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  • Name: Olga Fadeeva ( Olga Fadeeva )
  • Date of birth: 15 October 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Fadeeva: biography

    Olga Fadeeva was born in October 1978. Her parents graduated from the choreographic school, then worked for many years in the State ensemble of dance. It is not surprising that child Olga wanted to dance in the ballet. The girl and her mother came to all the ballet performances that took place in the city.

    However, to be a ballerina Olga failed. In the ballet school the girl said that he had «inappropriate build» and «not a step».

    Soon Fadeev decided to go to drama school, it was there that she received a high school diploma, after which he continued his studies at the Belarusian Academy of arts.

    Being a student of the Academy, Olga accepted the offer to star in the video for Alexander Malinin on the track «start living». Then followed the shooting in several other clips.


    After these works Olga Fadeeva got the role of Ophelia in «hamlet». The performance took place at the National academic drama theatre named after Gorky. Theatrical debut was so successful that soon the girl began to receive numerous proposals from Belarusian Directors to participate in their projects.

    After graduating from the Academy, Fadeeva was adopted in the team of the National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala. The actress involved in the productions of «SV», «Romulus the Great», «More than rain», «Salome», «a Midsummer night’s Dream», «Stepanchikovo Village and its inhabitants», «the curious savage», «Dead souls», «Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy», «Tristan and Isolde». All the years of working in the theatre she has translated more than twenty images in various performances.


    First movie Olga Fadeyeva played in 2000, then she appeared in an episode of «Zorka Venera». Immediately after the debut, the actress starred in the role of Intern Masha in the film Comedy «the Accelerated help-2». Then there were a few roles in films that brought her popularity.

    In 2004 in Moscow, Fadeeva successfully passed the audition for the role of health worker Irina Paleevoy in a Comedy series «Soldiers». This work glorified actress. In the future, the character of Irina Paleevoy were present in all seasons of the series.

    Filmography of Olga Fadeeva has more than three dozen roles. Among the works of the actress it is possible to allocate roles in movies and TV series «I remember» (2005), «Tourists» (2005), «Room with a view of the lights» (2007), «happiness Factory» (2007), «Ex» (2007), «Invincible» (2008). In 2009, she appeared in a series of dramas, «Gypsy», in which played a major role. The series suddenly became popular among viewers, making Fadeeva was even more famous. This was followed by roles in the films «Widow ship» (2010), «Narkomovsky train» (2011), «Carrots from potatoes» (2011).

    Not so long ago the actress has got the main role in the melodrama-the biography of the Director A. Efremova, «She couldn’t otherwise» (2013), dedicated to the career of the singer Valentina Tolkunova, and lyrical Comedy A. Hwang, «Blood with milk» (2014).

    Personal life

    His personal life, the actress Olga Fadeeva prefers not to advertise. It is known that in her youth she was married. Her first husband was the Professor who was the older girl for eight years. The decision about the wedding was rushed, as a result, the marriage did not last long.

    Fadeev met her second husband Alexander by Samohvalova during the filming of the action movie «Invincible.» According to the script character of Olga was to wield a variety of weapons and unarmed combat. It was Alexander, as a Director and stunt Director, has advised the actress.

    The engagement took place in Malta where the shooting took pictures. On arrival in Moscow, Olga Fadeeva and Alexander Samokhvalov were married. The celebration took place in the style of the middle ages – the bride, the groom and all the guests were in appropriate costumes, as amusement was archery and fighting with swords. The next year after the wedding the couple had a boy Alex.


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    • «She couldn’t help it»
    • «No regrets, no pain, no sorrow»
    • «Blood with milk»
    • «Tourists»
    • «Express care 2»
    • «Happiness factory»
    • «Widow steamer»


    Olga Fadeeva

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