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  • Name: Olga Chudakova ( Olga Chudakova )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Chudakova’s biography

    Actress and TV presenter Olga Chudakova was born on 21 may 1977 in Moscow. Artistic by nature a girl with bright appearance, of course, dreamed of the stage.

    The desire to become an actress she had in childhood and not weakened until the end of school. Chudakova decided to enter the Shchukin drama school. The first time she failed, but she did not give up. At the second attempt she was a student. However, in the 20 years she had to take a sabbatical because my son was born. Olga says that the parents always and everywhere helped her, so it was this time. In 2000 she received a diploma.

    In the same year, the actress came to work in the theater «Satyricon». Olga Chudakova says that the art Director of theatre Konstantin Raikin took their course four graduates, but warned new role, they will only get a cameo or in the crowd. Olga was lucky: the two Actresses went on maternity leave, and she played their heroines. Soon, the theatre was joined by students from course Raikin, who got all the roles. Chudakova decided to leave in free swimming because I wanted to succeed.


    In the filmography of Olga Chudakova not so many pictures and Central roles, as she would like. Despite this, all of her characters are vivid, charismatic, the audience love them and remember.

    Olga starred in such popular series as «the Return of Mukhtar», «Sklifosovsky», «Dasha Vasilyeva». One of her latest works – a red-haired nurse in the TV series «the Practice».


    Olga Chudakova has worked with various TV channels. On «Ren-TV» she led the program «Cheerful dollars». Then went to work on the channel «Capital» as the leading program of «Classics.» After a while she was invited on TV channel Mir TV», where she led the project «Arcade». Recently Olga leads the program «Vremechko» on TVC.

    Personal life

    The actress says that her personal life is inextricably linked with the name Alex. In her life there were three of Alexis. At first she fell in love when she was 13 years old. It was unrequited love that Olga pained, like any teenager. But now they are good buddies.

    The first husband of actress was Alexei Moiseev. They met at the theatre Institute, where both studied. Fell in love, got married. The wedding was a fun, student, celebrated at home with Olga. Soon the couple had a son Nikita. The marriage was happy but short-lived. Soon she and Alex broke up because of the explosive nature of both. The fellowship of the son with the father Chudakov did not interfere, and they remained friends.

    Second husband of the actress Alex. He is older than her 17 years, the military in the past and now a businessman. Olga says that her family life didn’t go like a fairy tale — there were problems, there were misunderstandings, but a loving husband trying to do everything to make the wife happy. On one birthday he gave her a meter tall portrait doll that looks like Olga. The actress put her into the bedroom and waking up, looking at the doll and realizes how much her husband loves her.


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    Olga Chudakova in the film

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