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  • Name: Olga Pogodina ( Olga Pogodina )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married Alexey Pimanov

    Olga Pogodina: biography

    Olga Pogodina — not only a talented actress, but also a successful producer and founder of the Studio «ODE to film» a film with foreign actors.

    The future actress was born on September 21, 1976 in Moscow. Since childhood the girl has a rather weak and fragile health, which could not regularly attend school. Her education engaged mother Liya Alexandrovna, who worked as an actress until the birth of her daughter. It became for Olga benchmark of person the girl would like to become in adult life. The future artist spent a lot of time with relatives in the Baltic States, her grandmother was from Riga. A change of climate for a time, but improved health Olga.

    In school the first time, the future actress had a rough time. Pogodin studied in quite a disadvantaged class, where she once even took shoes. To bring them back, Olga is not afraid to pick a fight with abicycle who were forced to give up his trophy. Since Olga was gonna be an actress, she decided to take my mom’s maiden name and continued acting like that. Father Stanislav Yuryevich was not against the choice of his daughter, and upon receipt of the passport Olga Bobovich was Pogodina.

    The future actress entered the Higher theatre school named Shchukin. This Institute Pogodin was chosen because it was near the hospital on the Arbat, where she spent almost all her childhood. Olga studied at the acting faculty, and cutting classes, the actress often visited their children’s doctors and had a long conversation with them. Often training become for him a nightmare, Pogodina does not have a relationship with the artistic Director of the group. Only with the support of other teachers, she managed to finish College in 1997.

    After «Pike» Olga was forced in any way to look for an opportunity to earn. In her life came a black stripe: first ill mother, then my father lost his job and was forced to sue for debts, and the last point was the death of his beloved grandmother. The actress is not averse to acting in commercials and even participated in political PR firm.

    In 2001, Pogodina suddenly fell ill hand. After the examination, he put a disappointing diagnosis — enchondroma the tumor. Because of illness she abandoned a promising and promising role. Health is more important, and she was horrified to wait for the biopsy results. Fortunately, the tumor was benign, but needed surgery for joint replacement, was successful.


    Olga left the walls Schukinskaya school in the midst of the crisis of the nineties. To the work of an inexperienced actress who has not yet managed to make a name for himself, had connections and money, it was almost unreal. Pogodin was not discouraged and persistently went to the auditions on «Mosfilm». But everywhere she was denied because of roles was not. Then the artist made a small portfolio with pictures and began to storm the offices of casting Directors that I didn’t help her.

    The only chance she found the Agency that guaranteed the role, where it was impossible to get the actor from the side. And then Olga decided to get on TV. She began to follow the Director of the Agency, after studying literally every minute of her daily schedule, habits and Hobbies. Based on these facts Olga made him a lucrative offer. Amazed by the perseverance Pogodina, the Director sent the actress to the casting of the picture «If the bride a witch», where she was given the main role. Olga waited for the shooting by Sergey Bezrukov, but the only drawback was the lack of the fee. But Pogodina needed role to her portfolio, so she agreed.

    The film «If the bride a witch» was released in 2001 and enjoyed great success with the audience. The actress began to learn and work threw at her, as from a cornucopia. She starred in the television series and feature films.

    In 2005 Pogodin participated in the movie «Echelon», where she made her acquaintance with producer and Professor of Cinematography by Vladilen Arsenyev. Then Olga was seriously on the idea to create his own Studio and make movies. Not being able to obtain the necessary education, she independently studied the tutorials and made a business plan. When everything was almost ready, the artist decided to enlist the support of a famous teacher, who gladly agreed to give advice and help a novice producer. You need an investor, and Pogodin went on a trip to the banks. But all financial institutions were denied it. When she almost lost faith in the incarnation of his dreams, a friend advised the actress to speak with a former classmate, who was a banker and agreed to help the artist.

    Together with Alexey Pimanovym, the actress has created a Studio «ODE to Film» and began shooting his first film called «Hate». In 2007 the film was shown on television. Melodramatic film tells about the difficult human relationships in a small seaside town, found its viewers, allowing new producer to prepare and other paintings.

    In 2007, the screens went Thriller «Three days in Odessa», where Olga played the role of Lida Sheremet’evoy. In the movie she performed almost all the stunts, including running under the bullets. The artist shot the best stuntmen, and she had to run between shots. Girl jumped from train to train, plunged into the icy water that was captivating, even the stunt with the experience.

    Personal life

    On the set of the television series «still waters» Olga met actor Mikhail Dorozhkin. Between them began an affair that lasted almost eight years. The press considered them the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema and has long been married, despite the fact that officially married actors was not. But the couple was far from ideal and stopped when Pogodin Packed up and moved from a shared apartment.

    In 2007 Olga quietly and secretly married an unknown businessman named Igor. At that time, it preferred to hide their personal life, so the status of married women, the press learned much later. Marriage with Igor lasted several years, after which the couple broke up.

    A famous journalist and producer Alexei pimanovym actress met on the set of the painting «Three days in Odessa». Then between the artists struck up a friendship which after a few years developed into a romantic relationship. In 2014, the lovers are secretly married. The press learned about it only a few months ago from a family friend.

    Now Pimanov and Pogodin not only live together but work together in projects in a movie.


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    Olga Pogodina

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