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  • Name: Olga Filippova ( Filippova, Olga (Shmoilova) )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Olga Filippova : biography

    Olga Filippova (nee shmoilova) was born in January 1977 in the suburbs. In her family there was no one in the art world. My mother worked as an accountant, his father worked as a courier. It is unknown how and when Olga was born the dream of becoming an actress, but she pursued it persistently and purposefully. The girl worked in a music school, where he honed his vocals. After the 9th grade the aspiring actress at the insistence of the parents went to technical College. There are slim and bright Olga Philippi noticed the model Agency.

    Looking ahead to say that modeling career brought Philippi in 2001, the real fame in aviation, after all, the beauty chose the «face» of the airline «SU», which produces the famous attack aircraft. Image of Olga appeared in the largest air shows in the world and the cockpit.

    After graduating College, Olga went to enter the famous Gnessin school, which has chosen the course of musical Comedy. She studied in the group of talented mentor Grigory Gurvich.


    Biography of Olga Filippova started on the 2nd course gnesinka. Grigory Gurvich involved in the student led them to the theater «die Fledermaus». Like most of her peers, the girl began with roles in the crowd, hoping that soon she will trust the key heroines. But when this did not happen, Filippova left the theatre.

    Film career began with the episodes. Olga appeared in «DMB-002», «Conditional reflex» and «Black crow». But, unlike theatre, cinema was doing much better. Soon Olga Filippov invited the famous film Director Alexander Hvan to your project. It was the acclaimed drama «Carmen», which was released in 2003. The tragic love story of a prisoner named Carmen, who is serving his sentence, working at a tobacco factory, and a police officer was struck by the many. The beloved heroine of Olga Filippova, brilliantly played by Igor Petrenko.

    This work brought Olga Filippova her first prestigious award of the 4-th International film festival «Stozhary» and International festival «Brigantine».

    But we cannot say that the Directors were asleep Olga offers after the release of «Carmen.» She previously starred in various dramas, most popular of which can be called the series «Soldiers» and the detective «alarm rental attorney Larina».

    The most outstanding works of Olga Filippova in recent years, the audience called the film «lawless Heart», where she played the main character Margo Matetsky, and mini-series «the Big walk». But the greatest success of the actress brought the appearance on the screen in the melodrama «Paradise apples», which actress played the character Carmen. Of course, this name brings to Olga luck.

    Personal life

    Close attention to the personality of the actress appeared after the beginning of her relationship with a famous colleague Vladimir Vdovichenkov. It tells Olga that he broke into her life rapidly and immediately conquered his male charisma and determination.

    They were called one of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema. Many colleagues were sure that it is solid and strong marriage, even though he was a civilian. But the couple divorced after 10 years of marriage. Have Vdovichenkov in the movie «Leviathan» flared affair with actress Elena Lyadova, and he left the family, although there grew up the daughter of Veronica.

    Personal life Olga Filippova is her daughter and, of course, work, which for 10 years of marriage were sidelined.


    • «Carmen»
    • «Lawless heart»
    • «Big walk»
    • «Redemption»
    • «Soldiers»
    • «Paradise apples»
    • «The best friend of my husband.»
    • «The fighters. The last battle»
    • «All the better»


    Olga Filippova

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