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  • Name: Olga Polyakova ( Polyakova Olga )
  • Date of birth: 17 January 1984
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Vinnitsa, Ukraine
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer and TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Polyakova: biography

    Superblondinka headdress, singing Superpop. So short and not without humor, it seems the singer Olga Polyakova public.

    Olga Polyakova was born in Central Ukraine, in the regional center of Vinnitsa in January 1984. The girl’s mother worked as a pediatrician and father of a post of a diplomat from the Soviet Union had established his country’s relations with Cuba. To the head of the family was joined by his family, when she was 2 years old. According to Olga Polyakova, her godfather is Fidel Castro. Safe to say that this is not another joke and likes to joke Polyakova, impossible.

    School Olga Polyakova went to Kiev. Here the girl and began her career, the first stage which was overcome in early childhood. She starred in several episodes of the famous «jumble». And Oli was a good voice and perfect pitch. So the parents took the girl to a music school. After graduation, Polyakova continued her education in this direction, becoming a student of the music school. She graduated with honors and decided that I needed to move on.

    The young singer entered the Kiev University of culture, which chose pop vocal. She also attended a course of lectures at the local Conservatory, after which she was awarded a diploma as an Opera singer. As it turned out, Polyakova voice range of 3 octaves.

    In the years of perfecting his vocals by a girl with model looks, repeatedly went on all sorts of catwalks and starred in photo shoots for various modeling agencies.

    According to the singer, the last loud chord in the process of learning became a master class at Seth ricks, a well-known fact that he taught singing such legends as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Madonna.


    It is also known that Olga Polyakova had some time to work as a model in the world capital of fashion. This happened after signing a lucrative contract with the Agency Madison. But after the end of the contract and courses ricks Polyakov returned. But not to Kiev and to Moscow. There on one of the star parties she met Denis Klyaver. Together they recorded the song «Hold me».

    The next step in the career of the Ukrainian singer was the collaboration with a colleague Lyubasha. The result of the collaboration was their joint album, released in 2005.

    In 2008, fans of vocal beauty got her surprise in the form of Maxi-single «Superblondinka», after which she was to call himself not only as «Superblondinka». The Director of the video for this song became the Petersburg Director Alexander Igudin.

    As for the famous «chips» Olga Polyakova in the form of a kokoshnik, he appeared in 2012, after the successful cooperation with the CEO of the music company «EA Secret Service» by Michael Jasinski. This colorful vintage decoration Olya appeared in the hit «Russian Style».

    In March 2015 Olga Polyakova presented a new song called «Love-carrot», the video for which appeared in April of the same year. And in July, «Superblondinka in the headdress» pleased fans of the song «the First summer without him.»

    Fresh hit from Olga, released in 2016, the single «Oh my God, it hurts!».

    Biography of Olga Polyakova is not only songs, but also many broadcasts and television shows that it has proven to be a brilliant presenter. Now the singer and TV presenter lives and works in Ukraine.

    Personal life

    The outrageous singer likes to shock the audience on the screen. But the personal life of Olga Polyakova, if you compare it with the same life other representatives of show business, boring and bland. No scandals or revelations journalists had failed to do.

    Polyakov is married to a successful businessman named Vadim. This is his second marriage, first children left. The couple had two daughters. In 2005, the light appeared to Mary, in 2011-m – Alice.


    Olga Polyakova

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