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  • Name: Olga Grishina ( Olga Yuri )
  • Date of birth: 29 June 1982.
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Growth: 159
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Grishina: biography

    Biography of Olga Grishina – a vivid example of how, with proper desire, anyone can become an actor even without connections to theatrical circles and the corresponding pedigree. From an early age she was extremely hardworking and motivated – not surprisingly, now Olga is one of the busiest Actresses on Russian and Ukrainian television.

    Olga Grishina
    Olga Grishina | talent Agency

    Grishina Olga was born 29 June 1982 in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. She actively was fond of dancing from the age of five. Overall, she has devoted ballet 12 years of his life and even wanted to study in the ballet Department, but in the end decided that’s not good enough in this case. Also in childhood, the designer often watched the work of doctors, because her mother was by profession a doctor (paramedic assistant).

    Olga Grishina
    Olga Grishina | talent Agency

    Since the age of 14 she got a part time job in my mom’s hospital, and officially – since then, in the workbook of the future actress flaunts the record of work as a nurse. Later, this experience will help her grow into the role of the surgeon in the popular Ukrainian TV series «hospital Central». The actress told that in preparation for this work actively communicated with my mother.


    While studying at school Olga long thought, what she really wants to connect his life. On the one hand, she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a doctor, the other – to pursue theater arts. After graduating from high school, she has not decided. As Olga herself said in an interview, even though she played in small high school productions, to give the documents in the theatrical INSTITUTION immediately did not dare, and at the age of 17 he entered the Polytechnic Institute.

    Olga Grishina
    Olga Grishina | talent Agency

    The actress explained her choice by the fact that she just needed something to do», but it’s never had an intelligent engineer or a good programmer. Two years later, she took a chance and applied for the acting Department. In the end, Olga Grishina no problem arrived in Knockit them. V. K. Karpenko-Kary course under the leadership of N. N. Rushkovskiy. I graduated in 2007.


    Olga Grishina got a job as an actress Studio Theater of Russian drama them. Lesya Ukrainka immediately after graduation. She has participated in many outstanding stage productions including:

    • «The dialog of males» — the role of the IO (P. Vezhinov);
    • «Seagull Jonathan Livingston» — the role of ray and Sally (Bach);
    • «The naked king» — the role of Henrietta (E. Schwartz);
    • «Romance» — the role of Silvetti E. Rostand);
    • «Orchestra» — the role of Madame Hortense (. Anul);
    • «Children of the sun» — the role of Fima (Gorky);
    • «Love story» — the role of Jenny (E. Segal).

    On television Olga first appeared in 2002 in the film «Critical condition» where he played an employee of a small hospital. In the same year 2002 the actress has participated in the serial «the Lady the Mayor» in conjunction with such well-known television actors as Elena Kravchenko, Boris Nevzorov and Michael Zhigalov, playing a cameo character.

    Olga Grishina in the film
    Olga Grishina in the film «Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective» | full Movie

    Then Olga Grishina had to appear in small roles in the films «Ivan Podushkin: Gentleman detective 2», «Russian medicine» and «private life of official people». A turning point for the actress began in 2009, when she appeared in another season of one of the highest rated Comedy TV series in Russia and Ukraine «Matchmakers». Since then Olga noticed in the future more and more started to trust the main roles.


    In 2012, Olga Grishina has played a major role in the work of Oleg Turan «Lectures for Housewives» in the company with colleagues Cyril Rubtsou, Natalia Dupes and Kirill kyaro. In 2013, the actress played in the drama «Healing fear» under the leadership of Alexander Parkhomenko, who told about a renowned surgeon and priest of Saint Luke. In the same year filmography Grishina replenished role in a military TV series «1943».

    Olga Grishina in the film
    Olga Grishina in the film «1943» | Group VK

    In 2014, Ukraine took the TV series «Greek» (premiere in Russia in 2015) and «All will return» (premiere in Russia – 2017), in which she played a major role. 2016 for her was very productive. At this time, Russian and Ukrainian screens out as many as nine films with the participation Grishina, including «Officer’s wife», «Forbidden love», «Foundlings», «Catherine» and of course «Central hospital».

    Olga Grishina in the film
    Olga Grishina in «Central hospital» | Gloss

    In «Central hospital» actress played one of the most famous roles in his career to date – severe surgeon Margarita glavatskih in her performance caught the fancy of thousands of viewers across the country. The series received positive reviews from critics and simple citizens of Ukraine, and in the fall of 2016 it renewed for a second season. Interestingly, in 2012, Grishina auditioned for a role in another TV series on medical subjects — «Samara».

    Olga Grishina in the film
    Olga Grishina in the movie «letters from the past» Group | VK

    To play Margarita S. glavatskih, the actress had to remember everything she learned during her experience as a nurse. In addition to this, it is really adapted to do heart massage. Such a diligent approach to detail coupled with a natural sincerity and charm of Olga Grishina doomed picture of success!

    Personal life

    Olga has a husband. The family tries not to advertise his personal life, so the exact name of her husband is unknown – the actress just confirmed that his work is creative and connected with the cinema (he is an actor and Director). In 2011, the happy couple had a daughter. Olga told me that the child never saw the mother on TV – TV in the family look just not accepted. Daughter, of course, knows who the parents are working, but she’s allowed to exclusively watch children’s educational programs and movies in the record.

    Olga Grishina
    Olga Grishina | talent Agency

    Olga Grishina leads an active lifestyle, loves to travel (only during the filming she managed to visit dozens of cities across the Ukraine and Russia, among which are: Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Saratov, etc.). She enjoys yoga and cross stitching. The actress admitted that during big breaks can embroider directly on the set is very soothing and helps her cope with long working sessions.


    Olga Grishina

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