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  • Name: Olga Lomonosova ( Olga Lomonosova )
  • Date of birth: 18 may 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Donetsk
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Pavel Safonov

    Olga Lomonosov: biography

    Olga Lomonosova and drama actress, who became famous thanks to a brilliantly played the role of Kira Voropayeva in the megapopular series «

  • Not born beautiful». This fragile blonde with a strong character managed to make the role of a strict businesswoman much bigger and livelier, which was noted by both the audience and critics. Olga Lomonosov was born in Donetsk on 18 may 1978. Olga is the only child in the family of a worker in construction structures and economist. A girl from an early age are very influenced by expectations and unrealized dreams of his mother. In an interview, said Olga, her mother wanted to dance, but in life is not formed, and therefore, little Olga has embodied parent dreams to life. First, Olga was sent to learn ballroom dancing. But the actress said that her normal childhood ended when a coach in rhythmic gymnastics, snack in kindergarten, drew attention to the incredible flexibility girls. So Olga Lomonosova trapped in a world of rhythmic gymnastics.

    When she was eight years old, the family moved to Kiev. There is little Olga continued to do gymnastics, and on a more serious level: it was in the school of Olympic reserve coach, Irina Deriugina.

    Despite the fact that Olga showed great promise in sports, my parents decided to send her to ballet school. Later, the girl arrived at ballet school in Kiev, and as a ballerina has made significant progress: it grad student, invited me to work with the Director of the ballet company of Stuttgart. Olga Lomonosova seriously was going to go to Germany, yet fell in love with actor in Moscow. The feelings were above calculation, and in the end she went to conquer Moscow. Mom this decision is supported, but the father was against it, believing that daughters in Europe will have more opportunities.

    So, in 1997 Olga Lomonosova was in Moscow. The talented dancer almost immediately got a place in the ballet troupe of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, however, Ola had to lose a few pounds: the chief choreographer recognized Olga excess weight. Some time Lomonosov worked in the theater. She was not allowed large batches, and then she again put on some weight and so she stopped making a scene. Olga left the institution and moved to another theatre: Imperial Russian ballet, where Lomonosov appreciated.

    With a ballet career in the end still did not happen in a tragic accident: while riding a sled on Mont Blanc, the girl lost control and fell on ice, injuring his leg. The most offensive was on tour in France she had her first main role: she replaced a soloist in a production of «Ruslan and Lyudmila». Until the end of the tour Lomonosov bravely endured the pain and continued to speak, but after returning Home he spent a lot of time and effort to recover the injured leg. Then Olga reinterpreted the meaning of ballet in my life. Gediminas Taranda, artistic Director of the troupe, all the forces trying to return the dancer to the stage, but it was too late: Olga Lomonosova decided to change the type of activity, having worked as an actress. She applied to multiple schools, and as a result entered the Shchukin school, where he began to study acting.

    Olga Lomonosova: movies

    The first few years was given to the future actress especially hard: study is not going well, it seemed that all efforts are in vain. But already during her studies Olga was invited to the shooting. Her first film was the «Death of Tairova», where the actress played a very small role. However, it was a very rewarding experience.

    Later there were several successful theatrical productions, then the role in a good, strong series «

  • Children of the Arbat» and «My Prechistenka». Olga tried her in another role, starring in the detective series «Cobra. Antiterror» in one of the main roles. On «Children of the Arbat» Olga Lomonosova speaks with great affection, claiming that the series played a large role in her life. Behind actress was already a half-dozen roles, including several major, when she was invited to play the role of a businesswoman Kira Voropayeva in the series «Not born beautiful» — the Russian version of the American hit. First, the actress confessed, the character did not like at all: evil and selfish Kira was pretty cardboard, formulaic villain. So Olga decided to change the nature of the character, giving Kira more humanity, responsibility, and giving her a certain nobility. So before the audience appeared a character whose negative could be called a very conditional: a «strong women» sympathized with Voropayeva, seeing in the enduring and unhappy business lady as a reflection of himself.

    After the sudden success Olga danger was frequent for any unexpected famous actors: Lomonosov has become a hostage of the image of Kira, and not only the audience, but also representatives of mass media began to perceive her as cold and calculating woman. The Lomonosova had to exert a lot of effort to convince others. In following the work of Olga Lomonosova played surrogate mother, and then — journalist Alina Lavrov, so loved by the viewers in the series «the Goddess of Prime-time».

    A separate line in the record of the actress is a Thriller «

  • Cheesecake» in 2008, where the plot is based on two adults appeared in the center of attention from boy-crazy. Actress fully managed to convey the tragedy and the desperate situation faced by the heroine. The film gathered mixed reviews: a Director accused of excessive cruelty, while other viewers admire the frankness and candor of the work. The actress continues to star in movies and TV series to this day. It has to its credit more than four dozen works, where Olga is involved in major and minor roles. Her last work was the role in the TV series «the Godfather» and «the Whale» in 2014.

    Olga Lomonosova theater

    Since the study at the Shchukin school Olga takes part in theatrical productions. In the play «good people», graduation work Oli, the actress praised himself Konstantin Raikin, whom she met before becoming an actress.

    After «Pike» Olga Lomonosov began to work at the Vakhtangov theatre, receiving only a minor role. However, the young actress was more than happy and even sacrifices: in particular, cut a long braid for the role of Cordelia in the play «Lear». With this theater Olga worked two years.

    From 2004 to 2006, continued the work of the actress in the theater of Stanislavsky, where Olga has played in the play «a Midsummer night’s Dream». Now the actress is occasionally played in performances of the «Other Theatre», although the main focus is still the film industry.

    Olga Lomonosova: personal life

    First marriage to Oli with

  • Jevgenijs Ryashentseva, son of the famous poet Yuri ryashentseva, lasted only a year and a half. It to his Wife, the actress went to Moscow, but it soon appeared that the young people have completely different personalities. The first course in the «Pike» Olga met
  • Pavel Safonov, and a few years of this acquaintance grew into a lasting love relationship. Olga and Paul have been together for ten years, the couple has two wonderful daughters, and a marriage creative person to register is not going: don’t see the point.

    Olga Lomonosova: movies

    • Masha
    • Orca
    • Unclenched fingers
    • The same river twice
    • I dream of you…
    • Night sisters
    • Love on a knife edge
    • The Red Room
    • Not born beautiful
    • A shadow on the two
    • Death Tairov
    • Cobra. Antiterror

    Olga Lomonosova: photo

    Olga Lomonosova

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