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  • Name: Olga Ostroumova ( Olga Ostroumova )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Buguruslan, Russia
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married Valentin Gaft

    Olga Ostroumova : biography

    Olga Ostroumova was born in the Orenburg region, in the town of Buguruslan, in September 1947. She grew up in a large close-knit family, where it was more than 3 children: Raisa sisters, Ludmila and brother George. Olga’s dad was a physics teacher, mother a housewife. In a small house Ostroumova, located near the Church, was a very warm atmosphere. There were always dominated by love and harmony.

    Father of Olga Ostroumova was not only a teacher, but also a Regent of the Church choir. With the Church life of the family had strong ties. Three generations of men, including my grandfather were priests. Ostroumova later told that her child became the Foundation on which it firmly rests today. And the memories of home – tea on the veranda, a brass band, mandatory breakfasts, dinners round the family table – not just warmed the soul in difficult times.

    Plans daughter can learn for actress parents is perceived with great surprise, but did not object. Olga Ostroumova says that the desire to become an artist came at a very young age – 10 years. Just then Olga, her mother and sisters came to the show, which played the mother’s friend. In the shower girls will forever remain an incredible sense of celebration and the extraordinary excitement she felt then. So not for fame or popular renown, but for the sake of repetition, this holiday girl decided to devote her adult life with the actor’s craft.

    After leaving school in 1966, Olga Ostroumova went to Moscow, having decided to arrive in GITIS. Mom baked pies and daughter blessed in a serious way. It was really difficult. Because the girl first went to a strange big city, where there were relatives. She didn’t even know where the University got to the Theatre late, barely having time to audition. The entry was not easy and took a lot of experiences. But Ostroumova did the first time. She studied in the Studio of Barbara Alekseevny Vronskaya.


    In 1970, after graduating from GITIS, Olga Ostroumova was adopted by the Metropolitan theatre, the Director who worked for Paul Chomsky. In this scene, the actress first appeared on the scene. Here for 3 years, she received the first lessons of acting. But after the departure of Manager and mentor Chomsky young actress went to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Says Ostroumova, here she was recruited by Andrey Martynov, a former classmate at GITIS.

    Director Alexander Dunaev adopted a new actress very warm. Olga under his leadership, played in many performances put on classical works. «Wolves and sheep», «Philistines» – Ostroumova played, accumulating acting skills. Especially fond memories of the actress in this theatre of the period when she was fortunate to work under the leadership of Anatoly Efros, who changed Anna. Then, the theater has gathered a stellar cast: Oleg Dal, Alexei Petrenko, Olga Yakovleva. With them Ostroumova played many performances. The most vivid images of Tatiana in a production of «Enemies» leads to «the Verandah in the forest», Rosa Gonzales in «Summer and smoke».

    After the departure of Efros 1984 Ostroumova, too, left the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. She went into the Theater of miniatures, where then it was directed by Mikhail Levitin. Olga changed the Lyubov Polishchuk, went on maternity leave. Ostroumova replaced her in the play «Hello, mister de Maupassant». Later in the scene the actress was rehearsing Bulgakov’s Margarita. Unfortunately, to play this character and failed, because the Director is ill. But the love of Mikhail Bulgakov remained for life.

    Then there was a period of work in the Theater Mossovet. The first performance on this stage for Olga Ostroumova was okazalsa «Widow steamer» Henrietta Yankovskaya. The actress got the role of Anfisa. But the invitation to work in the theater brought Ostroumova not only new roles but also scandals. Not all actors were happy to see «alien» actress, the visiting side. But Olga managed to go through a period of intrigues and do not stoop to retaliation. Soon, theatergoers had the pleasure to see Ostroumova in the title role of the play «Madame Bovary». For this work in 1994 was awarded the prize named after Stanislavsky.

    Favorite roles Olga Ostroumova, played in this period was Elena Talberg in the performance «the White guard» and Feliciana in the «dancing Master». Later she played Ranevskaya in «the Cherry orchard» and Claudia Tarasovna in «the Silver age».


    A cinematic biography of Olga Ostroumova began with the appearance in the film «Live till Monday», which was included in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. She played the most beautiful girl in the class. The blond beauty then fell in love with all the male audience. But at the peak of success Ostroumova made Genis Kamilkowej role in the dramatic war film «the dawns here are quiet», filmed in Karelia. This picture soon became a cult in the USSR and beyond. After the film screens at Olga Ostroumov showered with many offers from the Directors. But all offered the role was like «written off» with Eugene Komelkova. The actress refused because he was afraid of being trapped in the same position.

    The actress says her best role in a movie the way Vasilisa in the movie «Vasily and Vasilisa». In this movie she appeared in after a break. Another role, favorite Olga Mikhailovna – Manya Polivanova in the melodrama «love the earth», released in 1975. This work brought the artist even more popular, to secure which was the painting «Destiny» Matveeva. Both films received the Gold medal Dovzhenko was awarded the state prize of the USSR.

    But the work in the Comedy Eldar Ryazanov’s «Garage» where Ostroumova played Professor’s daughter, did not bring the artist much fun. Olga did not feel representative of «Golden youth» and tried to hide in the shadow, for the Director, and assembled a host of stars of Russian cinema such as Valentin Gaft, Iya Savvina, Vyacheslav Nevinny, Liya Akhedzhakova, she seemed real celebrities with whom she’s a little inexperienced girl.

    After «Garage» in the cinematic biography of Olga Ostroumova was a 2-year break. She appeared on the stage of the theater. But then the screens went wonderful tape with her participation, among which the most vivid «No sorrow» and «Mad day of engineer Barkasovo».

    In the ‘ 90s, viewers saw the actress in 7 scenes. One of them – «the snake source» Lebedev, where Olga has played a negative role – autocratic and imperious of the headmaster’s school, an «evil genius» of a provincial town.

    Of the last works we can distinguish the role of Olga Ostroumova in a mystical Thriller «beyond the wolves». Here, the artist appeared as the wife of the hero, whose role went to Valentin Gaft. And the triumphant return of Olga Mikhailovna on the screens of modern cinema is considered to be the ribbon «Poor Nastya». Her character is the Princess Maria Dolgorukova very convincing. For most Actresses this role in the series was a kind of experiment, which failed.

    Personal life

    First husband of Olga Ostroumova was her classmate at the theater schools Boris Annaberdiev. But this marriage was short-lived. In 1973, the actress got married for the second time. Her husband was Mikhail Levitin, Director and writer. To this Union were born two children, daughter Olga and son Michael. This marriage was long enough: they lived together for 23 years. But in 1993, Levitin and Ostroumova broke up.

    Now Olga Ostroumova third time married to a famous actor Valentin Gaft. They married in 1996 and are still happy together.


    • «We’ll live till Monday»
    • «The dawns here are quiet»
    • «Love the earth»
    • «Destiny»
    • Garage
    • «Vasily and Vasilisa»
    • «No sorrow»
    • «Crazy day engineer Barkasovo»
    • «Collision»
    • «Her sons»
    • «Beyond the wolves»
    • «Poor Nastya»


    Olga Ostroumova

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