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  • Name: Olga Naumenko ( Olga Naumenko )
  • Date of birth: 6 December 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, TV presenter, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: widow

    Olga Naumenko: a biography

    Olga Naumenko – Russia and the Soviet actress, people’s artist of Russia. On its account more than 60 roles in films and many theatrical productions.

    Born Olga Naumenko in 1949 in Moscow in the family of a Colonel of tank troops. Olga’s mother had a teaching degree, but did not work, devoting himself entirely to the house, which, however, is not surprising, because in addition to Oli’s family had seven children: six sisters and a brother.

    Sasha was the youngest, painful, long-awaited child. Father, according to the memoirs of Olga Nikolaevna, was emphasized by brother, girls are treated exactly. Mom, on the contrary, loved it Olga, which was pretty as a doll.

    Olga Naumenko young
    Olga Naumenko young

    Senior sisters that the girl was five, helped the younger and in his own way she was raised, and sweets with toys her fall a little more.

    Early childhood little Olga was held in Germany, where his father served. There, the girl had a lot of good toys that Soviet children never dreamed of: a doll house, amazing doll. The family returned to Moscow in 1955.


    Olga was a talented and versatile kid in school visited various clubs, and in high school joined the Theatre of young Muscovites in the Lenin hills. The girl had fine teachers who predicted her great future. Classes were serious enough: the theatre went on tour around the country, she raced to the Studio, as a holiday, school was forgotten as something unimportant.

    Olga Naumenko young
    Olga Naumenko young

    Along with Naumenko at the same time, Adam studied Natalia Gundareva and Sergey Nikonenko. Olga herself made her debut in the children’s Studio with glitter, she immediately instructed the main role in the play «wild dog Dingo».

    There, in the Studio theater, a young actress caught up with first love. She was genuinely in love with Valera of Baljkovica in the future – the famous Director. They were friends, the three of us: Valera, Olga and her friend. However, the boy chose Naumenko girlfriend, which turned out to be bolder and more decisive, and at once took «the bull by the horns».

    Olga Naumenko young
    Olga Naumenko young

    The girl was very upset, cried for a few hours, but calmed down, told myself to go to drama school and become famous.

    Though not immediately, but at the second attempt, but Olga Naumenko entered the Shchukin school, kept the word. Since then, the biography of the girls was closely connected with the theatre, but a real, all-Union fame and love of the audience brought her cinematic roles.

    Career in the theatre

    In 1972, the actress came to work in the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Gogol. The girl is not only quickly noticed and translated to the main structure, but and began to give her leading roles.

    Olga Naumenko at the theater
    Olga Naumenko at the theater | Movie-Theater

    In the record of Olga Naumenko number of performances:

    • «Petersburg»;
    • «Trigorin’s notebook»;
    • «Ugly Elza»;
    • «Carnival «Lambada»;
    • «And this fool I loved»;
    • «Tired happiness»;
    • «Idiots» and other plays.


    Debut of Olga Nikolaevna was the role in the 1968 film «Long day Kolka Pavlyukova». Then she was invited to star in the film «Jurisdiction». It happened accidentally: approved for the role, the actress did not show up for shooting and assistant Director, he ran to the Shchukin school, came across Olga.

    So, being a student, Naumenko, twice appeared on the big screen. However, the real popularity brought her the role of Gali «new year» Comedy by Eldar Ryazanov. And again, everything is decided case. Olga just experienced a serious shock, because she refused the role of another Director: Mikhail Ulyanov suddenly decided the girl was too pretty, but her face is too bright, although he invited her to the shooting.

    Olga Naumenko in the film
    Olga Naumenko in the film «Irony of fate or With light steam» | Ruskino

    Here, beauty was found in the hallway of the same Pike with the assistant Ryazanov, who shot «the Irony of fate.» Eldar Aleksandrovich Olga liked it, and he approved her for the role in the film stellar.

    Then there was the role in the television series «Shadows at noon» and other movies that made the actress a recognizable, beloved and desired. In total filmography of Olga Naumenko has more than 60 films and TV series, she continues to act today.

    Personal life

    Numerous films and photos in the press indicate not only talent, but a bright, feminine and sophisticated beauty of Olga Naumenko. She is credited with numerous Affairs with various actors and Directors. Even today, in her 67, she is a very attractive woman.

    The beautiful actress was in no hurry to tie the knot and for a long time remained free and unapproachable, but her personal life was for fellow secret behind seven locks. It was rumored that she had met with Konstantin Raikin, but her true love was actor Alexander Skvortsov with which they are side by side worked in the troupe of the theater.

    Olga Naumenko Oleksandr Skvortsov TA
    Olga Naumenko and Alexander Skvortsov | Blog of Stanislav Sadalsky

    The actress married Alexander, being an adult independent woman, a famous actress, stands firmly on his feet. Husband in it doted, and the feeling was mutual. Later Olga said, if you knew that out of disinterested, that is not to be missed stars in the sky, but would be her faithful friend for many years. And so it happened.

    Shortly after their marriage in 1977, the acting couple was born a daughter Shura. Olga and Alexander have an apartment in Moscow. When little Sasha was a year and four months, the parents took her with him on tour in Izhevsk. Suddenly the child became ill, the temperature rose. The baby cried, and the local doctors only made a helpless gesture.

    Olga Naumenko husband
    Olga Naumenko husband | the Blog of Stanislav Sadalsky

    Urgently young parents returned to Moscow, and Olga with her daughter went to the hospital for examination. Sasha was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the kidney. Olga believed in a miracle until the last moment, but the baby has nothing could help. Sasha helped her survive the death of his daughter, together they have coped with this pain.

    The woman thought that the child is a pipe dream that it is some kind of curse, she was afraid of repeating the terrible tragedy. That is why, by his own admission, the actress once decided to have an abortion, taking the sin on the soul.

    The years went by, the pain gradually dulled, especially close to was a loving and faithful husband. And so, when a couple already and was hoping for the appearance of the offspring, forty years Olga was pregnant again. The couple gave birth to a second daughter, a wonderful healthy girl called Svetlana.

    Olga Naumenko
    Olga Naumenko | Cinemania

    On the background of a calm life and cloudless happiness which reigned in the family of Olga and Alexander following the news sounded like thunder from a clear sky. The Skvortsova was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer of the fourth degree. For 32 years the couple was married, divided equally and happiness, and sorrow, and in 2009 Alexander Skvortsov did not.

    Olga is very grieved at the loss, but gradually coped with depression and grief, with his head immersed in work. Free time the actress was dedicated to his beloved daughter.

    Olga Naumenko
    Olga Naumenko | Movies 24

    Daughter Svetlana married a Frenchman and lives abroad, but the mother and daughter constantly communicate via Skype, so Naumenko does not feel lonely. On the contrary, the actress claims that even finds a kind of pleasure in isolation: the whole life she was surrounded by people, a big family in my childhood, colleagues and family in adulthood.

    Today Olga Naumenko as before plays in the theatre and remove, looks great and optimistic about the future.


    The clearest in addition to the above film roles the actress has such characters:

    • •Belief in the «Pigeon» (1978);
    • •Alla in «Bird’s milk» (1986);
    • •Zinaida Petrovna «Nurses» (2007);
    • •Vasilisa Andreevna in «One day love» (2009);
    • •Anna «Marina grove» (2013) and others.


    Olga Naumenko

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