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  • Name: Olga Arefieva ( Olga Arefieva )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Verkhnyaya Salda, Sverdlovsk oblast, Russia
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: poet, singer, composer
  • Marital status: unknown

    Olga Arefieva: biography

    Olga Arefieva — Russian poet, writer, singer, musician, Creator of the «Ark» and its leader. Known in the cultural environment as a multi-faceted and talented personality. Her biography is a search for oneself in the work, disclosure and implementation of their talent, active music, theatre and writing.

    Aref’eva Olga was born 21 September 1966 in the town of Verkhnyaya Salda in Sverdlovsk region. In this small Ural town her parents were on the distribution after I graduated from University. Olga’s passion for music began during his school years, and the new guitar helped to discover his extraordinary abilities.

    Olga Arefieva in childhood
    Olga Arefieva in childhood

    Despite the poor quality of the instrument, Olga didn’t let it out of his hands. Independently learned to play the guitar, sketched chords, patiently taught them and a few days were able to demonstrate their ability. Even then, she wrote songs and sang in Amateur art activities, participated and won in school and city competitions.

    Independently studying the basics of playing the guitar, the girl enjoyed her sound. «Remade» and outplayed the works of Okudzhava, and Zhanna Bichevskaya, Gypsy love songs, and gladly did them. Most of them have not gone beyond the walls of his apartment.

    Olga Arefieva in his youth
    Olga Arefieva in his youth

    In 1983 she moved to the regional center, where he enrolled in University to study physics.

    Real talent finds a way to be realized, as it had not «buried in the ground». It happened with Olga. Two years later, she commits a desperate act: begging in the rector papers and entered the school of music. Then it without any regret throwing the University. The only thing to regret is about lost time.

    In school. Tchaikovsky does pop vocals from the famous teacher Valery Borisovich Gurevich. Trained a galaxy of talented performers that work in the best theatres of the world, he was a teacher and creative inspirer of young students, believed in the talent. Directing voice, and together they carefully picked repertoire.

    Olga Arefieva
    Olga Arefieva | In music

    After graduation, Olga Aref’eva become singer of the group Raut, an activist famous rock club and gives lessons aerobics. His subsequent biography is linked with the move from Sverdlovsk to Moscow, studying at the Gnesin music school, and participation in various musical competitions with large and small victories of a talented musician and singer-songwriter.

    Musical career

    The popularity of Olga Arefieva, as a singer, came after participating in the all-Union song contest «Jurmala-87», in which she gets the title of laureate. Returning to the results of the competition, not to mention that of all the participants, well-known musicians were not then the winners and Olga Arefieva and Alla perfilova (Valeria).

    Olga Arefieva
    Olga Arefieva | Official website

    Other achievements of this period:

    • In addition to the contest in Jurmala, Olga participates and receives diplomas at festivals songs authors artists;
    • In 1990 participates in the legendary festival «Rock Acoustics» in Cherepovets;
    • Organizes the first festival of rock music in Sverdlovsk;
    • Moved to Moscow, organizes the group «the Ark», which up to this time continues to tour.

    The Group «The Ark»

    In different periods of team called «Blues-Ark», «Royal Ark», «Acoustic-Ark», «Reggae Ark» and «Chanson the Ark.» Asked by reporters why the group is called «the Ark», Olga replied that the ship call, so it will float, and the ark was unsinkable. Arefyeva in Moscow enters the Institute. College and is completing it in 1995.

    Olga Aref'eva and the group
    Olga Arefyev and group «the Ark» | the Official site

    At the same time, the group became known as simply «the Ark» and now this name remains unchanged. Since 1995, the team is actively speaking to compatriots who goes on tour in Germany. Sometimes she performs without a team, under own accompaniment on the guitar or with one of the musicians. The repertoire includes solo performances, as a rule, not «kucerovsky».

    Music and books

    In the 90-ies of the poems by Olga noticed the popular magazines. In the period 1996-1997 in magazines «the Banner» and «October» was published selections of her poems, most of which have already been songs.

    For published in 1998 the poet was awarded the literary prize of the magazine «Banner». The following year, as the winner of a singing contest among poets, taking the Union of writers of Moscow.

    Olga Arefieva
    Olga Arefieva | Official website

    In the sphere of interests of Olga is not only music. Since 2003, in the lead she takes part in the training «Human Comedy». Here she reveals his versatile talent, using the power of voice and body, by implementing them in singing and speech, rhythm and performance.

    The main objective of the training was to develop the person’s abilities to improvise in any situation. Established in 2005 its performance-group performance of «KALIMBA» was named best dance performance of the year in Moscow.

    Olga Arefieva is successfully cooperating with cellist Peter Akimov. From the creative Union of two talented people turned musical theater duet with elements of clowning.

    Olga Aref'eva at the concert
    Olga Arefieva in concert | Official website

    Both artists see their fateful meeting, recognizing each other, the main stage partner. Petr Akimov was and remains a party to all «kucerovsky» warehouses.

    Parallel with the musical and stage activity Olga Aref’eva writes a book called «Death and adventures of Euphrosyne Beautiful.» The book was published in 2007, was awarded a literary prize «Astreya» and included in the long list of award «Big book». After a year released another product called «Odnostishiya». The copies quickly sold out, and reprinted dopechatayut.

    Olga Arefieva
    Olga Arefieva | Geometry

    In 2014, an acquaintance of Olga Arefieva and Oleg Zhukovsky — the actor of the theatre DEREVO and Director of the theatre La Pushkin. Their joint performance of «adventures in the novel» was created based on her book «Death and adventures of Euphrosyne Beautiful.» As an actress, Olga was involved in the play «Love me» Zhukovsky.

    Currently, Aref’eva engaged in touring, theatre and concert activities, not forgetting about their hobby. She writes, dances, and takes many photographs, creates videos, juggles, conducts training in movement and voice. Implements creative ideas in collaboration with the «Academy of fools» Vyacheslav Polunin and theatre DEREVO by Anton Adasinsky.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Olga Arefieva are almost not discussed in the press. According to her, this side of life should not be public. Olga believes that in her personal life there is nothing that could be of interest to the public.

    Olga Arefieva
    Olga Arefieva | Take the music

    She describes herself as not amorous person that has not happen of intriguing the passionate stories of interest to the public. Olga admits that she has supporters, but pointed out that they like her image, not herself.

    Discography recent years:

    • In 2008, the album «Calligraphy» with the participation of the famous Tony Levin (bass guitar);
    • In 2010 — electric Studio album «Aviator»;
    • In 2011 Studio electric album «Snow»;
    • In 2012, the Studio electric album «Hvoin»;
    • In 2013, the album «Theatre»;
    • In 2015 Studio album, «Time ago»;
    • In 2016 – the Studio album «Jane» in the genre of cabaret;
    • In 2016 – the Studio album «Clay.»


    Olga Arefieva

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