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  • Name: Olga Sidorova ( Olga The P. )
  • Date of birth: 15 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: actress, model, Director
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga Sidorova’s biography

    Olga Sidorova is a Russian actress, model and Director. The famous artist received not only thanks to their filming, but also candid photographs for the magazine «Playboy». Sidorova is the organizer of the Agency, which helps the actors to star in a foreign movie.

    Of parent and child

    Mother Olga arrived in Moscow from the village in the Novgorod region, graduated from College, married 15 Jun 1976 gave birth to a daughter. The father of the future actress, Eugene A. Sidorov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, in his youth invented the heart rate monitor for astronauts, which was used by Yuri Gagarin. The girl grew brisk and purposeful, loved to be the center of attention.

    Olga Sidorova in childhood
    Olga Sidorova in childhood | Official website

    Olga Sidorova went to music school, studied ballet, learned foreign languages. From childhood the girl had the tenacity and will to win, participated in music competitions, competed with their peers for the attention and praise. After high school, Olga wanted to become a journalist.

    Student years

    Actress Olga Sidorova and TV presenter Dana Borisova have similar facial features. They are often confused not only the audience, but also media representatives. Interestingly, in 1993, Dana Borisova entered the journalism faculty of Moscow state University, where he was going to do and Olga Sidorova. Girls could become Sorority sisters, but that didn’t happen. Sidorova had the impression that the actress is better suited to her character and applied to the Theater school. Schukin.

    Olga Sidorova in his youth
    Olga Sidorova in his youth | Official website

    Olga has successfully passed the exam and studied in the «Pike» with Anton Makarska, Maria Poroshina, Olga Budina. To finish school prevented him a strange story. Sidorov argues that she had to leave the course because of jealousy of your artistic Director. After a while Olga still received a higher education. A former student at the «Pike» has entered the third year of GITIS and graduated from this University in 1999.

    Modeling career

    After dropping out of Theatre school. Shchukina Olga decided to continue her education. Because of its attractive appearance, the girls had the opportunity to work as a model. Sidorov later said that the actress she likes a lot more, but there were periods in my life when she could earn money thanks to the model contracts. For example, when the husband was unemployed and could not support the family, Olga had to take care of him and my daughter.

    Model Olga Sidorova
    Model Olga Sidorova | Official website

    She worked in Milan at the fashion shows of wedding dresses, posed for Italian magazine, could stay in Italy, but returned to his family in Moscow. By the time Sidorov graduated from the GITIS and was able to take on shooting in commercials and music videos. Her photo graced the cover and pages of Russian editions of fashion magazines: «Cosmopolitan», «Harper’s Bazar», «Officiell», «Playboy», «She». The contrast between work and home financial issues blew up her relationship with her husband.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Olga Sidorova might have been different if she was forced to leave theatre school and become a model. At 18 she met her first husband. Chosen the young model became a fashion designer, businessman Alexander Elpatievsky. After two years of marriage, Olga gave birth to a daughter, which his wife Vasilisa invasion. The husband was older Sidorova for 13 years and had a successful business in Germany. Olga lived in prosperity, was involved in child and education. The family broke up after Alexander lost business, and Sidorova went back to work model.

    Olga Sidorova and Alexander Elpatievsky
    Olga Sidorova and her first husband Alexander Elpatievsky | Official website

    Now their daughter Vasilisa is a grown woman, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and studying at ISI them. Derzhavin in the acting Department. Olga had fans, but interest in the personal life of the actress came to the public because of her relationship with the famous film Director Karen Shakhnazarov. For a long time Olga was denying their relationship, calling the Director «Mosfilm» with a good friend. Karen Shakhnazarov is 24 years older than Sidorova, but the age difference did not prevent them to find common ground.

    Olga Sidorova I. Karen Shakhnazarov
    Olga Sidorova and Karen Shakhnazarov | Personal life

    Olga admitted in an interview with the magazine «Cinema Park» in 2007 Karen became her very close friend, who could listen and support in difficult times. In the late period of relations with Shakhnazarov Sidorova honestly say she wanted to own the house in which her side was her husband and children, confessed about the dream of again becoming a mother, but the couple never came to the Registrar’s office.

    Movies and TV

    From filming in advertising Olga moved to small roles in movies. In 1998, the actress appeared in the film by Sergei Ursulyak «Composition for Victory Day» and in the drama of Karen Shakhnazarov «the Day of the full moon.» Sidorov considers its successful work in the films «Tender age» and «In motion».

    Olga Sidorova in the film
    Olga Sidorova in the film «the Flock» | Movie-theater

    Acting in the series «Diva» Olga found something in common with her character that helped her to grow into the role. Sidorov admitted that Directors see in her only the image of a girl with beautiful appearance and rarely offer interesting material to work with. In such circumstances, creative growth seemed impossible actress. This fact prompted Olga to enter the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and film Directors.

    Music and other Hobbies

    In addition to movie Olga is interested in music. Sidorova recorded a few songs. One of them «was Not a summer» made a Belle in love with her composer. Her vocals Olga considers insufficiently professional for public speaking, but the notes of her songs can be found in open sources, for example on the website of the artist. In an interview Sidorov admitted that working on the script based on his own life. Events and experiences according to the blonde, enough for more than one book.

    Olga Sidorova daughter
    Olga Sidorova daughter | Official website

    Daughter Olga since childhood dreamed of becoming a singer, in 2012 she recorded a song «You’re mine», which Sidorova made a video using my directing skills. Early in his career, the actress dabbled in the theater. Dmitry Astrakhan suggested Olga one of the main roles in his repertory company. Partner of the actress was supposed to be Alexander Abdulov. Sidorov had long rehearsed his role, but with each new repetition has no enthusiasm for it. The theatre was less interesting for Olga than the movie.


    • 1998 Composition for Victory Day
    • 1998 — full moon Day
    • 1999 — Love of evil…
    • 2000 — Good and bad
    • 2000 — Tender age
    • 2001 — the Perfect couple
    • 2002 — In motion
    • 2003 — at the corner At the Patriarchal-3
    • 2005 — Donna
    • 2007 — scream in the night
    • 2008 — Plato
    • 2008 — Bride to order
    • 2009 — Psychic
    • 2009 — the Pack
    • 2016 — 40+, or the Geometry of love


    Olga Sidorova

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