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  • Name: Olga Orlova ( Olga Nosova )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian singer, actress, songwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga Orlova: the biography

    Singer Olga Orlova (real name – Nosov) was born 13 Nov 1977 in Moscow, in the family of cardiologist of Yuri and economist Galina Yegorovna Nasal. Among the native girls there were neither singers nor musicians. But she wanted to be a singer and to associate with this pastime for life. So from the childhood Olga studied music and sang in the choir. In parallel with General education, she successfully graduated from musical school, piano class.

    Parents felt something serious and wanted the daughter had a solid profession. Olga yielded to their request and insistence of relatives graduated from the economic faculty of the Moscow economic-statistical Institute. But economist did not become.

    Olga Orlova: «Brilliant»

    Biography of Olga Orlova started at 18 years of age when she studied in the first year of the Institute. In 1995, Orlov was in a new «Brilliant» and went into the first team. This is due to Christian ray, the soloist is very popular at the time of the group «MF-3». It was he who introduced Olga, with producer Andrey Grozny. Just at that time, the project «MF-3» closed: Christian ray went into religion and stopped performing. Ivan was in search of a new project and decided to bring the idea of the Russian girls-band, similar to the us. Olga Orlova liked him, and he gave the girl audition, which she passed and became the first new singer of the group.

    Soon Andrey Grozny found a other member of the group. They were Pauline, Iodis and barbarian Queen. In this composition was recorded the first song «There, there,» became an instant hit, and brought popularity to the band «Brilliant». This hit became the basis for the release of the first album. Behind him was recorded of other successful songs, remembered by the fans group: «Just a dream», «White snow», «love» and others.

    Olga Orlova: solo career

    In 2000, the year of the biography of Olga Orlova made a sharp turn: soloist of the «Brilliant» got pregnant and left the band. More precisely, the producer put it before the fact that the girls band will continue without her. The plans Orlova is then not included. The singer appeared without their own repertoire, although some songs were composed in her texts («Chao Bambino», «where are you, Where» and other hits). Olga Orlova had to think about a solo career. And towards the end of pregnancy, the singer had already produced a solo CD.

    After birth Orlov recorded the video for the song and presented their first album was named «First.» Presentation of the album took place in Gorbushkin court in 2002. On the song «angel», «I’m with you» and «Later» were filmed clips. This whole year has passed in a very active tour. Except Olga Orlova on stage as vocals and dancers were two more girls.

    Another significant event in the biography of Olga Orlova in 2002 was its participation in the reality show «Last hero-3», where Olga was included into a three of leaders.

    Early 2003 saw the release of the video «I am always with you». Then Olga Orlova became the winner «Songs of year» with the hit «Hands.» In 2006 came the second album by Olga Orlova called «If you were waiting for me».

    2007 was the final year singing career Orlova. After the speech of Olga in the «full strength «Brilliant» (Nadia Handle, Kseniya Novikova, Natalia and Jeanne Friske, Anna Semenovich and Julia Kovalchuk) at the «MTV Russia Music Awards», she stopped performing as a singer.

    Olga Orlova: films

    Orlova is known not only as a singer but as an actress. A cinematic biography of Olga Orlova began in 1991. For the first time on the set she was in school, in company with a friend. Director Rustam Khamdamov noticed the girl and approved for the role of Marie in the film «Anna Karamazoff». The work dragged on for three years. Unfortunately, the tape few have seen because in Russia there is no copy of it.

    Following her appearance as an actress was in the film «Golden age». Orlova played Countess Olga Zherebtsova-Zubov. During the 2004-2005 year, the actress starred in two feature films: «Thieves and prostitutes» and «Words and music».

    In 2006 Olga Orlova starred in the film «

  • Love-carrot», where she got the role of Helena, one of her friends Marina. In 2008, Olga was played in the sequel. Very rich in acting became for Olga Orlova 2010. During this period she got roles in three movies: «the Irony of love», «Zaitsev, burn! History of a showman» and «Winter sleep».

    In 2011 Olga Orlova was invited to appear in the third part of the Saga «Love-carrots». But more visible and meaningful to Orlova as an actress, became the short film «Two newsboy». There Olga was given the opportunity to play the lead role.

    Olga Orlova: personal life

    Personal life of Olga Orlova made the front page of the tabloids in 2000-m to year. During this time she performed in the «Brilliant» and was at the peak of its popularity. The singer met with the well-known businessman

  • Alexander by Karmanovym that consisted in a civil marriage with the late Natalia Lagoda. Orlov and Pockets got married. In may 2001 they had a son Artem. But the pair briefly lived together and in 2004 they divorced. Since December 2004 Olga Orlova had a brief affair with a famous producer
  • Renat by Davletyarova, ex-husband of actress Vera Sotnikova. For several years the couple lived in a civil marriage, but soon divorced. And in 2010, former soloist of the «Brilliant» began an affair with another businessman in the name
  • Peter. But no details of these relations to journalists and failed to learn: the private life by Olga Orlova is now under a strict secret.

    Olga Orlova: discography

    • There, only there
    • Just dreams
    • About love
    • White snow
    • Fog
    • Flowers
    • Clouds
    • Cha-cha-cha
    • Where are you, where
    • Ciao, Bambina
    • Cute steering

    Olga Orlova filmography

    • Anna Karamazoff
    • The Golden age
    • Thieves and prostitutes
    • Words and music
    • Love-Carrot
    • Love-Carrot 2
    • The irony of love
    • Zaitsev, burn! History of a showman
    • Winter dream
    • My family is crazy!
    • Love-Carrot 3
    • Two newsboy

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    Olga Orlova

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