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  • Name: Olga Makeeva ( Olga Makeeva )
  • Date of birth: 3 October 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kotelva, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Olga Makeeva: biography

    Actress Olga Makeeva was born on 3 October 1985 in the Ukrainian village of Kotelva in the Poltava region. From early childhood she showed a lot of talent. She was very plastic, feel good music. The parents decided to develop the talents of his daughter and took her to a music and dance school. And Olga was an excellent painter and was fond of Sambo.

    Model looks Olga Makeeva brought her to Kiev where she first worked as assistant and assistant stylist, but once made a portfolio, got into one of the model agencies of Kiev. During the next casting of the graceful red-haired woman noticed and offered to star in the film «OrangeLove».

    In 2007, Olga Makeeva becomes a student of Cinematography, which selects the acting Department. She enjoys studying and the teachers are very pleased with the abilities of a young actress. Therefore, in 2011, Olga finished College with honors.

    Olga Makeeva movies

    Before coming to film, the red-haired girl with an angelic appearance Olga Makeeva appeared in music videos. With her participation came out video songs of Alla Pugacheva «Invitation to the sunset», Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Igor Krutoy and Igor Saruhanov «Thread».

    A cinematic biography of Olga Makeeva began with a film by Alan Badoev

  • «OrangeLove» (
  • «Orange love»). It was the debut of Ollie in the movies, and very successful: once with the lead role. The title of the film gave many the idea that this film is about the revolutionary events in Ukraine in 2004. But the film is not about politics, but about love. Olga Makeeva appears on the screen together with the already known and popular Russian actor Alexei Chadov. A couple of very convincingly depicts a novel of love and suffering. A speech in the ribbon, and about this terrible disease as AIDS.

    Even during the filming of the picture becomes the subject of conversation. And this is not surprising because the Director of the film – the famous Alan Badoev, and the producer has agreed to work Hollywood master Vladimir horunzhy. At a press conference they have declared that their film «OrangeLove» will be presented at the 59th Cannes film festival, and the film’s budget was 3.6 million dollars. Despite the loud statements and brilliant PR company film «Sappho» has not received the expected success, but for aspiring actress Olga Makeeva he was a good calling card.

    Redheaded model Olga Makeeva in the year following the film’s release were able to enroll in a prestigious Moscow University and immediately after his graduation to star in the second film project of the «Heavenly family». This series of Ukrainian Director Bogdan Drobiazko typical representative of modern youth, the priorities of which are women, alcohol, and countless parties. The project was a success, and actress Olga Makeeva added with pride played a role in the Treasury of his creative achievements.

    The following tape released in early March 2012, becoming the Russian film almanac

  • «Mom.» This is the eight film short story, shot by different Russian Directors. Olga Makeeva starred in «Partner» Badoev. In 2015 was for Olga Makeeva very fruitful and rich. Went from two tapes. The first picture is a family Saga
  • «Officers ‘ wives». It tells the story of the women of the family Antonov-Terehovich. The film tells about the most dramatic event of the country – the repression, the great Patriotic war, Afghanistan, the Chernobyl disaster and hard times of the ‘ 90s. Interesting and worthy of attention was the second picture
  • «Forevermore». In the mystical Thriller of Vladimir Chubrikov tells about the difficult fate of the famous writer. After the breakup with his beloved wife he fell into a deep depression, and the only meaning of life is the daughter, played by Olga Makeeva.

    Olga Makeeva: personal life

    Personal life Olga Meesai interested journalists after a display of love with Alexei Chadov. It would not have said, paparazzi, love relationships do not exist.

    Recently leaked rumors about the novel Olga Makeeva with singer, composer and poet

  • Sergei The Cat. The reason was their duet song «I can’t live without you.» But the young people say that the source of gossip has arisen only compelling game on the video. It is known that Olga Makeeva not married. The actress is completely immersed in the world of cinema, and her work schedule is not allowing to be distracted by personal life.

    Olga Makeeva: filmography

    • OrangeLove
    • Celestial relatives
    • Mom
    • Fighters
    • Jealousy (short)
    • A dream that I forgot Rene (short)
    • The officer’s wife (Ukraine)
    • Forever

    Olga Makeeva: photo

    Olga Makeeva

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