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  • Name: Olga Efremova ( Efremova Olga )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Olga Efremova: biography

    Olga Efremova, a Russian actress, the heiress of the famous dynasty of Ephraim. His most significant works is the film «White acacia» and a fantastic adventure series «Ship».

    Olga was born in Moscow to a noble family. Her mother Anastasia Efremova – theatre critic and main squeeze of Alexander Kalyagin in the Union of theatrical figures. Father Andrew Nesterov when he studied at the acting Department, but then decided it was better to do business. In addition to Oli, in the family brought up her older brother, Oleg, who died after reaching 21 years and younger Vincent.

    But the most famous relatives of actors Olga’s grandfather Oleg Yefremov and uncle on the maternal side, Mikhail Efremov. She also has two cousins – Nikita and Nikolai Ephraim, also have a direct relation to the cinema. The girl was 15 years old when her divorced parents. Upon receipt of the passport she decided to abandon the name of the father, which she wore before, and also became Ephraim.

    Not to say that the aspiring actress never doubted the choice of professional paths. Sometimes she thought about other careers. However, deciding to try his luck, Ephraim, filed documents in several theatre schools and was accepted into the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and the Theatre school named after Boris Shchukin. It was the last school she chose, because in that year, gaining the class of the honored artist Vladimir Ivanov. After graduation the young actress he was assigned to the Vakhtangov Theatre.


    For the first time on the screens Olga Efremova began to appear in well-established TV series «kadetstvo», «Luba, children and factory», «Law and order». Later she starred in the melodrama about the conductor «Rails of happiness,» a love story «a Good exchange» and a bright, musical «dudes».

    More serious attention of spectators and experts actress drew after appearing in the musical film-play about pre-war Odessa «White acacia». After this work, she received offers from film sets a humorous detective «Alibi for two» and the fantasy Comedy «Caramel».

    In the criminal action movie «No rules» Olga is a professional athlete – a girl fighter in the ring and in the adventure fantasy film «the Ship» takes the role of a mysterious woman Eleanor. Interestingly, in the Comedy «Winter will not come» the actress managed to work with his cousin Nikita Efremov. The last movie of a young woman at this time was the Thriller «Moon-Moon».

    Personal life

    Olga Ephraim was in a few relationships with representatives of the creative professions – actors and cameramen. Of these failed relationships she had concluded that the man with the «acting party» with rare exception, almost unable to remain faithful to his wife. Then she promised to build a romantic relationship with their colleagues.

    Now Olga is in the actual marriage with an Italian businessman, Allessandro Blue and lives in Italy. In may 2016, young parents son was born. Olga and Alessandro decided to call the boy for the Russian style – Arseny.


    • 2006 — Rails happiness
    • 2007 — a Good exchange
    • 2008 — locust
    • 2008 — Emergency call
    • 2010 — «Alibi» for two
    • 2011 — No rules
    • 2011 — Caramel
    • 2014 — Winter will not
    • 2015 — Ship
    • 2016 — the month-to-Month


    Olga Efremova

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