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  • Name: Olga Kabaeva ( Olga Skabeeva )
  • Date of birth: 11 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Volgograd oblast
  • Activities: journalist, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married Evgeny Popov

    Olga Skobeeva: biography

    Olga Kabaeva — Russian journalist, TV presenter of programmes such as «vesti.doc» and «60 minutes.» She was born December 11, 1984 in Volzhsky town, located in the Volgograd region. The girl was a good student in school, and in high school finally decided on the choice of future profession. Olga decided to become a journalist and deliberately began to prepare for entrance to University.

    Olga Skobeeva
    Olga Skobeeva | New Inform

    First, she got a job in the local newspaper «Week», which received the first experience of writing articles. Making sure that her chosen profession is really like, Kabaeva goes to the Northern capital and entered the faculty of journalism, St. Petersburg state University. Incidentally, this University the girl graduated with honors.

    Even during training, Olga started her career in the program «Vesti Saint-Petersburg», and becoming a certified specialist came to work in the Federal edition of the all-Russian state television and radio broadcasting company.

    TV presenter

    For his work in RTR Olga Skobeeva several times received awards. So, in 2007, she received the «Golden pen» in the category «prospect of the year», as well as the youth prize of St. Petersburg government. Through the year, the young journalist received the prize of the contest «Profession — reporter» in the nomination «Journalistic investigation».

    Skobeeva later moved to Moscow. Recently, she led the author’s program «vesti.doc» on TV channel «Russia-1» in which he combined the principles of investigative journalism with communication with the guests in the Studio. I wonder what Olga has often criticized the Russian opposition, for which he received from detractors sarcastically nicknamed «iron doll of Vladimir Putin».

    Olga Skobeeva in the program
    Olga Skobeeva in the program «vesti.doc» | E-news.su

    September 12, 2016 in conjunction with other well-known political columnist Yevgeny Popov she leads public-political talk-show «60 minutes.» The new show is a discussion, and the topics are selected by the most acute and high-profile events in the country and abroad.

    Olga Skobeeva non-standard manner to provide information. She reports the news in a rather strict and rigid form, with a slightly aggressive tone. This unusual manner of transmission has become her calling card.

    Personal life

    Several years ago Olga Skobeeva married a famous journalist Evgeny Popov, presenter of «Vesti» and «Special correspondent». Together with her husband she leads new talk show «60 minutes», so the couple is not breaking up either at home or at work.

    Evgeny Popov and Olga Skobeeva
    Evgeny Popov and Olga Skobeeva | Express newspaper

    In 2014, Olga Kabaeva gave birth to her son Zachary. Unfortunately, after a very busy schedule parents had to temporarily take the child to the residence to the grandmother in Volgograd oblast, Holguin hometown – Volga.

    It is worth noting that the presenter is very demanding both to themselves and to others. She believes that employment should be approached with full dedication, hard work, otherwise it is better not to do anything. Olga believes that in the profession and in everyday life need to pay much attention to every detail, otherwise you will never reach perfection in the chosen field.


    Olga Skobeeva

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