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  • Name: Olga Pavlovets ( Olga Pavlovets )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Astrakhan
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: married Ivan Shibanov

    Olga Pavlovets : biography

    Olga Pavlovets was born in one of the most wonderful and the great holiday – Victory Day. In 1981, when the girl was born, her parents were not yet known and successful people. The young father was in the army, so my mom went to his native Astrakhan to his parents, where he gave birth to a daughter. This is years dad Andrey Pavlovets becomes a famous actor, and her mother Tatiana, a well – respected lecturer at the Academy of theatrical arts in St. Petersburg.

    Not only parents, but grandparents Olga was known in theater circles people. They are famous Vakhtangov, began his acting career in the early twentieth century, brought up a decent shift. For example, they are called a disciple of legendary actor Michael Ulyanov. Known and uncle, Olga – people’s artist of the RSFSR and the main Director of Theatre of young spectators of Astrakhan.

    Olga Pavlovets fate itself had destined to become an actress. Especially that girl from an early age began to show considerable creative talents. In 5 months, Olga became a resident of Leningrad. The family finally moved to the city on the Neva river from South of Astrakhan. First lived in a small communal flat. Mother Olga finished LGITMiK and enrolled in graduate school. The Pope after learning from well-known Leningrad Director Korogodsky began performing on stage local youth theatre and acting in films.

    Not far behind, and Olga. In 6 years her parents brought her to a dance school, where the girl showed a good ability to ballet. But two years later she had to take, so as Olga the ballet, which required a complete dedication, not much. But music and singing Olga Pavlovets worked with pleasure. At 8 years old she became a student of the music school where he studied to play the flute, guitar and piano. Soon the school where I studied music and vocals Olga became the first state art school. There are a limited number of children, and remain the most capable. Olga Pavlovets was one of the best students. She often sings and plays at various concerts and competitions. However, from this flurry of artistic activity does not have time to learn in school, why «lame» is estimated in the exact Sciences.

    Olga Pavlovets: theatre

    After school Olga goes to LGITMiK, where at one time studied her mother. The future artist enters the course of people’s artist of Russia Isaac Shtockbant, who also led the theatre Buff.

    Actor biography of Olga Pavlovets begins with the first course of the University. Isaac R. immediately said able student and involve in their productions. In the 3rd year of Olga Pavlovets is a laureate and a fellow of the International competition of variety artists. Arkady Raikin. In addition to performances on stage, the artist tries himself in television, where the leading one of the morning programs that go live.

    To the final year student Pavlovets trusted Central role in theatrical productions and musicals. It is not young, but fully formed actress. Her play «the Mandrake», «Love without borders» and «Ball of thieves» they watch the theater of St. Petersburg.

    Olga Pavlovets: movies

    After graduating from the theatre University in 2003 Olga Pavlovets is sent to the capital. She was invited for the lead role in his series «Stilet-2» directed by Mikhail Tumanishvili. It is the artist calls his «godfather» in the film, although it first appeared in the TV series «Streets of broken lamps». But there was a small role, after which she went unnoticed. Quite different things happened after the release of «Stiletto». In the end, Olga left Moscow, where he still regularly gets offers from film Directors. The most outstanding works of this first period is the film «From 180 and above» and «Plan B». Olga Pavlovets removed the entire 9th season in the TV series «Gangster Petersburg».

    But his «star» role the actress played in 2008. This is a popular painting «the Judicial column» and «Afghan Ghost», where Olga Pavlovets got the main role. In both, she appeared in the image of the journalist. It is noteworthy that in the «Afghan Ghost» Olga sang, demonstrating another one of his talents.

    In the same generous good deals year the actress appeared in the great films of the «truth» and «Life, which was not.» The last tape is an adaptation of Dreiser’s novel «an American tragedy». These projects have received positive reviews from critics and audiences, and Olga herself firmly occupied the niche of a new popular actress of Russian cinema.

    Confirm the professionalism of the St. Petersburg artist could, when he came out of the painting «Monroe» and «Angelica». Perhaps those two films became one of the most beloved of fans of melodramas.

    But one of the most vivid works of Olga Pavlovets can be called series «Sklifosovsky» and the continuation of the criminal project «Secrets of the investigation». Promising to call the new film «I’ll be there» and «Kuprin».

    Olga Pavlovets: personal life

    If the popular actress, and the details of her life are of interest to all. And more appears on the screen of the new St. Petersburg Zvezda, the more attention you pay to her many fans. Personal life of Olga Pavlovets is notable for two marriages with two well-known actors.

    First husband of Olga was Dmitry Shcherbina. A love affair with him, the actress came when she starred in the capital, in his first TV series «Stilet-2». Soon the lovers were married. The family had a son Prokhor. But the idyllic marriage did not work: together, the couple lived very long.

    In 2009, the life of the actress there was a terrible tragedy. 4-year old son died. It happened when Olga and boy was vacationing with relatives in the village. After Olga Pavlovets almost left the profession. But to come back to life helped her new love. She met actor Ivan Shibanov. Soon, the young people were married. They have a son, who was named Makar. The boy was born in 2010.

    Olga Pavlovets: filmography

    • Stiletto-2
    • From 180 and higher
    • Gangster Petersburg
    • Judicial column
    • Afghan Ghost
    • Truth
    • Life, which was not
    • Monroe
    • Angelica
    • Sklifosovsky

    Olga Pavlovets: photo

    Olga Pavlovets

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