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  • Name: Olga Kormukhina ( Olga Kormuhina )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: Russian singer and Director
  • Marital status: married to Alex Belov

    Olga Kormukhina: biography

    Olga Kormukhina was born in June 1960 in Nizhny Novgorod (now Gorky). At first glance, the family Kormuhina was not connected with art directly. Mom was in charge of the Museum of architecture and life of the peoples of the Volga region. My father is an engineer at the company. And yet Olga and her older brother Andrew were brought up in a family where creativity was imbued with all the atmosphere. The father was an unusual tenor voice and often sang in the family. Brother of Olga, became sectnum composer, played beautifully on the piano.

    Since childhood, parents brought in children love and respect to real classical music. But Olga, from an early age showed a rebellious nature, loved very different music – rock. In the future, it just became famous for a great performance of their songs in rock style.

    Not to say that Olga Kormukhina is a childhood dream of becoming a singer or actress. On the contrary, at first the girl was very down to earth and took a different route. After graduation, she becomes a student at the Gorky Institute of civil engineering, where he plans to study architecture. But penetrating the essence of the profession, Kormukhina quickly realized that it was not her way. The girl left the school then is very upset mom. But at her side stood the father who had persuaded his wife not to interfere with daughter’s to find their way.

    Olga Kormukhina: songs

    The singer debuted in 1980. the Place where the biography of Olga kormukhina, becoming an all-Russian jazz-rock festival «Nizhny Novgorod spring». The first performance was very successful: no one cares about this unknown singer won the Grand Prix for «Best solo vocal».

    Of course, the victory at the festival was a great springboard to start the brilliant career. The young singer has heard and noticed the musicians and the leaders of the groups. She fell down a lot of offers from bands and Philharmonics.

    But Olga Kormukhina after much thought, rejected all offers and all of a sudden went to work as a singer in one of the restaurants in the city. Only over time all the sceptics and critics of such actions Kormukhina realized that she did the right thing. During operation, the restaurant singer Olga received quite a good creative capital. And not just creative. Because in the near future she had planned the move to the capital. And there, as you know, life is much more expensive than bitter. For three years Kormukhina thoroughly prepared for the future, having accumulated rich performing capital in the form of various songs. Now the restaurant, where she sang Olga, were mainly people who wanted not so much to eat, how to enjoy the lovely vocals of local singer. She expertly sang not only popular pop hits, but also complex compositions, Stevie wonder, Barbra Streisand, the group «Eagles».

    During these three years, «restaurant period», Olga Kormukhina is constantly received a very tempting offer. But she was waiting for this from which can not refuse. And waited. Live to hear the singing unusual of the singer, the fame of which reached Moscow he arrived by Oleg Lundstrem. Legendary jazz musician and composer just needed a new soloist. Performance Kormukhina struck Lundstrem and surpassed all his expectations. Of course, the girl was immediately invited to Moscow. And of course, she agreed. This offers Olga Kormukhina waited so long. Soon, the young singer moved to the capital. Here she began working in the legendary jazz ensemble. But not for long. Soon Kormukhina left Lundstrem, joining the group of Anatoly Kroll. It was here that Olga was able to fully realize their creative potential.

    For life in the capital was need registration. This was the reason for admission Kormukhina in gnesinka. There Olga Kormukhina finally got a higher musical education. In 1986, the third year gnesinka, who went to represent their school at the festival in Jurmala, where she received a special jury prize and met with the singer Margarita Pushkina. Together they subsequently recorded several songs.

    Gnesinka young, but already known to many, the singer graduated with honors. Immediately after graduation, from 1987 to 1989, Olga Kormukhina received offers of cooperation from various groups. They were three: the group «Rock-Studio» Chris kelmi, «Black coffee» and «Red Panther». And all the singer said Yes, take turns speaking in each.

    In 1989, a biography of Olga kormukhina opened a new Chapter: the singer started a solo career. Your repertoire it is somewhat changed, with an emphasis on popular music. In the early 1990s, Olga has toured extensively across the country and gathers rich crop of awards at various competitions and music festivals. But in 1993, the year Kormukhina disappears from show business. Perhaps this is again manifested rebellious nature of the girl. She suddenly realizes that all this noise, pop, tour, concerts and show business vanity, not worth anything. Olga immersed in religion. In search of answers it is directed to the Flooded island, where a meeting with a remarkable man, a priest, father Nikolai. Soon she discovers a rich and deep world of spiritual music.

    On stage Kormukhina returned only in 2000-m to year. For five years she worked on the Russian-American project «the Red serpent» and «Mirror wars. Reflection» by writing for them a few songs.

    In 2012 appeared the first solo album Kormukhina. It was called «Falling to heaven». This event marked the final return of the singer on the big stage.

    Olga Kormukhina: cinema and TV

    Cinema for yourself Olga Kormukhina opened in the early 90s. Her debut as an actress took place in the picture, Yuri Sabitov «step to the right… step left…». Olga played a singer who has appeared in hostages.

    In these years Kormukhina realized that she is very drawn towards cinema. Had a strong desire to make films and to act. In 2006, Olga starts working over the tape «I fall into the sky», where he, as an actress. And in 2007 Kormukhina becomes a student of VGIK.

    The first directorial work Kormukhina was called «light and warm». It was her coursework in the film in which she starred as an actress. A year later, aspiring filmmaker Kormukhina took his diploma film «the Bell». The main roles in this film played Larisa Guzeeva and Ivan Okhlobystin. Soon, the young Director has produced another film – «a man and a Woman.»

    Olga Kosuhina recently quite often appears on the screen. She participates in various musical projects. This «song of the year» and «Hit parade Ostankino». In 2013, the singer once again reminded of themselves by participating in the popular project «Two stars» on channel one. She becomes the undisputed winner of the contest.

    Olga Kormukhina: personal life

    Personal life of Olga kormukhina he had a happy, although the search of the second half gone a lot of years. With her husband, guitarist of the famous rock group «Gorky Park»

  • Alexei Belov Olga met on the island Flooded. He, like Olga, looking for salvation from the creative and life crisis. Strange, but that remote village at the Holy Danilov monastery, not concert backstage becomes the meeting place of two famous musicians. In may 2000, the couple had a daughter in Anatolia. The couple are happy and perfectly understand each other. This is a strong family, where there is love and harmony.

    Olga Kormukhina: discography

    • The time has come
    • Beyond words
    • Fall into the sky
    • I believe
    • Moscow Calling
    • I’m the same as you
    • Cries and whispers
    • We were taught to be birds

    Olga Kormukhina: photo

    Olga Kormukhina

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