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  • Name: Olga Lapshina ( Olga Lapshina )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Married to Sergey Starostin

    Olga Lapshina: biography

    Olga Lapshina G. — wonderful Russian actress, better known in the circle of theater-goers than among the General audience. In the actor’s environment it is known as a God-fearing, Church-going people, which undoubtedly left an imprint on the nature of its acting. This woman drew attention recently: after played a dramatic role in the film «

  • To live» in 2012. Now Olga is constantly involved in film productions and in theatrical productions. Olga Lapshina performs with her husband and daughter, singing Russian folk songs. Their trio is called «Family ensemble of Sergey Starostin».

    Olga was born in 1962 on may 8 in Moscow in the family of an officer. The girl showed an interest in art: singing, participated in school productions, and also studied at the theater Studio under the direction of Jacob Klebanov.

    After leaving school, young Lapshin five years in a row I tried to enter in various theater schools, but, alas, to no avail. In the end, she began working in the theatre «On the boards», which was led by Sergei Kurginyan, but the dream of becoming a professional actress anymore. Olga graduated from the library Institute and for a time worked in the specialty.

    Olga Lapshina: movies

    At twenty-seven Lapshin again tried to get into GITIS, and this time she succeeded. Four years later, in 1993, she played the first role in the movie «Vic rag-tag and the car and Shikimoku», but the films have not attracted the interest of the wider public.

    In cinema Olga Lapshina back only ten years, playing a minor role in the film, which became the directorial debut of Renata Litvinova: «

  • The goddess: how I fell in love» — the movie is quite eccentric and not originally intended for the General public. In 2006 came the tragicomic short film «Svatovstvo» Olga Lapshina in the title role. In 2009, the film «Miracle», where the actress played a minor role.

    After that, there were a few minor and episodic role while in 2012, the screens went heavy ribbon «

  • To live» directed by sigareva, where the character of Olga Lapshin was a key in one of the novels of the movie. For this role the actress was nominated for «nick», but did not receive the award, which was a shock to her. As told by Olga, she was very surprised by call of Vasily sigareva. The Director said bluntly: «I wrote the role for You.» But the actress still doubted that was possible. Only later from a third party Lapshin learned that Basil actually wrote the role, wanting to see the film. Moreover, the Director for a long time going with the spirit before the call, because I was afraid of failure actress.

    The film «to Live» was highly appreciated by critics, who noted and severity of raised themes, and acting talent Olga Lapshina. After that, the actress drew the attention of many Directors, and now Olga is constantly in films. Recent work with the actress, the most interesting are, perhaps, the movie «

  • Class correction» and series»
  • Young guard».

    During his cinematic career, Olga Lapshina has starred in forty five movies.

    Olga Lapshina: theatre

    The greater part of his life Olga Lapshina dedicated theater. Even while studying in GITIS, she got into the «Sovremennik» theatre, where she has led one of the people the theatre of the University. In 1993, the actress went to France, where they performed street theatre called Theatre des Fetes.

    Then Olga collaborated with the theater of Stanislavsky and worked there for twenty years — until, until a new artistic Director Valery belyakovich not asked the actress to free up space.

    Now the actress is working with several groups, including the Theatre of Nations and theatre «Center of dramaturgy and directing of A. Kazantsev and M. Roschin».

    Olga Lapshina: personal life

    In 1986, going with friends on an expedition, Lapshin met her first and only husband

  • Sergey Starostin. The couple are married for more than twenty years, have two adult children, daughter Mary and son Stephen.

    Olga Lapshina: filmography

    • The young guard
    • Class correction
    • Leviathan
    • Jesuitically
    • Live
    • Gypsy girl with a yield
    • All will die, and I will remain
    • The case of «Dead souls»
    • Children Of The Arbat

    Olga Lapshina: photo

    Olga Lapshin, Sergey Starostin and their daughter Maria

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