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  • Name: Olga Medynich ( Olga Medynich )
  • Date of birth: 16 December 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: Married Jemal, Tetruashvili

    Olga Medynich: biography

    A wide range of viewers became acquainted with Olga Medynich after her appearance in the popular TV series «the Big difference» and «Women’s League». These Comedy shows have made St. Petersburg famous actress, although she starred.

    Olga Medynich was born in December 1981 in Saint-Petersburg. In her family no one was associated with the world of art, but, nevertheless, the girl grew up creative. To Sciences Olga was very cool», so high marks parents not happy. But in the circles initiative, she rose to the occasion. Teachers who observed the flight of the creative student, did not require her to gnaw granite of science, realizing the futility of this lesson.

    One day the chemistry teacher, which was responsible for the staging of a school production of «Pinocchio» put Olga Medynich a good grade. But in return, demanded to play the cat Basilio. So the aspiring actress debuted on stage.

    The first role was followed by a second, third and so on. But now experienced the «artist» trusted and leading roles, which she expertly did. Parents were pleased with the work and dedication of the daughter in the theatre, but they secretly hoped that in high school, this «fad» will disappear and in its place will come the desire to get a serious profession.

    The miracle did not happen. Olga Medynich, after school, he applied to the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts. However, she chose not solid directing Department, or at least acting, and «puppet». The girl enjoyed studying at the course of a comedic actor Nikolay Naumov, and she didn’t care that someone doesn’t believe in «the success of this event».


    Being on stage Olga Medynich did not stop with the school. In high school theater, she performed in educational performances. It was the performances of the works of William Shakespeare and max Frisch.

    Having received the specialty «actor of puppet theatre», Olga started to make a career. Very soon she received her first award – the diploma «Muse of Petersburg». The actress was honored with this award for a lovely room in the genre of clown called «Hanger».

    A year later, in 2004, Olga Medynich was on the 2nd place in the Moscow contest of pop music of Boris Brunova. This time the award has found its heroine, after her participation in the play «the Winter’s tale».

    In this production the actress was seen Semyon Yakovlevich Spivak. An invitation to play in its production of «the Story of Kai and Gerda» at the Youth theatre on Fontanka has not slowed down. Very soon the theatre became for the artist a second home.


    A cinematic biography of Olga Medynich began in 2004. St. Petersburg actress has appeared in the TV series «Streets of broken lamps». It was a small role, but it starts bright filmography of this actress.

    Within a year, Medanic played a major role in the rating series «the Tambov wolf». The artist noticed and remembered, but the popularity came to her in 2006. This year was a turning point in the career of Olga. She starred in the Comedy sketch show «Female League» on the channel «TNT». This humorous design made the artist famous.

    This generous on pleasant events year Olga Medynich managed to star in several films to prove to everyone that he is able to transform into various, sometimes conflicting, images. You can verify this by looking at the detective «Old cases», the melodrama «the Man in my head» and the Thriller «the Vortex». These films are praised by critics, but the audience is much more like paintings, in which Medynich starred in the usual comedic roles. We are talking about the film «Europe-Asia» and «Aunt Claudia von Hatten». In each of these projects, the artist played a key role.

    In 2011, when I finished shooting the «Female League» Olga Medynich found a new project, as if created for her. In a Comedy series «Traffic lights» actress was very organic. A considerable contribution to its popularity has made another humorous project, which is popular among the audience. This is the sketch show «Big difference».

    From the latest film works of St. Petersburg artist can be noted as the rating, the acclaimed Comedy «All inclusive, or All inclusive» and «Gentlemen, good luck!».

    Now asset Olga Medynich more than 20 roles in various TV projects.

    Personal life

    Olga is a very open and sincere person. But she almost never talks about his personal life. It is known that she is married. The husband of Olga Medynich — actor Jemal, Tetruashvili.

    In recent years, the actress is busy in many projects that are shot in Moscow, it is constantly in the way. In one interview she said that she sees her husband 3 times a month.

    In 2013, people noticed that the actress was less likely to appear on the screen. As it turned out, this was due to her pregnancy. It soon became known that Olga was born son Dmitry.

    Personal life Olga Medynich is two favorite men. Maternity leave for the actress has kept within 3 months. On the next project, she went with the baby and the mother, who is caring for her grandson while daughter works.


    • «The Tambov she-wolf»
    • «Europe-Asia»
    • «Old cases»
    • «The man in my head»
    • «Whirlpool»
    • «Traffic light»
    • «All inclusive, or all inclusive»
    • «Gentlemen, good luck!
    • «Big»
    • «Sweet Life»


    Olga Medynich

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