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  • Name: Olga Kabo ( Olga Kabo )
  • Date of birth: 28 January 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actress, singer, TV presenter, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Kabo biography

    Olga Kabo is a Soviet and Russian actress, honored artist of Russia. She is known for roles in the theatre and participation in movies. The most striking and memorable films with the participation of Cabo is «Comedy about Lysistrata», «the Musketeers twenty years later», «Queen Margot» and many others.

    Olga was born in Moscow, but her parents-Igor Y. and Aida, were often in business trips related to their engineering activity, then to five years the girl lived at the grandmother in the Urals. But in school, Olga was determined in Moscow. And parents picked up for my daughter is not an ordinary school, but with enhanced studying of the English language from the first grade, which for those times was a rarity.

    Cape from an early age was drawn to creative activities, so besides school he also studied music, dance, go to the section of rhythmic gymnastics and even in a circle of young astronauts. At the age of 12 she began to engage in the Theatre of young Muscovites at the Palace of pioneers in the Lenin hills, first came on the scene in the play and it was then that I realized that I had found for itself a future profession. In the theatre she played before graduation, which, incidentally, has changed in the last class in a specialized school with a theatrical-literary bias at the theatre school named after Boris Shchukin.

    The first University Olga Kabo was cinematography — the dream of every person that wants to be in a movie. She studied the intricacies of the acting profession, Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva. But this education was really the first. Later, the actress received two more: she graduated from the historical faculty of Moscow state University and advanced directing courses at the workshop of Alla Surikova and Vladimir Fokin.

    Avid theatre-goers could see Olga Kabo in the Theatre of modern Opera, where she appeared in productions of the famous composer Alexei Rybnikov «Juno and Avos» and «the Liturgy of the catechumens». In recent years Olga was playing in the Theater Mossovet.


    In cinema Olga Kabo debuted a schoolgirl. She appeared as a maid in an exciting series about the life of the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova» played by Galina Belyaeva. Then there were some pretty famous paintings, such as «one Million in a marriage basket» «Where is nofelet?» and «Lermontov», where Cabo was not in the foreground.

    But 1988 brought the actress popular. Two films were very warmly received by the audience – the historical picture «the adventures of Quentin Durward, arrow Royal guard», in which she created the image of Isabella de Croix, and the romantic musical Comedy «Primorsky Boulevard», where in Cabo, the role of the girl Elena, accidentally caught in a love square. After these successful works went a lot of interesting offers. The actress starred in the biographical drama «Cyrano de Bergerac» erotic film «Comedy about Lysistrata», a sci-Fi movie «evil spirit».

    The beginning of the nineties was marked for Olga adaptations of novels of the French writer Alexander Dumas ‘ «Musketeers twenty years later» and «Queen Margot». Then she appeared in children’s film «Ballerina» first appeared in the American film «the ice Runner» and also played the role of mom Ellie in the fairy tale «the Wizard of oz».

    One cannot ignore the work of the actress in the blockbuster «the Crusader,» which was nominated for numerous film awards «Nika». The fact that in this picture Cabo she decided to perform all the dangerous stunts for the sake of what was held a special training course and officially became a member of the Association of stuntmen.

    In the 21st century the actress started acting even more often. From numerous works of the last 16 years is to provide enough free directed by the legendary operetta «die Fledermaus», where Cabo has turned into a Baroness Rosalind Eisenstein, a kind of vamp. Not less spectacular role of Olga in the melodrama of the «real You», where her partner was Dmitry Kharatyan. Also, the actress continued her journey in the world of fairy tales: she appeared in magic stories «Thumbelina», and in March 2016 on the domestic screens were shown children’s painting «Mystery of the Snow Queen».


    Since childhood, creative, curious and versatile Olga Kabo, of course, could not stay just one favorite profession. In 2006, she worked as a TV presenter and for years was the main actor in the transfer of «Key point» on the channel TVC. In this program, viewers could see the living drama of the invited guests – both celebrities and ordinary citizens who wanted to share the situation.

    In 2007, Guinea had become a member of the TV show. She was invited to perform in the first season entertainment project «Ice age», where she along with a professional figure skater Maxim Marinin stepped out on the ice and showed their skills in skating. Olga showed a good level, but left the show due to offensive injuries.

    In the same year, the actress tried another branch of art – vocal. She sang the song composer and poet Elena Surikovoy called «I’m not lying!». This song was aired on «song of the year» and then for a long time been in rotation on popular radio stations.

    Personal life

    Before the first time to get married, Olga Kabo, more than 4 years, met her husband — Eduard Vasilishin, who became a well known businessman. Moreover, at the time of the wedding to the actress was 29 years old. In this marriage she had a daughter Tatyana, who has managed to understand my mother’s profession and play in the fairy tale «Thumbelina», although the girl herself sees only as a ballerina.

    But the Union of Olga and Edward lasted only seven years, after which the couple divorced. Cape for some time was one, only in 5 years met a new lover. It appeared to be Nikolay razgulyaev, as first husband engaged in business. Interestingly, the second husband, he organized an «accidental» meeting with Olga, which he liked. Three years later they had a son Victor.

    Talking about the divergent interests of Olga Kabo, who was and actress and a singer, a stunt man and skater and TV presenter and historian, not to mention another circumstance. In the late 90-ies she, along with actor Vladimir Steklov was selected for preparation for flight on station «the World», but the first pregnancy was forced to abandon the implementation of this plan.


    • 1988 — Primorsky Boulevard
    • 1988 — the adventures of Quentin Durward, arrow Royal guard
    • 1989 — Comedy about Lysistrata
    • 1989 — Cyrano de Bergerac
    • 1992 Musketeers twenty years later
    • 1995 — Crusader
    • 1996 — Queen Margot
    • 2004 — You, really
    • 2005 — bat
    • 2016 — The Mystery Of The Queen Snow


    Olga Kabo

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