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  • Name: Olga Shelest ( Olga Shelest )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Birth place: Naberezhnye Chelny
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist, actress
  • Marital status: married to Alex Ticinum

    Olga Shelest: biography

    Voice leading popular Olga Shelest know almost anyone who listens to radio, watches television or goes to the movies. She leads several programs on television, voiced by the popular American animation, and takes part in Russian TV shows. Perseverance and determination helped her to achieve popularity and recognition.

    Olga was born on 23 January 1977 in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, which is located in the North-East of Tatarstan. The girl grew incredibly talented, which gave reason to considerable pride of her parents. Because of the overuse of work Olga is a very bad student in school. She often received an unsatisfactory rating for their behavior, since it does not differed appeasable character. The rustle of loved to watch cartoons and I dreamed of hearing them, imagining how her voice will speak favorite characters. Later, when the girl was sent to study at the art school she wanted to work as a fashion designer, fashion designer. Sketched star of TV really well, which allowed her to finish art education with honors. In high school, she decided to become an actress. Parents initially tried to dissuade his beloved daughter, not without reason, considering this profession is quite unpredictable and heavy, but the Rustling was firmly committed to a career in the movies.

    After school, Olga got a job at a local TV channel, where he worked for about a year. Earning a little money, a future star went to conquer the capital’s institutions. In Moscow, she first went to Russian state University of cinematography named after Gerasimov, but not had time to apply and about career of the actress had forgotten.

    Shelest was in no hurry to go home. Soon she came across the posting for the Humanities Institute of television and broadcasting at the faculty of journalism. Rationally deciding that the profession is also associated with leading TV, Olga filed documents.

    Olga Shelest: TV

    The training gave the young lead to new opportunities. Part of the training took place in the legendary TV tower «Ostankino», where he regularly held auditions and samples in various projects. So, already in the first year of the Institute Olga came to casting the leading TV channel «MUZ-TV». At that time he was a young, recently founded the project. Channel need a lot of presenters, the talented and the Rustle easily passed the audition.

    The program was shown live, and the management was very worried that young she will forget the lyrics or faint from excitement. Then Olga led the transfer of «Klipomaniya», in which viewers were shown new music video. At that time, many colleagues leading chose a visible and recognizable aliases, but talented presenter decided to stay in my name, however, soon began to call her just «Rustle». On «MUZ-TV» Olga worked for about a year, and after a conflict with the program Director decided to leave the channel.

    Without the work of Olga left. Pretty quickly Rustle was cast for the lead program «Music PR» on TV channel «STS». In 1997, Olga took on the TV channel «BIZ-TV», where she met with another, equally popular leading Tutta Larsen, who for many years was her friend.

    In 1998 he opened a Russian subsidiary of worldwide popular channel «MTV», instantly peremanivat to afford the best and most promising leading. This fate befell Olga. The rustle entrusted to lead the program «New track!», which talked about extreme sports. The show was loved by viewers and stayed in the air for four years. A year Olga started two programs in a duet with a leading Anton by Komolova.

    Until 2002 she realized that mentally outgrown youth channel and should move on to more serious projects. The rustling moved to the «NTV» TV channel, where she began to lead the program «Morning». Many fans took seriously the care of his beloved presenter as well as her rather sharp change of image: youth style Olga moved on to more serious appearance that matches her age. She stopped painting her hair in different colors and at the time of filming had removed the piercing. However, the format of the shows changed several times, which the artist even thought to leave the project. But the leaders were able to find a compromise with the host and invited to show her colleague Anton Komolova.

    Tandem Rustling and Komolova was a success with viewers, which gave occasion to invite them both to the TV channel «Star» in 2007. There they were entertaining a current-show «a Starry evening with Anton by Komolova and Olga Shelest».

    In 2008, Shelest was invited to become a member of the TV show «Circus with stars» from the «First channel». It is especially hard for her as a staunch vegetarian, was given to training of animals. After winning the Rustle became a vegan and an ardent opponent of any exploitation of animals, including a circus.

    The last major project that Shelest took part as a leader, there is a popular talk show «Girls», premiered on television in 2010.

    It is also worth noting that Olga Shelest is a regular commentator and therefore a kind of symbol of Russia at the musical contest «Eurovision».

    Olga Shelest: personal life

    Family happiness Olga became possible thanks to her work on the channel «MTV» where she met her future husband

  • Alexei Tishkina. Their office romance developed rapidly. The couple began to live together, but the Rustle of the wedding was not planned. In her opinion, if people really love each other, the stamp in the passport they do not need. In 2012, Olga got pregnant, and along with Alex went to new York, where they signed and played a modest wedding. 1 Nov 2013 they have a daughter with the unusual name Muse, which came up with the proud father. Under US law, the girl received American citizenship, which in the future will give her the opportunity to study in America and be free to travel the world.

    In April 2015 it became known that Olga Shelest pregnant again.

    Olga Shelest: TV shows

    • Klipomaniya
    • Russian h
    • Music PR
    • New athletics
    • Cheerful morning
    • Morning at NTV
    • Eurovision 2008
    • Star mascot
    • Girls
    • Don’t get me
    • Temporarily available

    Olga Shelest: photo

    Olga Shelest

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