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  • Name: Olga Kurylenko ( Olga Kurylenko )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Berdyansk, Ukraine
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: French actress and model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga Kurylenko: biography

    Olga Kurylenko born 14 November 1979 in Berdyansk, Ukrainian. After his parents divorced daughter left to live with my mother, grieved at the departure of her husband. The family’s financial situation was dire. Mother Olga Kurylenko worked teacher of drawing in exchange for job penny. Money is sorely lacking. The woman gave private drawing lessons in order to make money, but this situation has not changed. She was forced to go to work. Olga remained under the care of grandparents, having moved to live with him. All together had to crowd in a tiny apartment, where, besides the elderly and the Olga lived her aunt and uncle and their son, cousin Olga.

    Olga Kurylenko recalls that during that period the money was missing except that the power. But the desire to get a good education from it did not disappear. The girl attended a musical school, where he studied piano and went to ballet school. However, she never dreamed of becoming either a concert pianist or a ballerina. Olga Kurylenko then do not thought of an artistic career and popularity. She wanted to be a doctor like a beloved grandmother.

    When Olga Kurylenko was 13 years old, mom took her to Moscow, where at that time was able to find a job that allows to obtain existence. Once in the Moscow metro Olga said the representative of one of the modeling agencies. When he learned that the girl is only 13 years old, offer to take part in the casting have disappeared. But the thought of the future model left. Soon she enrolled in training models.


    After 2 years, Olga Kurylenko brought a modeling Agency Madison my portfolio, which helped to make mom. Took it to work. In 16 years, Kurylenko was asked to sign a contract in which she went to Paris.

    Olga arrived in France with a basic knowledge of the English language. French she did not know at all. At first, the only thought the young model had to leave home, leaving everything behind. But the first successes have helped Kurylenko to withstand all the hardships of life behind the scenes of the modeling business. Soon photos of the Russian beauty appeared on the covers of many famous magazines. «Vogue», «Elle», «Marie Claire» and others happily placed the model image, and well-known cosmetics firm Nivea even chose Olga Kurylenko as its «face» for advertising in Japan. After Nivea has received similar offers to work from cosmetic brands Clarins and Helena Rubinstein.

    Until the late 90’s modeling career Olga Kurylenko was at its peak. Her image can be found even on huge billboards in new York. Wish the model was more than enough. But just then, on the rise of demand, Kurylenko thinking about the transience modeling career. Olga began taking acting lessons at one of the prestigious theatre schools of Paris.


    Debut film biography of Olga Kurylenko occurred in 2001. Aspiring actress appeared in a cameo role in a TV tape «Largo». Then there were some more subtle roles, among which we can highlight the work Kurylenko in the low-budget erotic film «Finger of love». Here she starred in the title role, but the tape has failed.

    In 2006, the model finally won the right to be called an actress. This year Olga Kurylenko starred in the image of the vampire in the film «Paris, I love you.» A colleague Olga was a popular actor Elijah Jordan wood. In the same period, there were two pictures with the actress – «Amulet» and «Snakes», after which the offer to play began to come Kurylenko regularly. Each year 1-3 film with her participation, and with each role the actress popularity is increasing.

    In 2007, Olga Kurylenko played nick Voronin in the film «Hitman». This adaptation of the cult video game. With it starred Timothy Olyphant, whose name is known to many fans of French and world cinema. In the same year, the actress appeared in the TV series «Dangerous secrets» where he played Eva Pires.

    The following year gave Olga Kurylenko a Central role in the action movie «Max Payne». But the main gift she received in January 2007. She was offered role in Hollywood film «quantum of solace». This continuation of the story «agent 007″ in which Olga played a James bond girl». Of course, after painting Kurylenko woke up famous. Besides, since then, she began to offer the work of very famous Directors of Hollywood. Soon, the actress starred in the Thriller «centurion,» a romance with elements of fantasy «Tyranny», dramatic film «where the dragons live».

    In 2011, appeared on the screens the film «Land of oblivion» about the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power station. This is a joint Franco-Ukrainian film, Olga Kurylenko played a Central role.

    2012 brought the artist with Ukrainian roots work in the four tapes at once. But the most notable pattern this year, used the special effects surpassed the legendary «Avatar», was a tape of «Deep Empire». This is one of the most expensive Chinese 3-D film, in which Olga Kurylenko appeared as the Queen of the mermaids.

    A lot of work brought the artist and the following two years. Kurylenko appeared in the films «Oblivion», «vampire Academy», «the November Man» and other.

    In 2015 the fans of Olga Kurylenko saw your favorite actress in the film «Acceleration» Alex Farraday. Here beauty is an experienced thief and femme fatale, which crossed the way to an international syndicate.

    Personal life

    Personal life Olga Kurylenko – the object of constant attention of the press. In 1999, she first married. Her husband was the photographer Cedric van Moll. At the same time, Olga became a French citizen. The pair lived together for almost 4 years, but decided to leave.

    Second husband Kurylenko in 2006, he was an American businessman Damian Gabrielle. Marriage with him disintegrated after six months, and soon collapsed.

    For a long time Olga Kurylenko lived only to work and new film roles, concentrating all forces on a career as an actress. About the latest novel by Olga with the London actor and journalist named Max Benitz press said in 2015, despite the secrecy of the actress. In the fall of 2015 the couple had a son, who was named the triple name-Alexander Max Horatio.


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    • Quantum of solace
    • Dragons live there
    • Land of oblivion
    • Expat
    • Seven psychopaths
    • Oblivion
    • Deep Empire
    • Acceleration


    Olga Kurylenko

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