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  • Name: Olga Budina ( Olga Budina )
  • Date of birth: 22 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Odintsovo, Russia
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: theater and film actress, performer of romances
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga Budina: biography

    Olga Budina – Russian actress, singer, TV presenter, writer and the representative of charities. Olga successfully combines all of these persons seeking recognition in their various endeavours.

    That Olga Budina – man a hundred percent creative, it became known already in early childhood. Although the family was rather far from art in all its manifestations: the mother worked as an accountant and dad is a Builder.

    Olga Budina in childhood
    Baby photo

    The girl was born in Odintsovo, Moscow region on 22 February 1975 and in the school years, have demonstrated their penchant for the beautiful. First to music: walking to class in the school of music, where he studied to play the accordion and piano. Also the girl was a soloist in the choir and in the orchestra. But it was soon drawn to the theater.

    Acting future actress Olga Budina began to study in one of the theatrical circles of his native Odintsovo. At school, she was often put in charge of various activities. Olga spent the holidays and collected sore, but this was not enough for her. In high school she was able to gather a group of like-minded people and together they have created their own theatre.

    Olga Budina in his youth
    Actress young

    They put on plays, musicals, musical Comedy, of which the best known was the fabulous musical «the Princess and the pea». By the way, scripts for plays she wrote Budina, and costumes she sewed. But still she was a soloist of the school choir and orchestra, performed in discos as Amateur soloist vocal-instrumental ensemble.

    Another hobby of the young Olga was the Philology. Being a high school student, Bodin graduated from the School of young philologists at MSU and has received a speciality of the guide. After high school, enrolled in teacher’s College, but soon realized that her main passion is still the theatre. Therefore, teacher education was over after the first course, and the girl appeared before the examination Board at the Higher drama school named Shchukin. And, of course, received, received the maximum score.

    Olga Budina in his youth
    In the beginning of my career

    By the way, the examination Commission headed by Vladimir Etush, who immediately appreciated the entrant. But the study was given Budina difficult. After the first session even raised the question about dismissal of Olga. But persistence and perseverance prevailed: on the second year she received the highest score in acting.

    Biography Budina as an actress began in her student years. For a long time she, like all young actors played supporting and bit parts and waited for his moment of glory. And that time came rather quickly.

    Olga Budina
    Talented artist

    His debut role Olga Budina received after successfully completed the second course in the «Pike». She played the role of Grand Duchess Anastasia in the film of Gleb Panfilov «Romanovs. The Imperial family». The shooting ended when the aspiring actress was studying in the fourth year. For shooting the film Olga missed the screenings in the theatres of the capital, therefore, after the end of the Shchukin school she is not able to act in one of the Moscow theatres.


    Occasional, minor roles in television series brought the first success: Olga Budina has become recognizable. But really popular she became after an exit on screens of the country the super popular series «the Border. Taiga romance» Alexander Mitta, where the actress played a major role. Of course, biography Budina got through this movie outstanding.

    Partners Olga in the film became known to Marat Basharov, Alexei Guskov and, also starred in the film Renata Litvinova, Mikhail Efremov, Elena Panova. The series has become famous and popular not only throughout Russia but also in CIS countries. After the first starring role for the actress showered with new proposals.

    Olga Budina in the film
    In the film «the Border. Taiga novel»

    She performed roles in the films «Diary of his wife», «Salome», «Train song» paired with Egor Beroeva and others, highly appreciated by the audience. Even more recognition the artist has received after roles in TV’s «BAJAZET,» «Idiot,» and «Moscow Saga,» playing the role of the first plan.

    Since then, the actress Olga Budina is one of the main stars of the Russian cinema. And yet – the winner of the title «Best actress of the year» («First channel») and awards «the Legend of Russia». In addition, Olga received the State prize of the Russian Federation in literature and art.

    Olga Budina
    Photos of the actress

    Since 2000, the actress did not descend from TV screens. She not only starred in films but also participated in various shows, gave interviews and even became the face of AVON.

    Among the recent acting work of Olga Budina, you can highlight a film «Stalin’s Wife», «the Phoenix Syndrome», «Zemsky doctor» and «Personal life of Dr. Selivanova».

    Olga Budina in the TV series
    In the TV series «private life of Dr. Selivanova»

    Medical series «private life of Dr. Selivanova» added the actress even more popular. Olga has played in the medical drama the main role, the one Selivanova, whose name and named the series. Medical history was loved by the audience, and «Personal life» renewed for a few seasons.

    Another medical project «Zemsky doctor» — also had a long. Already out for five seasons, and might be new. The script was written specifically for Olga, and she was inspired by her previous doctoral role. Partner Budina filming was Alexander Lazarev-younger.

    TV and charity

    The versatility of Olga Budina, which manifested itself during his school years, more develops and finds expression in addition to the acting profession. Well-known artist, eager to take part in various TV projects: for example, in 2010, the year she began working as a presenter on a new project – the program «Good evening Moscow» on the channel TVC, 24 September 2012 Olga Budina has become the leading program «On the main» on the channel «Russia-1».

    Olga Budina on TV
    In the program «Good evening Moscow» Dmitry Kharatyan

    Vocal talent of Olga is shown not only in musicals. Budina professionally performs songs, and her songs often appear on television.

    Among other things, the woman wrote a book «the Diary of Olga Budina. A talking pregnancy», which was published in 2007 in publishing house «Eksmo».

    And the artist engaged in charitable activities. For several years she is a patron of the orphanage in Uglich. Her charitable Foundation has allocated two million roubles for the renovation of the building. Unfortunately, good deed done Olga, was overshadowed by the scandal soon came to light improper spending of budget funds. Here Bodin was able to show itself in a new incarnation — the exposer of corrupt officials.

    On the channel «Russia-1» on 27 December 2012 in the program «live» Budina said about the horrible conditions and corruption at the orphanage.

    Personal life

    Among the numerous roles in films and participating in television, the actress found time to get married and have a son Nahum. The name of the boy received from his father, and it was an interesting combination – Naum Naumov. Both events took place in 2004. Her husband, businessman Alexander Naumov, was much older. Personal life Budina and Naumova somehow didn’t happen. The couple broke up after a couple of years, Alexander went to live with another woman in 2006.

    Olga Budina and Alexander Naumov
    Alexander Naumov

    Today, Olga has a son of Nahum itself. The actress is annoyed when someone tries to inquire about his personal life, helps the ex-husband Aleksandr Naumov, who bought her an expensive car and so on. All that is, Bodin owes only to himself.

    Olga Budina son

    «Money on the car and the apartment to work myself. – says the star. — British international school, Atlantic at Cambridge University, where my son is learning Naum, too, pay me. As with all our trips and everything that we have now. I don’t owe anyone anything. And I can tell you this is a very nice feeling to know that you’re such a «tough guy,» says the actress.

    The actress is all happy in her life with her son and new marriage, or children she has no plans.

    Olga Budina recovered
    The actress recovered

    In 2014 year, the actress strongly recovered. Before that, she haven’t went out, so for new photos of Olga hunted all the paparazzi. The actress appeared in private clothes, but critics still considered her figure. Budina has changed markedly. Previously, due to the small height and weight, she seemed tiny and eternally young.


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    Olga Budina

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