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  • Name: Olga Khokhlova ( Olga Hohlova )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1965.
  • Age: 51 years
  • Birthplace: Angarsk, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Khokhlova: biography

    Her unique style, her looks striking and memorable. But the dream path was long and thorny.

    Olga was born on 25 December 1965 in the Siberian town of Angarsk. The girl’s parents – intelligent people. My mother worked as a teacher in a music school, father – engineer.

    Mom and child develop creativity daughter. Olga studied at the music school and dreamed of becoming an actress. She often imagined how gracefully walks down the street, and behind it quietly watching the camera. Olga did not stop and the fact that their town was no prospect for an actress. She dreamed about Moscow, I fell in love with, having been there on the school trip.

    After school Olga Khokhlova went to enter the acting faculty of the far Eastern Institute of arts. She was accepted into the Studio of A. Mamontov. In 1987 she received a diploma.


    Immediately after graduation, she worked in the Primorsky regional theatre. Her career was successful, aspiring actress quickly became prima ballerina. The repertoire Khokhlova of that period had a lot of diverse roles, Directors noted how well she manages to transform every time. One theatrical season followed another, but Khokhlova wanted to move to the capital. She managed it in the mid 90’s. the Economic crisis has affected the theatre and the cinema – the movies were filming, a new play in the theater did not put.

    Olga remembers how she looked on film Directors: «Like, arrived in Moscow, she tridtsatnik, never filmed. Or mediocrity, or failure».

    The actress failed a casting call in the theatre «Satyricon», she is clearly given to understand – in Moscow no one she could call her. Their meeting with Konstantin Raikin lasted a minute. He scornfully glanced at the actress and even didn’t want to listen. After such a strong slap Olga Khokhlova cried all night, she first became depressed. She decided to return to Vladivostok, but was persuaded to stay Olga Drozdova with which they are familiar with the Institute.

    Trips to auditions, at last, given the result – Khokhlov took the troupe of the theater «Nikitsky gate.» She played with the second team, honed professional skills. Not all turned out the actress, but the experience for her was priceless.

    Then she worked briefly in the theater of Stanislavsky and «Perovo». Good fortune came unexpectedly, as often happens. Kirill Serebrennikov invited Olga Khokhlova in his play «Plasticine». Premiere of this production took place at the Center of drama and directing of Kazantsev and Roshchin in triumph. Now the actress continues to work in this Centre.

    For her role in this production Khokhlov was nominated for the prestigious theater award «Chaika». Among her successful works in the theatre performances of «floor coverings», «transfer», «Zero three», «Boris Godunov» and others.


    She wanted to act in films as any actress. And again Khokhlova helped Kirill Serebrennikov, was offered the role in the film «sex scenes.» However, the actress had to recover 15 kilograms, the Director could invite to the shooting of any actress, but he waited until Olga attains the desired weight. In 2003, the «sex scenes» was released. This film was followed by other works, mostly the episodes and the role of the second plan. Each of them is Olga put their hearts, passed through itself. The audience saw her funny and sad, frivolous and targeted different. She played Jadwiga in «Kotovasiya», mother in «I love you», the NUS in the «Women in game without rules». Roles were many, but the popularity they brought.

    In 2006, viewers saw the first episode of the series «kadetstvo» which Olga Khokhlova played the mother of Susie. The ratings project was so high that the producers decided to shoot a few seasons.

    After the series «kadetstvo» Directors began to offer Khokhlova Central and major role. She played Svetlana Kukin in the TV series «private life of Dr. Selivanova», mother Veni at «Daddy’s daughters» Lyubka in «Eclipse». Among recent works actress — roles in movies and TV series «the miracle worker,» «Graduate», «Believe not believe», «These eyes opposite», «shards of the glass slipper», «Treason».

    Personal life

    Olga Khokhlova considers herself a lucky woman. With her husband Vladislav she lives for over 25 years. They met in Vladivostok, there and got married.

    Vladislav sailor, but for the sake of Olga, he moved to the shore. He always supports his wife, together with her he moved to Moscow. His calm nature and brevity of words is the opposite of emotional Olga. Husband of the actress engaged in their own business in Moscow.

    The couple have two daughters. The eldest is married to an American and lives in the USA, younger economist, but wants to act in films.


    • «Wonderland»
    • Pennsylvania
    • «Believe not believe»
    • «Season of love»
    • «The keys to the past»
    • «My captain»
    • «The groom»
    • «Marathon»
    • «Pandora»
    • «Mommy»


    Olga Khokhlova

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