Olga Buzova

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  • Name: Olga Buzova ( Olga Buzova )
  • Date of birth: 20 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Actress, singer, designer, TV presenter, writer, DJ
  • Marital status:

    Olga Buzova: biography

    Olga Buzova is an incredibly versatile mediaperson. The girl quite successfully proved herself in television, radio, fashion, film, music and even in the field of publishing. In 2007, the year Olga was awarded the status as the most stylish and bright blonde Russia. The title she received in the framework of the award «the gold person».

    Olga Buzova
    Olga Buzova | Vladim

    Biography of Olga Buzova originates in the city on the Neva. Future TV star was born in January 1986. Her parents, Igor Zhukov and Irina were at the time soldiers.

    Little Olga Buzova very rapidly developed the skills of reading and writing she had up to three years. At the same age she began to learn English. Ability of Olga prompted the parents to send the child to school for 5 years. Girl coped with all the difficulties of study, brought home great grades and quickly found a common language with classmates.

    Olga Buzova in childhood
    Olga Buzova in childhood | See All

    In 13 years, Olga worked as a counselor at camp, and at age 15 got a job in a modeling Agency.

    In 2002, Olga Buzova graduated from high school, where considerable achievements have been awarded «silver». The girl dreamed of becoming an actress, but strict parents asked her to dismiss this as «not a serious profession». She soon entered the St. Petersburg University, where he chose a degree in Geoecology and geography. In these years, the blonde plunged into the world of show business.

    TV and «Dom-2»

    On the TV project «Dom-2″ Buzova appeared in 2004-m to year as a participant. Here she is successfully engaged in the construction of their love» for four years. The parents insisted that the daughter had received higher education. And she has managed not only to finish University, but even to get a diploma.

    According to media reports, fans of the show recognized Olga as the best party for all time of existence of the scandalous TV project of TV channel TNT. One of the most brilliant novels in the «House-2» is the relationship with the showman Roman Tretyakov. Charming girl was nicknamed «Busines» and a whole army of fans. With Roman Tretyakov lasted two years. A few called the most romantic in the first season of «House-2».

    Olga Buzova I Roman Tretyakov
    Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov | StarStory.Ru

    In 2005, the bright girl started on the TNT talk-show «Roma buzovoy». Her co-host was Roman Tretyakov. Talk show Buzova became interested in radio Pop. The children were invited to conduct the program on Saturdays.

    In 2006, Roman Tretyakov said that he was tired of the «aquarium» of life and left the project. He settled in Moscow, rented an apartment for a long time and waited to be joined by his «Busines». But Olga was in no hurry to leave the show, which she was more comfortable. A Buzova and Roman Tretyakov faded. The girl decided to pursue a career in television.

    In 2007, the Metropolitan Museum of wax figures there were two wax copies of thousands of fans of «House-2» Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov. This honor received as the most popular pair of the project.

    Wax figures of Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov
    Wax figures of Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov | Things-Dryukov

    Since September 2007 Olga had her own column «beware of stylists!» in the program «Morning on TNT.» At the same time beautiful blonde was leading the TV show «Black label».

    The girl remained on the project until 2008. At this time she was short novels with Stas Karimov and Alessandro Matarazzo. But in December she announced that she wanted to leave the show. The producers thought highly of the latest star of the «Golden composition» of the show, so I suggested that Olga Buzova become co-host of «House-2». Leading was Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak. Olga accepted the offer.

    Olga Buzova
    Olga Buzova | Contrast.Russia

    Thus, in December 2008, Olga Buzova not only changed the status of the participant «House-2» on the leading of this reality show, but has acquired the additional position of chief editor of the magazine «the World of reality TV. The house-2».

    Having acquired vast experience within the main project Olga Buzova has released two more books: «the Case in spike. Tips stylish blonde» and «Roman with Buzova». The last page was soaked in your favorite flavors beauty.

    In addition to writing talent blonde discovered her love for singing: from 2011 year Olga Buzova started to develop as a singer, and her songs were included in the collection «Stars of the House-2. The laws of love». Her first job as a singer was the single «don’t forget», released in conjunction with popular rapper T-killah. The song and anime.

    Recently Olga has passed since media star, often invited to participate in various programs on TNT. Viewers saw Buzova in «Cosmopolitan. The video version», «Child-robot», «Taxi», «attack of the clowns» and many other projects.

    In 2010, the blonde star participated in the project «Battle of psychics.» Psychic Galina Bagirov, in whose hands got a lock from the head of the blonde, forced Olga to cry. She said that Buzova was a difficult childhood under the strict dictates of the mother.

    Olga Buzova in the show
    Olga Buzova in the show «Battle of psychics» | See All

    In 2011, Olga has been in the role of bridesmaid on the show «let’s get married» on the First channel. And in 2012 competed in His flexibility and plasticity in the project «Dancing with the stars.» Her partner was Andrei Karpov, a professional dancer. But for a long time the contestant did not last. She left the show with the scandal, saying that the jury is too biased to her tuned and put underestimation.

    On the popular TV show «Dancing on TNT» Buzova repeatedly seen in the role of jury member. In the same way she attended the show «Comedy battle».

    Held a charismatic woman and as an actress. In 2008, Olga Buzova made his film debut in small roles in such popular films and television series, like «Helen of polypropylene» and «Univer». Then there were the projects «Zaitsev +1» and «Bartender».

    Actor biography of Olga Buzova has continued on the stage. On stage, the actress made her debut in 2010 in the play «Honeymoon» with the participation of Tamara Tsatsanashvili and Anastasia Stotskaya. In the performance «Chic wedding» in the same year Olga Buzova has replaced Maria Kozhevnikov.

    In 2016, the series from TNT «Poor people» Olga Buzova starred as herself. In the same year she played together with Igor Vernik and Mikhail Porechenkov in the Comedy Ara Hovhannisyan «Hold your fire, baby!».

    Olga Buzova at the premiere of
    Olga Buzova at the premiere of the «Hold your fire, baby!» Womens Oasis

    In 2016 fans of Olga Buzova could read her new book called «the Price of happiness.»

    As befits a socialite, Olga Buzova keenly interested in the fashion industry. So one day the girl tried his hand as a fashion designer. Apparel collection, Olga Buzova was shown at fashion week «Aesthete», where the media personality showed not only your designer but also a DJ talent — the girl alone played a DJ set for the show.

    It is known that above this line of clothing Buzova worked together with the Italian company C&C.

    Since 2013 Olga Buzova and her sister Anna Buzova are the owners of the brand jewelry Bijoux chain stores Bijoux Room.

    Olga Buzova with her sister Anna
    Olga Buzova with her sister Anna | TV.UA

    Not so long ago the star of «Comedy Women» and «Real boys» Marina Fedunkiv started making parodies Buzova – the Amateur series «Lessons celebrities». Heroine movies – Musawa. Real Buzova against the existence Mysovoy: Olga reacted negatively to such clips. Note that parody Fedunkiw very popular in Instagram, and subscribers are asked to make a sequel.

    In social networks actively discussing the topic of the release of Olga Buzova with TNT. Supposedly is vivid and beloved by many Oli in 2017, viewers will see a different leading reality show. But the press service of the channel has dispelled these rumors. TNT reported that the producers are not going to find a replacement leader who has 10 years of perfectly cope with their responsibilities. Neither the divorce nor the other scandals will not be an obstacle for the extension of the contract with Buzova, and she will continue to conduct «House-2».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Olga Buzova was known to have been built in recent years in public — anyone could make «House-2» to learn the details of the relationship Buzova and call.

    But after the girl left the project, her life stopped to watch dozens of cameras. In 2011, it was rumored that the blonde beauty an affair with a footballer «Locomotive» Dmitry Tarasov. Savor the rumors given that Tarasov at the time of meeting Buzova was married. He had a grown daughter. Some sources claim that the pair met in one of Moscow restaurants, where the famous footballer was having dinner with her friends.

    Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova
    Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova | RIA Novosti

    Soon the lovers no longer hide their relationship. It is noteworthy that the player was trying to protect her from the attacks and accusations that Olga Buzova supposedly «stole» from the Tarasov family. Dmitry gave official comments in defense of the stars «House-2». He stated that he was not taken away from the family that the divorce has been brewing for a long time, but preconditions for it appeared long before I met Olga.

    Two months after Dating footballer lucky favorite to relax in Dubai, where he proposed to become his wife. Buzova agreed. The wedding took place in June 2012. The ceremony was held in a circle of relatives and best friends of the couple. Olga took her husband’s name, but left as alias of – her maiden name.

    Wedding of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov
    Wedding of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov | VSE42.RU

    Olga Buzova has repeatedly told me that she dreams of becoming the perfect wife, so a lot of time on her husband. She abandoned their projects and became less likely to participate in soap operas, movies and entertainment TV shows.

    Some time a beautiful pair compared with the couple Beckham. And yet they were called a funny nickname «Tarabotti». But after 4 years the tale has come to an end. First about the sad end of the story, guessed the subscribers page of the pair to Instagram. They noticed that a pair of no longer puts a cute picture together. When fans asked the athlete to comment on this, he advised all to turn to Olga, who supposedly «loves to comment on everything».

    Olga Buzova no makeup
    Olga Buzova no makeup | TVCenter.ru

    Family life couples, as predicted a couple of years ago the winner of «Battle of the psychics» Julia Wang, at the end of 2016 ended in divorce. Rumor has it that Dmitry Tarasov made a new friend named Anastasia Kostenko. She «Vice-miss Russia-2014». In social networks say about pregnancy Nasty and that football player shot to a new lover’s apartment. But while the news has not been confirmed.

    Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova
    Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova | Days.Ru

    Whatever the reason for the divorce of the spouses, Olga Buzova after the divorce, it seems, will get nothing. This was stated knowledgeable in legal matters lawyer Sergei Zhorin. He recalled that His and Tarasov at the time he signed the marriage contract. According to him, all the property of the player decorated him and his mother.

    And not so long ago, a new scandal erupted: the network someone leaked intimate correspondence of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry nagievym. Some skeptics claim that its allegedly poured herself an angry woman to «stick it to the man. Screenshots of correspondence Dating back to the time when His and Tarasov were married.

    It is possible that photos and correspondence were stolen by hackers by hacking the phone of a movie star.

    Recently Olga Buzova in the top of the big news. In addition to the divorce and the scandal over leaked racy correspondence with Nagiyev, actively discussed changes in appearance beauty. Buzova-blonde and repainted not so long ago turned into Buzova-brunette. In addition, some detractors Olga suspect that 30-year-old beauty has made a plastic surgery which changed her face not the best and somewhat swollen. Fans of the TV star claim that the whole reason for the age and experiences of Olga Buzova, who after a divorce left with nothing.

    Olga Buzova
    Olga Buzova | Instagram

    As if there was not, but a woman with a head has plunged into work. She shot a video for his new hit «the sounds of kisses» and traveled with him almost all provincial cities of the country. And Olga Buzova tried his hand as a leading fight of the tournament.

    Fans of the star recently suggested that their darling cramped with wrist tattoo, which appeared after her marriage with Dmitry Tarasov. Some recent photos of Olga Buzova in Instagram on the arm of a black headband that covers full informed tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband. Probably, the woman decided to get rid of it for example Tarasova. He also brought the old entry with the date and initials of ex-wife. In that place appeared a Latin phrase Omnia fert aetas, which translates as «time kills everything».

    Olga Buzova | FTimes


    • 2008 — «Univer»
    • 2012 — «Zaytsev+1»
    • 2015 — «the Bartender»
    • 2016 — «the Poor people»
    • 2016 — «hurry up baby»
    • 2016 — «Oh, girl»


    Olga Buzova

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