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  • Name: Olga Kuzmina ( Olga Kuzmina )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Kuzmina: biography

    Olga Kuzmina, known to many for her role in the TV series «Kitchen», was born in Moscow. The parents sent the daughter on acrobatics and choreography. She studied folk dancing. At age 11 she was accepted into the school-Studio of folk dance of Igor Moiseyev, a year later, and the ensemble «School years».

    Even school, where he studied Olga, was with an emphasis on choreographic training and music.

    For the first time on screen she was hitting the «jumble». Today it is with pride and a smile remembers the first earned 500 rubles in 2002. The first tangible profits from performances with the ensemble she bought the designer «LEGO».

    Although her whole life was connected with dancing, after the «jumble» Kuzmin thought about the acting profession. In drama school, she enrolled immediately. Deciding not to waste time, Olga became a student of the Academy of Slavic culture at the correspondence Department of cultural studies.

    A year later, the girl succeeded, and she enrolled in the field course Propanolol. The diploma performance was «Ghoul. Dreams of the ironic man» by A. K. Tolstoy.

    In 2008, after graduating from GITIS, Olga Kuzmina is in the Theater of the moon. From the first years she gets noticeable bright role. For example, in «Natural extreme,» the role of the snow Maiden, the girl in «Dorian Grey».


    Along with the theatrical career, Olga tried herself in the movie. the first steps she did in the TV series «Happy together», «Univer», «Residential area». The image of a naive cute girl is very Kuzmina, roles are firmly entrenched behind it.

    A lot of minor roles played by the actress to participate in the project «Kitchen». You can list her work in the «Group of happiness», «Margot», «Capital sin», etc. In 2011, notable was the role of Faith in the independent film «Siberia.Monamur» St. Ross.

    In the TV series «Kitchen» Olga plays a waitress Cindy, convinced vegetarian, the participant of fight for animal rights, active and compassionate girl. The image caught the fancy of the audience, Kuzmina remember.

    By the way, Olga says that before filming the «Kitchen» she had with the other actors to study for professional courses the waiters to know how to hold the bottle, go to the client and other wisdom.

    Kuzmina very warm and respectful comments about Dmitry Nagiyev. With him she had to work to «Kitchen» in «Success at any cost». She believes that the actor not only can create a relaxed atmosphere on the set, but to set people to work.

    Personal life

    Elect Olga Kuzmina became the person is not of the actor’s environment. Alex works as a senior psychologist in the Riot. With her husband she met while still a student at the Academy of Slavic culture and it was love at first sight.

    The wedding was held in 2010. Celebrated away from noisy Moscow to Bali. During the ceremony the bride was in a simple cotton dress that she bought at the local market.

    While working on «Kitchen» Olga found out that she was pregnant. This event beat in the series. In early July 2013 in a happy family there was a son of Gordey.


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    Olga Kuzmina

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