Olga Bartunkova

photo Olga Bartunkova

  • Name:Olga Bartunkova ( Olga Kartunkova )
  • Date of birth: 4 March 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Vine Gardens, Stavropol Krai
  • Activities: actress, a comedian, an actress, a player of KVN
  • Marital status: married

Olga Bartunkova : biography

Wonderful actress-comedian Olga Bartunkova was born in the village of vineyards in Stavropol region in March 1978. The nearest city is Pyatigorsk. Sense of humor the girl possessed from birth and claims that humor in her genetic.

To joke and get fun all around she has started at school. Lively Bartunkova never give yourself hurt and well able to fend for themselves. And to the extent a good thing because of fights with his peers got on the account in a children’s room of militia. But in a daring and fun-loving girls dream: she wanted to be on TV. In her youth Olga Bartunkova as if spellbound looking at the screen. And seeing his peers, believed that no worse than them.

In 1995 Bartunkova graduated from the 9th grade of comprehensive school and enrolled in Pyatigorsk of the law school. In 1999 she graduated with a degree in «Clerk». Her legal career ended. Olya received a degree in law only under the pressure of parents. But to work she didn’t want. She had not parted with his dream to be on TV.

Olga Bartunkova: KVN and television

KVN Olga Bartunkova by accident, she was interested in playing Pyatigorsk KVN team and the girl had a revelation: that’s exactly what she’d wanted to continue. The Director of the House of culture took Olga Bartunkova to the position of children’s Methodist.

Somehow during one of the performances of the team of KVN she replaced a sick member. Since then, the scene she never left. Urban presentations has changed exits to neighboring areas of the region, and in 2006 the team Bartunkova were already in the capital festival of KVN.

It Bartunkova Pyatigorsk led the team to victory, leading her in 2010. At the same time changed the name from «Noah’s ark» to «the City of Pyatigorsk.» Colleagues say that not only respect and love purposeful and strong-willed Olga, but also a bit afraid. It is very demanding not only to themselves but also to the players. At rehearsals the captain makes everyone to do his best.

In 2013, «Pyatigorsk» won the main prize of the Jurmala festival «Big kivin in Gold», while captain Olga Bartunkova deservedly received a special «Amber kivin» as the best player.

The talent of the actress is not even discussed: Olga Bartunkova not only «hit the TV», its a game now, love watching both on television and on the Internet. And more often invited to various shows and programs, where the artist shines with jokes and reprises.

In the 2013 season Olga Bartunkova with his team became Champions of the Higher League of KVN. By the way, the semi-final and final games Bartunkova played with a broken leg. However, one is not surprised, the power of the spirit and will of this vital women have all noticed.

In addition to participating in KVN, the artist participated in the television Comedy projects. Olga Bartunkova in 2014 appeared in the Comedy «Once in Russia», which airs on TNT. Now she plans to go to the next level of skill and to play in the film.

Olga Bartunkova: personal life

Open and sociable Olga never had any shortage of male attention. Her determination and humor have always liked the opposite sex. But the only close man began to Oli her husband. They met while studying in law and since then has not parted. Personal life Olga Bartunkova got a clear outline in 1997, the young people were married. The couple are raising children dogodkov: son Sasha and daughter of Age, younger brother of 10 months. Kids go in one class.

In his personal life Bartunkova was a difficult period. Through the dense tour schedule Olya rarely home that might not like her husband, who works in the MOE. Children almost around the clock was empty. The couple almost broke up. But still the differences are left behind. Helped a young family and grandparents, who agreed to lend a hand in everyday life so busy, Olga.

Bartunkova does not suffer from the fact that it has the extra weight. She recognizes that it is there, but still does not feel overly full. Olga tried several times to «sit» on a diet, but a busy touring schedule have not reached it. So Olga Bartunkova decided to replace the diet sports. Possibly she visits the pool, which is considered the best in the world «fat burner».

Still Bartunkova lives in a small village with Grape Gardens near Pyatigorsk.

Olga Bartunkova: photo

Olga Bartunkova

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