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  • Name: Olga Prokofiev ( Olga Prokofeva )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Toronto
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Olga Prokofiev: a biography

    A brilliant actress, which any Russian viewer knows the person as Jeanne Arkadevna from the popular series «My fair nanny», O. E. Prokofiev was born in the small suburban town of Odintsovo. The girl and her older sister, the mother raised without a father. Entertainment from the children in a provincial town were not very many, so that little Olga was taking the cultural program in their hands. She was wrapped in a pillowcase, wound on top of the curtain, stood on the tips of the shoes with a stiff sole and portrayed a ballerina. Live, spontaneous girl, barely learning to walk, ever dreamed to go on stage of the Bolshoi theatre or any other.

    Barely waiting for the last call, yesterday schoolgirl with ran pass the entrance exams to the theater and blew it. But then Olga gave a pledge sure to enter the acting Department through the year. To knowingly sit at home, Prokofiev went to work, choosing completely unexpected for a girl who always dreamed of becoming an actress, the profession of accountant at a local TV channel. But, working on television, the aspiring actress never ceased to prepare for exams, and knew about all her relatives, friends, acquaintances, and even friends of friends.

    One day a friend of her mother, had worked as a road inspector, stopped the intruder and in conversation with him found out that he studied at GITIS. Remembering by Olina cherished dreams, the inspector offered the driver a deal: it doesn’t take away his rights, and that in gratitude prepares his girlfriend’s daughter for the exams. The offender agreed and honestly fulfilled his promise. It was a future media Mogul and founder of the TV channel «NTV», and then a fourth-year student of the directing faculty Vladimir Gusinsky.

    Gusinsky Prokofiev diligently taught everything he knew himself, but she still failed the entrance exam. The entrant Prokofiev tried struggling, but she initially didn’t stand a chance because she didn’t like the admission fee outside. After the exam and the teacher first spoke against the admission of Olga in the acting Department, seeing genuine grief girl, have just crashed the whole world to her, was advised to try his hand at directing. The entrant wiped her tears and went to study on the course of the famous Soviet theatrical Director Andrei Goncharov.

    GITIS Olga Prokofieva graduated with honors, washitaw all teachers in her graduation production of the play «Tomorrow was the war», where brilliantly played the teacher twice over themselves. A talented graduate began vying with one another to entice two of her former teacher. Andrei Goncharov called the Mayakovsky theater and mark Zakharov at the Lenkom. The choice was difficult, but Olga decided not to leave with his classmates, who almost all went to work to Goncharov.

    Olga Prokofiev: theatre

    In the Moscow academic theater. Mayakovsky, Olga Prokofiev goes on stage for almost 30 years. She played Mae in Tennessee Williams ‘ «Cat on a hot tin roof», Rosaline in the play of Grigory Gorin «a Plague on both your houses» Lydia Varavka staged based on the novel by Maxim Gorky’s «Life of Klim Samgin» and many others. For creating an image of Maria Moskaleva in the play «uncle’s dream», the actress received one of the most prestigious theatrical award «crystal Turandot».

    Now acting Olga Prokof’evoy you can enjoy by purchasing a ticket for the performance «Children spoil the relationship», where she embodies the image of Pauline or to a Banquet, where she Mariet, Live. «Uncle’s dream» too, as before coming in mayakivka, and Prokofiev still plays it Mary Moskaleva.

    Olga Prokofiev: movies

    Olga Prokofiev debuted in the film, has already proven itself a serious theater actress. Andrei Eshpai invited her to a psychological melodrama «Humiliated and offended». Role in Prokofiev was small, but with partners such as Aleksandr Abdulov, Anastasiya Vyazemskaya, Nikita Mikhalkov, and they had a lot to learn.

    Serious feature film actress in a characteristic relationship is not formed, but her excitedly began to invite to act in serials. But the real national glory Olga Prokofiev brought «My fair nanny», where she played together with Sergey Zhigunov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk even shared one dressing room.

    The acting Quartet so well together that after the «Babysitter» actors played together in an adventurous vaudeville «Shakespeare never dreamed of».

    Olga Prokofiev: love life

    Friendship entrant Prokofiev with a tutor Gusinsky in anything serious has not resulted. Then Olga was too passionate about her dream of becoming an actress. The affair began only when Olga graduated from GITIS. Future media Mogul for her gone from the family. He was gifted favorite flowers and even bought her an expensive car, trying to persuade to marry him, but Olga did not dare. After living together for 4 years, they divorced.

    The reason for the break with Gusinsky became a colleague of Prokofiev actor Yuri Sokolov. They played lovers on the stage of the Mayakovsky theatre in the play «Tomorrow was the war». Gallant handsome man stormed the fortress proved impregnable for the future of the media Mogul. Olga is not even embarrassed by the fact that her new lover already has two ex-wives and one daughter. She left Gusinsky and almost immediately married Sokolov. Four years later Olga gave birth to Yuri son Alexander, and after 12 years of marriage the couple divorced.

    Yuri went man-to-man, leaving his former wife and son of his apartment in Moscow on Vernadsky Prospekt. But then he married for the fourth time, in adopting a child of his young wife from his first marriage, and then they had two more, and the issue of housing arose edge. Ex-husband asked Prokofiev to return to the apartment, and when she refused, he appealed to the court. The lawsuit stretches to this day.

    Olga Prokofiev: filmography

    • The Life Of Klim Samgin
    • The insulted and injured
    • Moscow vacation
    • My fair nanny
    • Adjutants of love
    • Shakespeare never dreamed of
    • When you least expect it…
    • Adventures of private Ivan Chonkin
    • You go out to look for
    • Margo: the Fiery cross

    Olga Prokofiev: photo

    Olga Prokofieva

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