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  • Name: Olga Krasko ( Olga Krasko )
  • Date of birth: 30 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga Krasko: biography

    Krasko Olga was born in November 1981 in Kharkiv. From an early age she was very artistic and active. So the parents immediately tried to direct the energy in a useful direction. Olya wrote in the section of rhythmic gymnastics, dance class and choir.

    After moving to Moscow Olga Krasko continued to evolve in the same direction. She worked in the children’s team «Nadezhda», where they honed their musical abilities and studied elocution. With this team, the girl toured the capital and beyond. Children performed at charity concerts in orphanages, hospitals. In summer, we went to camps.

    Soul of the team was his unfailing guide Efim Steinberg. It Olga Krasko believes that man, through which she made her choice in favor of the acting profession. Sam Steinberg was already sure of girls will sense that and she will become an actress.

    Olga Krasko has justified hopes of the beloved teacher. After high school, she easily entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. Her mentor was Oleg Tabakov, why the future actress was thrilled. Tabakov because it believed and continues to believe the true God.

    Olga Krasko has not made special work to be legendary among students of the University, leaving behind hundreds of applicants, while she claims she had no idea about the world of theatre and cinema. Moreover, she did not know the names of many actors who are considered stars of Russian cinema. And the theatres of the capital were familiar to the girl, as they say, so far as. All this «virgin» Olga had to go up.


    In 2002 Olga Krasko left the walls of the School-Studio of MKHAT and was immediately adopted in the famous «Tabakerka» of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. In his student years, the actress debuted on this stage. In the «Snuff box» she played in performances of «Father,» «Dangerous liaisons» and «the Long Christmas dinner». Apparently, the young artist was able to demonstrate outstanding skill, as was one of the few to whom the Director has made the offer to stay at his theater.

    The first performances of Olga Krasko after graduation was a «Womanizer», «the day» and «Biloxi Blues». With every performance, the level of skill of the actress ROS, respectively, and proposed roles were more serious than the previous one.

    In «Duck hunting,» Olga has played Irina. This production staged at the theater named after Chekhov, was a great success. The artist herself claims that the theatre is a special world. On stage she charged the audience’s energy, and in this it differs from set. And the work in cinematography is the river, which does not enter twice.


    A cinematic biography of Olga Krasko began in his student years. When she was a student for 2 year, she was offered to star in the film «Gendarme story.» This is a Czech project. The filmmakers turned for help to the mentor Olga Oleg Tabakov, asking to help them with the selection of the actress. The teacher suggested several candidates of their students. The choice fell on Krasko. The artist herself says that this phase of her work can be called unconscious, because at that time, all her knowledge was only theoretical.

    But the next project, 5-part series, the Failure of Poirot», was quite conscious and independent work. The film was released in 2002 and was warmly received by audiences and critics.

    A triumph for Olga Krasko was the role in «the Turkish gambit» by Janik Fayzieva. Here the young actress managed to open up fully, while remaining direct. Claim to this star role was not easy. Boris Akunin, as the author of the novel, he took an active part in the screening and selection of artists. He has long doubted whether Olga on the image Barbara.

    Just after the release of the film Akunin admitted that the choice was correct, and Krasko did a great job. The artist herself believes that Barbara is her favorite role. And the painting itself was originally destined for success. After shooting it a wonderful film, and played by such stars as Vladimir Ilyin, Gosha Kutsenko, Alexander Baluev and Egor Beroev.

    In «Yesenin», «the Golden calf», «Sign of fate» and «pull» Olga Krasko invited already as a famous actress who proved their professional competence in the «Turkish gambit». The film became for the artist a real springboard into the world of cinema.

    In 2012 they released mystical historical-adventure film «Effect Beauharnais» Dmitry Gerasimov. For Olga Krasko this project was a new stage, a career stepping stone. Because here, the artist had to play a very versatile way, contradictory and complex.

    To demonstrate once again the versatility of his skill Olga Krasko could, appearing in a great new year Comedy «dinner is served, or Caution, love!» Maxim Papernik. Easy spark comic strip caught the fancy of the audience immediately. And the star of the picture had doomed her to instant success. Alexander Baluev, Julia Rutberg, Maria Aronova, Alexander Lykov, and she Olga Krasko has played in one breath.

    Often the artist can be seen in the popular TV series. She appeared in «Sklifosovsky», «Sherlock Holmes» and «Territories», adopted by the audience with enthusiasm.

    In 2015, viewers saw the favorite actress in a 16-episode drama «Men and women». This adaptation of the novel by Boris Mozhaev, which tells about the times of collectivization and dispossession. Olga played a prominent role.

    Personal life

    Olga Krasko belongs to those artists who do not take the glory on the scandals and personal life. She does not like to share on special topics.

    It is known that in 2006, Olga gave birth to a daughter Olesya. Reporters then long wondered who the girl’s father, after all, the actress did not give any explanation and didn’t say a word on this subject.

    But it soon became clear that dad Olesya is an actor and Director Dmitry Petrun. According to unconfirmed reports the media a couple years was married. Went Olga and Dmitri quietly and peacefully without attracting to this event any attention.

    It seems that the personal life of Olga Krasko is up to you. At the end of 2015, some media started talking about a second child, who should be the actress in the first months of 2016. Again, Olga herself did not comment and not talking about who her new choice.


    • «Gendarme story»
    • «The Failure Of Poirot»
    • «Turkish gambit»
    • «Yesenin»
    • «Eat, or be Careful, love!»
    • «The Golden calf»
    • «The attraction»
    • «The Effect Of Beauharnais»
    • «Sklifosofsky»
    • «Sherlock Holmes»
    • «Territory»


    Olga Krasko

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