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  • Name: Olga Aroseva ( Olga Aroseva )
  • Date of birth: 21 Dec 1925.
  • Age: 87 years
  • Date of death: October 13, 2013
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Olga Aroseva biography

    Olga Aroseva, a famous Soviet and Russian actress, best known for comedic and distinguishing roles. Fans of Russian cinema Aroseva familiar from the films «Beware of the car», «Old men-robbers» and, of course, the old entertainment show «Zucchini 13 chairs», where she played Mrs. Monica.

    Olga was born in Moscow to a prominent political figure and diplomat Alexander Aroseva and his wife Olga Hoppen, the former Polish aristocrat. The family were brought up older daughters Natalia and Elena, and much later, Oli appeared the younger brother of Dmitri. Interestingly, the first of the girl was recorded in the name of barbarian, but three days afterward my mother made a huge scandal, and the metric is altered.

    Childhood Aroseva passed abroad. Through his father’s job the family lived in France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia. From Stockholm mother Olga ran away with her lover when the younger daughter had just turned 5 years old. The children remained under the custody of the father, but when in 1937, Alexander Nikitin was arrested and executed, Olga Hoppe managed to win the right to take his daughters to himself.

    By the way, the aspiring actress several times wrote letters to Joseph Stalin, whom he personally knew from childhood, to clarify, what was the fault of the father. Answer she never received, and in protest refused to join the Komsomol organization.

    Art Aroseva turned in his youth. She was involved in the drama club and the children’s theatre Studio, and in addition was a model for professional artists. After school Olga entered the school of circus and variety arts, then studied at the Moscow city theatre school, which he abandoned halfway through. The fact that the capital came on tour in Leningrad theatre of musical Comedy, and the actress has managed to be part of this troupe.

    She moved to the city on the Neva river and up to 1950, the year he took part in performances, after which Olga Aroseva returned to his native Moscow and began to emerge on the stage of the Theater of Satire. This place has become a second home to her, although it some time and played in the walls of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.


    In the movie, Olga Aroseva debuted immediately after the Second world war. But for a long time she was filmed either in the episodes or in small roles. The young actress can be seen in such films as production drama «Precious grain», the biographical film «Belinsky», Comedy of Arkady Raikin «We are with you from somewhere», the melodrama «Guest from Kuban». Also in her repertoire are Olga had a lot of dramas.

    The first popular Aroseva brought social Comedy of Eldar Ryazanov’s «Beware of the car» in which she played the role of bridesmaid Yuri Detochkin, a character actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky. Then the screens went war film «Intervention» with Vladimir Vysotsky and the musical «trembita» Savely by KRAMAROVA. And in 1989, the entire Soviet Union came to the TV when the show began entertainment show «Tavern «13 chairs».

    This produced a bombshell and more than 10 years won the love of audience. Aroseva also there appeared regularly and other artists of the theatre of satire Mikhail Derzhavin, Spartak Mishulin, Natalia Seleznev, Andrey Mironov and many others. In parallel, it became incredibly popular after the role of Mrs. Monica Olga starred in the children’s tale «Two days of miracles,» philosophical Comedy «Old men-robbers», the musical «Shelmenko-Batman», a bright Comedy «Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia», petty-bourgeois tragicomedies «Morals Pani dulsky».

    In 80-90-e years the actress appeared in movies only occasionally, more playing in theatrical productions. But in the 21st century she returned to the set. Recent work Aroseva it is worth noting the romantic Comedy «the Athenian evenings», two seasons of melodramatic series «the most beautiful», a social drama, the «Old» rating and the Comedy «Matchmakers». Also the voice actress sounds ironic tale «the Book of masters» in which she participated as a storyteller.

    Personal life

    Olga Aroseva was four times married officially. Her first husband was the musician Konstantin Zhukov, older than her 11 years. With him she lived all those years while he performed in St. Petersburg. But in 1950-m to year, simultaneously with the release of the Comedy Theatre, and ended their life together.

    In the Satire Theatre she met actor Yuri Kopeckova. Later in her life was the singer Arkady Pogodin and actor Vladimir But. All these marriages were short-lived, as fleeting novels, and actual marriages with other men. As recalled Olga much later, she had a romantic relationship with playwrights, Directors, actors, artists and people that do not belong to the world of art.

    But, despite those around her admirers, Aroseva almost feel his loneliness. She was not, as the only pregnancy during her second marriage ended sadly. Your maternal instinct actress has implemented numerous nephews.

    Family ties, Olga replaced her real friends Vera Vasileva, Alexander Shirvindt, Fedor Dobronravov, Tatyana Kravchenko, Roman Viktyuk and many others. Aroseva also loved animals, of which there were many in her country house in the village Baburova. A main Hobbies women in leisure – preference, bath and gardening.

    By the way, the actress is the author of several books. They are represented as in the genre of memoirs and memoir, and purely practical, for example, she published a collection of his own recipes.


    For many years Olga Aroseva resisted a terrible cancer. She tried not to stop work in the theater, but in the 2013 season on stage has not come out, as doctors ordered her on bed rest and bed rest.

    In October 2013, the actress was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic, where she managed to do a full blood transfusion. She stayed under the supervision of professional doctors, but, unfortunately, illness took its toll. October 13, three days after the operation, on 88-m to year of life Olga Alexandrovna Aroseva died.

    A year after the death on the grave of people’s artist was a beautiful set tombstone. Then grandnephew Gregory Arosev wrote and published a detailed biography of a famous and beloved actress.


    • 1966 — Beware of the car
    • 1968 — trembita
    • 1969-1981 — Zucchini «13 chairs»
    • 1971 — Shelmenko the orderly
    • 1971 — razboyniki
    • 1973 — Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia
    • 2000 — Athens evening
    • 2005-2008 — the most beautiful
    • 2010 — Old
    • 2010-2012 — Matchmakers


    • 1998 — Without makeup
    • 2006 — Culinary travel
    • 2012 — who Lived twice


    Olga Aroseva

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