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  • Name: Olga Machine Interface ( Olga Mashnaya )
  • Date of birth: 29 June 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga machine interface : a biography

    Olga Vladimirovna machine interface came to light in June 1964 in the city on the Neva. Her childhood doesn’t seem happy: Olga grew up in a troubled family. Father drank, parents often quarreled. Daughter was stung by problems at home and she did not want to return home from school. The sense of family and security was not.

    About the career of the actress of the girl never dreamed. It seems that in the movie brought her fate. One 12-year-old Olga machine interface homeward past the building that housed the theater. Suddenly called to her unfamiliar woman. It was presented by the assistant Director. Emilia Bielski, was the name of the stranger, suggested the girl to audition for a new film. Machine interface agreed. So quite by accident Olga got into the world of the film industry. She made her debut in a 3-serial drama «First joy» Grigory Nikulin. In this tape was played by a famous artists, among them was Irina Pechernikova, Elizabeth Akulicheva and Yuri Vasiliev.

    Olga machine interface so enthusiastic about the work on set that no more dreamed of. At 15 years she left home. A second mother to her was the same stranger with the «Mosfilm» Emilia Bielski.


    3 years later, in 1980, the cinematic biography of Olga Masnou continued. 16-year-old actress starred in the famous painting by Dinara Assanova «Useless». The girl appeared in the form of an unbalanced teenager from a troubled family who is looking for himself and in conflict with the world. Later, the actress admitted that Asanov was her godmother in the world of cinema.

    On the set Olga met the author of the script that was filmed, Valery Priemyhova.

    A year later, immediately after graduation, Olga machine interface went to Moscow. Young talent, open asanovoy, was the most popular among Metropolitan Directors. Fragile St. Petersburg girl with blond hair, sky-blue eyes and plump lips were covered with sentences. In the 1980s she appeared in several «high-profile» projects that turned out to be the center of attention immediately after the release. The first was «In the beginning of the game» and romance «opposite» is taken Grammatikovym Vladimir and Vitaly Fetisov.

    Soon the audience saw a few films with Masnou. This dramatic film George Danelia «Tears dripped» and romance Gleb Panfilov «Vassa». But the greatest interest of spectators and critics called the picture Dinara Assanova «Boys», in which a great Director again invited my goddaughter». Olga machine interface came to Peter, and again played a troubled teen. And another girl for the second time met with Priemyhova. This time he appeared on set as an actor.

    After filming machine interface returned to Moscow and entered VGIK. A student she appeared in the third draft Dinara Assanova «dear, dear, beloved, one and only.» The script was written Priemyhov, and especially «under Masnou». And again he starred along with her in the lead role. Shrill, like an exposed nerve, the painting caused a lot of noise.

    Career young but already known actress continued after the end of the film Institute, where Olga Masnou was fortunate to learn from legendary Tamara Makarova and Sergei Gerasimov. It immediately took to the Studio named after M. Gorky. There have been cult films – the Comedy «kin-DZA-DZA» and the music tape «over the Rainbow», which appeared and machine interface.

    But the real glory descended on St. Petersburg, blue-eyed actress after the release of the adventure film Svetlana Druzhinina «midshipmen, forward!». Olga in the image of a gentle and romantic character of Sophia, the beloved Alyosha Korsak was at the peak of popularity.

    Then came the «dashing 90» and the crisis in the cinema. Perhaps the only significant project of this time, where he was invited machine interface, was a picture of Valery Priemyhova «Who if not us».

    In the 2000s, the appearance of the actress has undergone significant changes. She strongly recovered after the birth of her son. In 2005, Olga took the risk to go under the surgeon’s knife, but achieved in this way weight loss didn’t last for long.

    Recently Olga machine interface often seen in new projects. The most striking of them was the TV series «doctor’s Diary», «Ciao, Federico!» and «Copernicus».

    Personal life

    In the life of Olga Masnou, I think it was just one big, but painful love. Is Valery Priemyhov. He, 35-year-old actor and writer, fell in love with 15-year-old St. Petersburg girl at first sight. But Olga answered his feelings only a few years. Their life together did not last long. To live with such a star, as Priemyhov, it was very difficult. Fans did not let him rest, often calling home at night. The artist often answered beauties back what Olga could not know.

    Personal life Olga and Valeria Masnou Priemyhova did not change after the stamp in the passport, although the young wife was certainly hoping. She left her husband, although still loved him.

    The second time the actress got married only to have a baby. With her second husband, Alexei, she lived for 3 years. But this marriage came her favorite son Dmitry.


    • «First joy»
    • «Ordinary summer»
    • «Useless»
    • «Tears dripped»
    • «Vassa»
    • «The boys»
    • «Dear, dear, dear, the only»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «Who if not us»
    • «Ciao, Federico!»


    Olga Machine Interface

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