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  • Name: Olga Drozdova ( Olga Drozdova )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Nakhodka
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married to Dmitriy Pevtsov

    Olga Drozdova biography

    People’s artist of Russia Olga Drozdova was born on April 1 in the coastal city of Nakhodka. The girl’s father, captain Boris Fedorovich Drozdov, the birth of a daughter was a welcome gift.

    On my father’s side, Olga came from an impoverished noble family, and mother – of wealthy Gypsies. It seemed such ancestors the girl simply could not grow beautiful. But as a child the future star of Russian cinema was the ugly duckling. Olga took mother dear Foundation, which father had brought her from foreign travel to cover teenage acne. To get rid of skin problems – that was the main dream of the girls. About becoming an actress, she never even thought of.

    For the first time the aspiring actress saw the work of professional actors on stage in her native Discovery came on tour Khabarovsk drama theatre. Returning home after the show, Olga told his parents that will be an actress. She said it so confidently that parents are not really scared. My mother saw in her daughter a future teacher of initial classes, and now this. The daughter was released on singing and ballroom dancing in the hope that she’ll play and change your mind. But Drozdov change my mind.

    The plans for the life of the future star stepped in tragedy. When Olga was 15 years old, her father died. Life has become hard not only morally, but financially as well. Drozdov and early for the sake of entertainment itself, earning his pocket money, but now to look for a job the girl made need. Drozdov mopping the floors and trimmed the bushes. At school she had a work book with a record of «working-ozelenitel.»

    Part time job did not prevent hard-working girl to finish school with a gold medal. Universities in Nakhodka was not. At the insistence of his mother, the actress went to receive higher education in Vladivostok. The aspiring actress easily entered at the Vladivostok Institute of arts, but has suddenly gone out of him.

    Once with a classmate, she decided on a desperate gamble – to fly to Sverdlovsk to do there in the theater. At the airport Olga found that flies have the overall ambitious idea one, the others were scared. In Sverdlovsk theatre brave girl did on the first try. It took on its course, a famous Russian film and theater Director, actor, and 2009, and Honored art worker of the Russian Federation Dmitry Astrakhan.

    In Sverdlovsk Olga, not having studied for two years, has starred in movies and was rehearsing the main roles in two theatres, but it was not enough. Her Manila Moscow. In the Shchukin drama school in Moscow Drozdov received. The selection Committee tried to persuade the actress to return to Sverdlovsk, predicting she’s a great actor’s fame, honours and major role. But the daughter of a captain are not accustomed to retreat. Failure to Pike, only fueled the ego Olga, and she enrolled in drama school Shchepkin on the course of Vladimir Safronov.

    Olga Drozdova: theatre

    In the Moscow theater named Olga Drozdov after graduating from drama school, but «Contemporary», of course, was out of competition. Yesterday’s graduate very soon replaced someone, and the Marina Neyolova in the play by A. P. Chekhov «Three sisters». Drozdov played in it Mary. Later the actress was given the role of Olga, which she still does, and Masha are on stage Chulpan Hamatova and Alena Babenko.

    The actress is busy at the same time in most theatre performances. In addition to Olga in «Three sisters» by Chekhov Drozdov plays Frau Hasse in «Three comrades» by Erich Maria Remarque, Anna Paige in «nasmeshnitsa Windsor» by William Shakespeare, Lisa Drozdov in «the possessed» Dostoevsky, Charlotte Ivanovna in «the Cherry orchard», violet in «the Prevention to the small ships» by Tennessee Williams, and many other productions.

    Olga Drozdova movies

    If the theater acting talent Drozdova was recognized immediately, the path to the heights of cinematic Olympus was long and thorny. Olga began acting in movies in Serdlovsk. Her debut was a cameo role leads in the film Vladimir Laptev «Lehigh trouble — the beginning».

    In 1992 Olga Drozdova gets the main role in the adventure melodrama «Alice and Bukinist», where the main male role is played by her future husband, Dmitry Pevtsov. In 1996, the couple are back together, this time on the set of the TV series «Queen Margot». Olga plays the mistress of Henry of Navarre Charlotte de Sauve.

    Even Drozdov starred in the erotic film. Olga played a prostitute in an ambiguous picture of Hungarian Director Marta Meszaros «Daughter of happiness». The opinions of the audience was divided into diametrically opposed: the Moscow festival «Faces of love» called the film «disgusting porn», and the Polish festival in Gdynia Drozdova for this work was awarded a special prize.

    The love of the viewers of Olga Drozdova brought the TV series «Gangster Petersburg» and «request Stop», where the actress played a decisive, strong-willed women. From the role of «Gangster Petersburg» Drozdov wanted to give up, believing that crime drama is not her genre, but after reading the script, I realized that she is going to play, and no mistake. As for getting used to the role of a «Stop request» Olga came to practice in a real office.

    In 2002 Drozdov played the young Natalia Goncharova in the film Alexander Jacko «Alexander Pushkin». The role of the poet was played by Sergei Bezrukov. And in 2004-the talented actress embodied the image of a sophisticated fashion legend Coco Chanel in the film by Alexander Mitta.

    Olga Drozdova: personal life

    Olga Drozdova is married while still a student at drama school. Her first husband was the graduate of school-Studio of MKHAT actor Alexander Borovikov. However, the marriage soon broke up, and to think about it, the actress does not like.

    In the late nineties Olga has developed a serious relationship with Swiss Director. The lovers lived together and discussed their future wedding. It was going to play after the end of shooting Olga in the film, Isaac Ritberga «walk on the scaffold». After meeting with

  • Dmitry Pevtsov, the actress has canceled an upcoming wedding. After some time, Dmitry proposed to her, but Olga did not agree. The singers offered. to legalize their relationship with the persistence of the knight, and, in the end, she gave up. The actors stopped in the registry office in the morning on the way to work, and in the evening we celebrated the wedding along with the crew. In 2007, Olga gave birth to Dmitri, a son of Elisha.

    Olga Drozdova: filmography

    • Walk on the scaffold
    • Alice and bookseller
    • Queen Margot
    • Sougou szczescia (Daughter of happiness)
    • Gangster Petersburg
    • Request stop
    • Alexander Pushkin
    • Coco Chanel
    • Champions of the gate
    • Einstein. The theory of love

    Olga Drozdova: photo

    Olga Drozdova

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