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  • Name: Olga Dykhovichnaya ( Olga Dyhovichnaya )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Belarusian actress and Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Olga DYKHOVICHNY : biography

    Olga Beggar, familiar to us as Olga DYKHOVICHNY was born in Minsk in September 1980. In her family there was no one from the world of cinema.

    At the end of secondary school, Olga became a student of the Lyceum at the Belarusian University. At this time, she made her debut on television. The girl was entrusted to lead the program «Morning cocktail».

    After graduating from high school in 1997, Olga Beggar decided to move to Moscow, where he has dreamed of pursuing a television career. She managed to get into the television APPEARANCE. At the same time, Olga became acquainted with the famous film Director Ivan DYKHOVICHNY. Soon they became spouses.

    At the insistence of her husband, Olga Dykhovichnaya in 1999 he entered the Higher Director’s courses. According to Olga, she was lucky enough. She was in the Studio of Alexey Herman and Svetlana Carmalita. The fact that Alexey took the second and last time in his life course and fell in December.

    But after the graduation, Olga Dykhovichnaya not put an end to your education. In 2005, she enrolled in courses of further education offered at the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University. Later he graduated from the courses of the Metropolitan Gestalt Institute.


    A cinematic biography of Olga Dykhovichnaya begins with the film «the penny», which was directed by husband of actress Ivan DYKHOVICHNY. It’s a Comedy about the adventures of a «people’s» car of the USSR, the first model of «Zhiguli», popularly known as «penny». The car passes from hand to hand, from simple «KGB officer» to the woman of easy virtue. In fact, Olga has got a small role in girl, Tatyana, who was found in the way of «penny», «the cult of the machine in the whirl of passions». Such a slogan to his project invented by the Director.

    In the same 2002 Olga Dykhovichnaya starred in another project of her husband – the episode «Money». She appeared as the wife of an oligarch. The main role in the sensational project played Yevgeny Grishkovets, Sergey Shnurov, Maxim Vitorgan and Nonna Grishaeva.

    But the popularity of the Olga Dykhovichnaya came later, in 2006, when he released a provocative film by Ivan DYKHOVICHNY «breathing». Here Olga starred in the title role, with Ekaterina Volkova (ex-wife of Eduard Limonov). Actresses played women with a different sexual orientation. This psychological drama was of great importance in the promotion of Olga Dykhovichnaya the career ladder. Here she was revealed as actress.

    The opportunity to remind myself DYKHOVICHNY received in 2011. She starred in the psychological drama «the Portrait in twilight» angelina Nikonova. She got the main role. The film received many awards, including the international and mixed reviews.

    2013 proved to be particularly fruitful actress. Screens out 3 projects with her participation. This is a picture of Dmitry Cherkasov «City of spies» where she got the main role, the film «Weekend» by Stanislav Govorukhin and «Wellcome home» angelina Nikonova.

    Of the latest projects, starring Olga Dykhovichnaya, the most vivid drama were «Money» Yegor Anashkina. The film was released in 2015. Along with it appeared on the screen Fyodor Lavrov, Daria Ekamasova and Alexander Astashenok.

    In December not so many roles in movies. This is due partly to the fact that she spent a lot of time directing. In its coin box a short film on the work of Vladimir Nabokov’s «Show». Together with her husband as co-Director she made a film «penny». At the request of one of the French TV channels, she made a documentary «Tuva: the Earth under the high sky». With the support of her husband, Olga Dykhovichnaya released film «Maria Bochkareva. Calling death», the script for which was written by myself. One of her last works as a Director – a documentary film «Sakhalin Island», released in 2009.

    Olga Dykhovichnaya since 2010 she heads the international festival of independent cinema «2morrow». She is the producer of the film «2morrowFilms».

    Personal life

    Olga’s husband Ivan DYKHOVICHNY died in September 2009 from cancer. They lived together for several happy years. It can be argued that a ticket to the world of cinema a young girl from Minsk helped to buy it. Children in this marriage was not.

    In the spring of 2013 it became known that the actress and Director married a second time. The news was unexpected and piquant, as a married 32-year-old Olga Dykhovichnaya decided to tie the knot with girlfriend, 37-year-old angelina Nikonova. They met when Olga was in the film Nikonova «twilight Portrait».

    To bond non-traditional marriage, angelina and Olga went to new York. 15 APR 2013 a same-sex Union was registered.

    Personal life of Olga Dykhovichnaya associated with angelina Nikonova. The couple remained to live and work in the United States.


    • «Penny»
    • «Money»
    • «Inhale-exhale»
    • «Mysteries of love»
    • «Twilight portrait»
    • «Two days»
    • «Urban spies»
    • «Wellcome Hom»
    • «Weekend»
    • «Money»


    Olga Dykhovichnaya

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