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  • Name: Olga Freimut ( Olga Konyk )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: New Rozdol, Ukraine
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Not married

    Olga Freimut: a biography

    Olga freimuth was born 25 February 1982 in the small town of Novyi Rozdil Ukraine. Her family was quite poor: father Michael Konyk, was an engineer and played football, mom was a psychologist and a master of sports in swimming, however, with the birth of his daughter refused his sports career. Your nature girl began to show already in early childhood. Olga themselves chose what to wear to kindergarten, and oversaw the communication of the father with the foreign women. Family Skate all over indulged her daughter, but her desire to play sports, because he knew all the consequences of his sports career.

    In the school years Olga Freimut tried to stand out among their classmates. She followed the fashion and was very popular in school. In eighth grade, Oli has put the braces, and the girl stayed a week at home, afraid to disgrace his appearance in front of school friends. Freimut was very devout, and before class went to Church. She studied piano at a music school. The music was difficult, she had a long and diligent practice to master the music. Weekend freimuth spent reading books. She sang and wrote poetry, participating in poetry contests and even won prizes.

    After school, Olga Freimut moved to Lviv, he enrolled in Lviv national University. Of Ivan Franko. With the choice of faculty and specialty, helped her tutor of Ukrainian literature, suggesting that she be a journalist or English teacher. Freimut no hesitation in choosing journalism as a career and enrolled in the specialty «international journalism». Being a freshman in College, I worked in a local cafe as a waitress. Later, having received a bachelor’s degree, Olga agreed with the University of the free visit and went to London.

    In the British capital Freimut got a job in a café and worked on the channel a freelancer

  • «BBC». She was tested for admission to a local University, received an invitation to interview with the Dean, and then became a student of City University London. There is a future journalist and host of the studied year, studying all five disciplines. Along with studying in Britain, the journalist finished his native Lviv University with red diploma of master.

    Olga Freimut: TV

    Freimut career started on the British channel «BBC», where she interned during College. There’s a journalist he worked for several years, in parallel acting in commercials.

    In 2005 Olga Freimut returned Home and began working on «the Fifth channel» in the international Department. However, to be a translator and presenter of the news turned out to be boring and uninteresting for the talented journalist, who longed for more creative work. With «the Fifth channel» Olga went on maternity leave and for a long time tried to find work in the specialty.

    The popularity and fame Olga brought a morning show

  • «Rise» to «New channel». About the casting for the program leading learned from the journalist Ludmilla Padlewski and immediately decided to try my hand at a new project. Together with leading Alexander: and Sergey Pritula Freimut kept the show every weekday for three years. During this time she and her co-host become recognizable by persons of Ukrainian television, they began to invite in various projects. In 2011 he became the leading program
  • «Romania», where together with the choreographer and presenter Dmitry Kolyadenko covered news of show-business and interviewed famous people. A year later, the program ended due to low ratings, in order to restart it in the new format. At the end of August 2011 New channel has released a infotainment TV program «
  • Auditor» with Olga Freimut. This program became the most successful project as the most leading and of TV in General. In the «Inspector» Freimut checked eating places, hotels and other services. The project has earned numerous awards from the Ukrainian television and was accompanied by scandals: from the second season of «Inspector» Olga Freimut and her crew simply refused to admit even on the threshold of the institution. In parallel with the «Auditor» took a leading part in other entertainment show «New channel». In 2012 together with Sergey Pritula she led the show
  • «Who’s on top?», where eminent guests, divided into male and female teams competed with each other in wit and cleverness. And in summer together with the leading program «the Rise» are traveling to Ukraine in the framework of the program «the Convertible». In 2014, Freimut left «New channel» and went to the TV channel «1+1», where began to show
  • «Inspector Freimut». The program was at the center of litigation between the two channels. The owners of the «New channel» accused «1+1» in violation of their copyright, pointing to the same exact script of the show. In 2015, the claim of the New channel was granted, however, the channel «1+1» has submitted the appeal. The freimuth denies any accusations of «stealing» project, claiming that it is the property of her team, which she almost completely took on a new job (with the exception of two people). In the framework of the channel «1+1» Olga was also a talent show
  • «Voice of the country. Reset» in 2014
  • «The voice 5» in 2015.

    Olga Freimut: personal life

    His first civilian husband of Olga met in faraway Britain during a walk with a friend.

  • Neil Mitchell was ethnic British and very gallant suitor, soon conquered her heart. The lovers began to live together, however, the ideal of a rift and, when pregnant, Olga went from the Nile. First she moved to a rented apartment in London and then returned to his native Ukraine. In Kiev, working on «the Fifth channel», Freimut met with the Director And
  • by Aleksandr Ramadam. Their relationship developed quickly, and Alexander didn’t stop the fact that at the time Olga was pregnant by another man. They began to live together, but to bear a child leading flew to London, fearing the unsanitary conditions of the Ukrainian hospitals. 17 Feb 2006 Freimut gave birth to a daughter Zlata, who took their father’s name — Mitchell. Two months leading known held in the UK capital, surrounded by relatives of the father of the daughter, and then returned to Kiev. Alexander Rakoed ‘ took the girl as his own daughter, and actually became her father. Olga and Alexander were married in the Church, but the idea of marriage refused. In 2010, the couple broke up, according to freimuth, because of the unreasonable jealousy of Ramada.

    In subsequent years, on the novels of Olga Freimut went to many rumors. She attributed the relations with colleagues on projects, in particular, with a leading Sergey Pritula. The voucher says that they are good friends. In 2014, Olga said that she has a boyfriend and the affair lasted for about three years, however, his name she never called.

    Olga Freimut: photo

    Olga Freimut, Sergey Prytula and Alexander Pedan

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