also it should be noted that the last three years, the actress in the credits of the movie appears under the name Olga Filimonova since changed her last name after marriage.

    Filimonova Olga and Yevgeny Mironov in the film
    Olga Filimonova and Mironov in the movie «Dostoevsky» | Movie-Theater

    The first success was followed by the romantic melodrama «Santa Claus always rings thrice», the mystery Thriller «Dark world», the biographical drama «the legend of the Circle», a psychological detective story «Hunters for diamonds». As you can see, Olga Smirnova doesn’t limit their creativity to any one genre, and trying to enjoy different types.

    Olga Filimonova in the film
    Olga Filimonova in the movie «Slide» | full Movie

    Very popular with the audience drama «Priceless love». Many believe that it was after this picture Olga Filimonova finally conquered the cinematic firmament. She also played in the Comedy «what the girl», which looked like a glamorous lady, and in the Thriller «Slip», for which the haircut is actually below zero.

    Olga Filimonova in the film
    Olga Filimonova in the movie «Icebreaker» | Movie-Theater

    Of the last works of Olga filimonovoy stand out the romance of «Beauty», detective «a Missing groom» and the crime television series «the Investigator Tikhonov». And one of the most anticipated products of the fall of 2016 was the disaster movie «Icebreaker», in which one of the main roles involved Olga Filimonova.

    Personal life

    When Olga Smirnova joined the Theatre Institute, where she met her classmate Alexey Filimonov. They quickly found a common language, and Alex became Olga’s first best friend. Later, they started Dating, and after graduation got married.

    Olga Smirnova and her husband Alexey Filimonov
    Olga Smirnova and her husband Alexey Filimonov

    Olga Smirnova took her husband’s name and became Olga filimonovoy. The first film in which she appeared under a new name, was the biographical drama «the legend of the Circle».

    In 2010, the couple had a daughter who was called Vasilisa. Daughter watches all the movies with mom and then asks her about what he saw on the screen. Especially Vasilisa am wondering why mother is here dressed in such a strange way and said these unusual words.

    Olga Smirnova-Filimonova with his daughter Vasilisa
    Olga Smirnova-Filimonova with his daughter Vasilisa | VK

    Although Olga Smirnova-Filimonova understands that the little daughter has not have a proper understanding of the difference between movies and real life, she’s trying to correctly explain and convey the child’s concept about art. In General, Olga is devoting all his spare time to his family. Vasilisa she walks a lot, draws, watches cartoons. By the way, the actress does not want the daughter walked in the footsteps of their parents, but will not prevent, if she will insist on this profession.


    • 2008 — hipsters
    • 2011 — Dostoevsky
    • 2011 — diamond Hunters in
    • 2012 — Odessa-Mama
    • 2013 — legends of the Circle
    • 2013 — never mind the girls
    • 2013 — a Priceless love
    • 2014 — Beauty
    • 2014 — the Missing bridegroom
    • 2016 — The Investigator Tikhonov
    • 2016 — Icebreaker


    Olga Smirnova

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