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  • Name: Olga Romanovskaya ( Olga Koryagina )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Mykolayiv, Ukraine
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: singer, designer,model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Romanov: biography

    Olga Romanovskaya — Ukrainian singer and designer, who under his real name Olga Koryagina spoke in a popular women’s show-the group «VIA Gra». She was born in the regional center of Nikolaev, in southern Ukraine. Since childhood Olya studied pop and classical singer, went to music school. But the desire of becoming a famous singer in harmony at the girl with interest in the modeling business.

    In the hometown of Olga koriagina participated in runway fashion shows and photo shoots as a model. At age 15 she participated in a beauty contest «Miss black sea-2001», which managed to win despite his young age. In three years she will become «Miss Koblevo» in a similar competition held regularly in the black sea resort posilock, which attracts beauties from all over the South of the country.

    After receiving the matriculation Olga arrived in the Nikolaev branch of the Kiev national University of culture and art. There she was not a singer and not a fashion model, and designer at the faculty of decorative and applied arts, specialising in textile processing. Looking ahead, we note that in a few years it is being implemented in the field: will create her own line of women’s outerwear and will release it under the brand name «Romanovska».


    When Olga Koryagina was studying on the 3rd course, she heard about the casting for the vacancies in the already incredibly popular pop group «VIA Gra». The fact that the singer Nadezhda Granovskaya decided to cease cooperation with the staff and leave the project, so the producer Konstantin Meladze looking for a new member.

    The Nikolaev student managed to beat hundreds of competitors to win the competition, but under certain circumstances, the vacant place was taken by Christina Kots-Gotlib, former miss Donetsk. She stayed in the team for 3 months only, after which the leaders of the project it became obvious that this singer does not fit into the team. Thus, in April 2006, the year Olga Koryagina became a full member of the trio «VIA Gra».

    Her partners on stage were Vera Brezhnev, Albina dzhanabaeva, with whom Olga has recorded an English version of the album «L. M. L.» and starred in the video for the title track of the album, and the popular song «Flower and the knife». In addition, the group Koryagina starred in new year’s television musical «First house», where he played one of piratok and sang the song «Lay, the rain of dreams».

    But in «VIA GRE» Olga stayed only one year and left the band in April 2007. However, along with Brezhnev and Dzhanabaeva again, she will take the stage at the anniversary concert in 2011. Leader of group Konstantin Meladze and Alan Badoev wanted to see the singer as one of six mentors in the reality show «Hochu V VIA GRU», but Olga does not consider this project interesting for themselves and refused to participate in the show.

    A few years after leaving the band, under a new name Olga Romanovskaya, she started a solo career. For a long time, has only released singles and video clips of the singer. Debut work was «lullaby», enjoyed moderate popularity. Then came the song «Knockin’ on heaven», «secret love», «Music» and «Beautiful words». The last song held the record for the singer’s 33rd place in the Ukrainian charts.

    And in early December of 2015, fans of Olga Romanov finally waited full-length debut album, and favorite female singer. The album was called «Hold me tight» in honor of one of the last issued by the single songs, and contained 14-five songs, including old, well-known hits and new works.


    In March 2016 on the website of the TV channel «Friday!» has information from which it follows that leading the popular program «Revizorro» Elena Volatile leaves the project, and in its place will be singer Olga Romanov.

    For a long time, the program managers kept fans of the show in suspense and claimed that considering the well-known singer, model and designer only as one of the contenders, but the final decision has been made. In addition, there were rumors that can be a leading man and, in particular, the flamboyant showman Nikita Dzhigurda.

    But in the next edition of «Revizorro» the truth was revealed. The author visited the Stavropol Krai, and visited the cafeteria of the North-Caucasian Federal University, and then at the athletic club.

    Personal life

    In late 2006, Olga Koryagina met with the Odessa businessman Andrei Romanov, and in April 2007 I married him. The couple has two sons, Oleg and Maxim.

    Married Olga and Andrew very happy, strongly support the initiatives of each other. Success happy life Romanov consider the mandatory presence of interest to the business partner. In addition, according to Olga, the family must be not only love but also friendship between the spouses.


    • 2007 — L. M. L.
    • 2015 — Hold me tight


    Olga Romanovskaya

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