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  • Name: Olga Burlakova ( Olga Burlakova )
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Baranovichi, Belarus
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: Belarusian actress of theatre and cinema, the TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Burlakova : biography

    Olga Burlakova was born in February 1980 in the city of Baranovichi of the Brest region. In the family of Olga was not art people. Mom and dad worked at the plant. Childhood the future actress was happy and, by and large, passed in the village Ratkovici, near his native city. There lived grandma and grandpa who have never heard of the soul in the granddaughter. Olga was very active and happy girl. «Concerts on the stool,» she gave another 2 years.

    In school the teachers said that Burlakov perfectly recites and her excellent diction. In middle school, a student began to attend drama school, organized its own school, a wonderful teacher Ivan Kitsune.

    Pupils of theatre Studio of the Kitsune often took part in festivals of Amateur performances staged by the Belarusian Academy of arts. At one of the festivals talented brown-eyed girl noticed Dean of the Academy Vladimir Mischanchuk. He advised Olga to enter the theater University.

    After high school, Burlakova never wondered where to go. The first attempt she enrolled at the theatre Academy.


    Biography of Olga Burlakova began immediately after graduating high school theater in 2003. She was accepted into the troupe of the Minsk Theater Studio actor. In addition, the young actress appeared on the stage of New drama. Almost immediately she began to trust the main role in the performances. The brightest and most talented were played in productions of «the Last woman Senor Juan», «Tea with the camel» and «When the cock crows».

    In 2006, the actress tried him in the lead. Belarusian viewers saw Burlakov in the program «Morning. Studio of good mood», which is published on STB. The debut was successful, and Olga, her partner Alexander Low continues to appear on the screen every morning.

    Movie Burlakova appeared simultaneously with the output stage. It was first seen by the audience in the episode of the drama about the war «the Sorcerer and Rumba» by Belarusian Director Andrei Golubev. Soon the young actress got the role a little more in the romance of Peter Stepin «This woman to me,» where she played a remarkable heroine Rita. This is a joint Russian-Belarusian TV series, which starred such famous Russian artists as Glafira Tarhanova and Alexey Barabash.

    The most successful breakthrough and was 2014. Burlakova has starred in several films and serials, many of which have received considerable love of the audience. Comedy Arman Gevorgyan «Unreal love» went to Olga, though small, but memorable role. But the biggest success was the series «tili-Tili dough», which was shot in Russia and France.

    In 2015 filmography of Olga Burlakova consisted of more than 30 films and TV series. From recent works we can note the role in the projects «distant Outpost», «a Good name», «Castle in the sand» and «mistakes» in which Olga Burlakova played the main characters.

    Personal life

    The actress lives in Belarus and is in no hurry to move to Moscow. In Minsk she comes on to the scene two theaters, leads to the Breakfast show and in films. Because of the frequent shootings in Russian projects she has to constantly live «on wheels». But at home understand it and always look forward to my husband and son.

    Personal life Olga Burlakova not just a happily ever after. From the first marriage she had a son, Ilya. But a happy chance brought the actress with her husband from early youth, with whom she had a brief affair. Andrei Svetlichny has long lived in Latvia. His first marriage, which had two children, also ended in divorce. Accidentally collided with Olga in the supermarket, both remembered youthful romance and realized that it requires an immediate continuation. The wedding took place in 2012.


    • «The guessing at candles»
    • «The two banks of the river»
    • «A good name»
    • «Santa Lucia»
    • «Apple spas»
    • «A village affair»
    • «My dear enemy»
    • «On the distant Outpost»
    • «Work on the mistakes»
    • «Tears on the pillow»


    Olga Burlakova

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